5 Liege Waffle Mistakes To Avoid

5 Liege Waffle Mistakes To Avoid

Suppose some of your close pals or relatives are coming to pay a visit at your place and you want to cook or prepare something special but inexpensive homemade food for them. Then what better you could do for them other than waffles? Even if you like to have something different on weekends, waffles would be a better choice by any meaning. Besides, some people regularly use to take waffles along with pancakes on their breakfast, and I am sure you’re not the lucky one among them, so am I. That’s why we are always longed to have this delicious dish.

What Is Liege Waffle?

A regular waffle is made of a batter which is nothing but a mixture of whole wheat flour, cornmeal, and in some cases, cheddar is also added to make the dish tastier. But here we’re talking about a liege waffle and that’s something different.

As we all know the Belgian waffles are quite popular all around for their taste and preparation. The liege waffle is a kind of Belgian waffle with a gridded, golden fluffy look and caramelized can easily be baked at home. It certainly gives you great pleasure when you take the first bite of it and the feeling continues as long as you gobble them all.

But there are a lot of things that can go wrong while preparing the liege waffles. You should try to avoid them to make your dish perfect in every manner. Here they are.

Not Following The Recipe

To prepare anything best, it is absolute to follow the recipe no matter what kind of dish it is. The same can be said for the waffles too. Because some waffles need to prepare in different ways. If you want to add some yeast with the ingredients for making waffles, then the batter should be mixed at least 8 hrs before you’re going to cook them. It would be better to prepare the batter the night before you go for cooking. 

Apart from that, you have to keep in mind that waffles are not always considered a sweet dish. Especially, those who are suffering from diabetes should not allow intaking sugar. Therefore, following the recipe you can add salt, garlic, chopped veggies, or fresh herbs to make the whole thing not only tasty but a healthy affair.

Not Taking The Right Flour

Flour is the main ingredient to prepare waffles, but all kind of flour is not good for making waffles. Using flour with high protein for this purpose is not a good idea as it is proved too heavy for waffles. Instead, using pastry flour can give you the best result. Moreover, if you want to add nutty heft, sprinkle 1 tbsp of rye flour or buckwheat with the flour.

Using the right flour is not everything, but you should be careful enough while making the dough. Avoid overworking on it, unless the lumps will be developed only to make your dough harder and that makes your preparation nearly impossible.

Not Making The Batter Light

5 Liege Waffle Mistakes To Avoid

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For a better liege waffle, the condition of the batter plays a major role. I mean to say, the batter should be lightened enough either you add yeast or not. This certainly makes the waffles lightweight and fluffy. If your batter is dense and doughy then the waffles would go to be rough which of course you don’t like.

There are two ways to make the batter light. Firstly, keep the egg yolk and the white one separate and then whip the white one into a frothy texture. Finally, fold them into the other mix.

Secondly, whip the unsweetened cream and then fold it in the mix. But while doing this you have to use your hand delicately, this will prevent you from deflating the whipped white or cream.

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Using Cold Eggs and Wrong Butter

At the time of baking the ingredients for preparing waffles should be mixed at room temperature. Adding colds eggs to the batter can make it hard and the thing doesn’t allow you to mix the ingredients properly. But the room temperature helps the batter to rise perfectly.

If you want to get the liege waffles with their unique taste, then you have to take the right butter with high-fat content. The European butter would be the best bet for this preparation. Using the wrong butter doesn’t give you the desired taste.

Maintaining the Condition of The Iron

Before adding the batter make sure the iron is well greased so that you can save your waffles from being gone wasted. To avoid this you have to apply some kind of cooking spray that may turn the waffle maker non-sticky. But the best way is to apply a little butter on the iron so that you can collect the waffles easily, once the batter is baked properly.

Apart from the above said there is one more thing that should be taken care of, never go with the idea of timing that requires making a waffle. This often goes wrong. You must go with your eyes and nose to see the color of the batter and the smell that comes out of it. If you find the batter a golden brown and a nutty smell is coming out only then you should be determined that your waffles are perfectly ready to collect from the iron.

Final Words

The liege waffle is not a difficult dish in any manner, be it ingredients, recipe, and the process. Everything can be managed quite easily by anybody at home. But the thing that can make a difference between a home-made and a purchased is the requiring attention. Whenever you go to make it best, you have to follow all the things that I have said so far very carefully.

All you can do just avoid doing all the wrong things while making liege waffles, and then just believe in your skill and go for it. Till then, let others waiting for your crispy, crunchy, tasty liege waffles. Have a nice time!!!

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