Best Blender Food Processor Combo

When space is limited in your kitchen, it’s critical to have equipment that can perform many functions. While a blender and food processor appear to perform the same activities, they are more like kitchen relatives than identical twins. 

If you lack the room in your kitchen for both a food processor and a blender, you want the finest blender food processor combo available. We adore the Ninja Blender & Food Processor Systems for individuals with limited space but who don’t want to give up the functionality of both devices.

The Blender Food Processor Combo’s Space-Saving Features

Ninja’s systems are built on a versatile framework. The food processor, blender, and smoothie container all fit on the base, which houses all of the equipment’s functionality. When you connect each container to the base in AutoIQ systems, the associated functions display on the interface, ensuring that you never choose the erroneous function for the container you’re using. This simplifies the process of determining which culinary operations should be performed in which container.

What Is the Distinction Between Containers?

Blenders, on the other hand, often have a higher, narrower container than food processors and smaller blades that spin on the bottom of the machine, whereas food processors have many huge blades at varying heights. Ninja Blender & Food Processor Systems have a tall, large blender container, a short, broad food processor container, and a single-serve smoothie cup equipped with its own blade (AutoIQ systems only). 

In comparison to other blenders, the Ninja blender blade features variable blade heights, resulting in extra-smooth blended soups and smoothies. Additionally, we enjoy frozen beverages. With a capacity of up to 8 cups, the food processor container is great for large amounts of pesto or even cookie dough. The smoothie cup is equipped with a blade base for mixing and a drinking cover for portability.

What Must You Consider When Purchasing a Blender/Food Processor Combo?

Is this the first time you’ve purchased a blender/food processor combination machine? This might be daunting, and you may be unsure of what to search for. That is why we have simplified everything for you. The following criteria were used to rank blender food processor combinations.


A food processor must be significantly more powerful than a conventional blender, which means it must have a powerful engine. The motor regulates the spin speed of the blades, critical for achieving the smooth mix you need. Motors are rated in watts or horsepower, and a blender food processor combination should have a minimum of 1000 watts or 1.3 horsepower. 

On the upper end, motors with industrial-strength up to 2000 watts are common. Bear in mind that other elements will affect the quality of the blend produced by your blender food processor combination. We’ll discuss those additional elements in further detail in the following criteria.


Not only do you need a powerful blender food processor combo; it’s also essential that it looks attractive and, more importantly, offers the functionality you require. Numerous aspects might be regarded as contributing to the design of the blender. It might be an automatic cleaning function, a variety of speed settings, or preset selections for a particular food or beverage. 

Additionally, we’ll consider the physical machine for this factor – if a food processor can be disassembled, whether it’s safe for the dishwasher, and the number of blades it has. These elements will influence the quality of the mix provided by your machine just as much as the strength of the motor does. 

For instance, if inferior material composes the blades, you will not get a smooth blend; but, if the blades can travel in either or both directions, which is a standard feature of blenders from Oster, you will achieve a superior blend even with more minimal horsepower. We want to ensure that your blender food processor combination is equipped with both intelligence and muscle.


A blender food processor combination has to be larger than a standard blender. While the food processor bowl is often lower in capacity than the blender pitcher, it should be sufficiently large to contain a lot of ingredients and will be larger than the smaller pure countertop blenders without the food processing attachment. 

You wouldn’t want to deal with food processing whenever you want handmade peanut butter. It may be wise to prepare in quantity to avoid complications later. While the general rule is “the larger, the better,” we recognize that you may avoid something that eats up so much space in your kitchen.


This is really straightforward. Nobody enjoys having to spend extra money. Naturally, the greatest items on the market are more costly, but we’ll be here to help you uncover the best offers so you can acquire a fantastic machine without blowing your budget.

It’s worth mentioning that dual blender food processor combinations will cost more than pure blenders, but you’ll still be able to save money by purchasing a multi-purpose tool rather than purchasing each component separately.

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