Best Way To Reheat Mac And Cheese

Best Way To Reheat Mac And Cheese

Mac and cheese is a tasty food liked by many due to the easy way of preparing it. When craving mac and cheese, you may end up making more than you can finish. The problem comes with the leftovers. If you have ever tried reheating it and ended up with a tough, oily mess, you will prefer throwing away the leftover. But that’s not economical. Note that different methods of reheating are in existence. If you have a microwave, you don’t place your mac and cheese and set time and wait. You may end up with a rude shock. Below is the perfect way of reheating mac and cheese to get a silky smooth leftover.

Use An Oven

If you want to heat a large quantity of mac and cheese, then an oven would be a perfect method. It may take longer, but you will get excellent results. Whether you are dealing with mac and cheese out of a box or even from the freezer, you will still end up with a perfect meal. If your dish is frozen, pick what you can finish. Reheating the whole amount then freezing the excess again will make it a tough, ugly mess. Here is the process

  • Preheat the ovenSo, What temperature do you reheat baked macaroni and cheese? Heat it at 350 degrees F. 
  • Glass baking dish- The ideal place to put your mac and cheese is the glass baking dish. Alternatively, use an oven-proof dish. 
  • Add some milk- You don’t want the dish to become dry. So, moisten it with some milk. To avoid using excess milk, stir in a tablespoon of milk in every serving. 
  • Cover with aluminum foil- After covering for 20 minutes, remove the foil and leave the dish for 10 minutes. 
  • Add some topping- You can add more cheese topping or even some bread crumbs. You can heat it for ten more minutes and remove it once the topping becomes bubbly and brown.

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Use A Microwave

Best Way To Reheat Mac And Cheese


You are craving for this delicacy, and you have a few minutes before resuming to your working place. That means you don’t have time to reheat mac and cheese in an oven. That leaves you with the quickest option; the microwave. To avoid running your day, follow these simple steps. 

  • Measure the right amountYou don’t want to ruin your mac and cheese taste by heating it many times. So scoop what you are willing to take.
  • Use a microwave-safe bowlAfter scooping enough; place it in a microwave-safe bowl.
  • Add milk- Would you like the mac and cheese to have a soft, silky texture just like when you made it? Then add a tablespoon or two of milk. 
  • Cover your cheese- You don’t want it again to look wet. When covering it with a plastic wrap, ensure that you leave a small space where steam can escape through. For your peace of mind, invert a plate over your dish and be careful of the steam. 
  • Use medium power- The medium heat will help you avoid getting an oily mess. Since the microwave heats faster, set the one minute in your timer. If it’s a large quantity, one and half a minute is enough. ,
  • Add some topping- You can comfortably take your mac and cheese without adding any topping. But you will notice that the cheese will have a slightly lower flavor than before. Be adventurous and add some salt and pepper. Butter and garlic salt will also work magic. 

Use A Stove

If the microwave and the oven are not available, you shouldn’t suppress your mac and cheese cravings. Instead, use a stovetop. It’s also quick, but not as effective as the oven. Unfortunately, with the stove, the chances of getting a burnt mess are high. Here is the process.

Best Way To Reheat Mac And Cheese


  • Get a saucepan- You can directly heat your mac and cheese on the saucepan. Alternatively, you can place your mac and cheese in a bowl and add some water to a pan. Place the bowl on the saucepan before placing the pan on the stovetop. 
  • Measure the right quantity- As indicated before, avoid reheating more than you require.
  • Add milk- It’s your desire to restore the original texture of your mac and cheese. You won’t enjoy it if it becomes dry and sticky. So whether you placed your dish directly on the saucepan or indirectly, you need to add some milk. Start with one tablespoon and increase if the food dries out. If having a creamier texture would make you satisfied, then use cream instead of milk. 
  • Heat over medium heatChances of the mac and cheese burning when placed on the boiling water bath is low compared to heating it directly. So, ensure that you are using medium heat. After a few seconds, keep on stirring less; it sticks and burns. In the next 3 to 10 minutes, your mac and cheese should be ready. If you realize that the content is dry before removing it from the stove, add some milk.
  • Add some flavorYou don’t have to eat mac and cheese that has less flavor. You can make it better by adding a few more ingredients. Add a pinch of pepper powder and some shredded cheese. Some garlic powder would also do magic. Sit and enjoy your tasty meal.

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After making extra mac and cheese, avoid discarding it instead, freeze it well. When you want to reheat the leftover, get what you can finish. Among the methods you can use to reheat your mac and cheese includes the oven, microwave, and stove. The microwave and the stove will be perfect when heating in a hurry. But if you have enough time to spare, the oven would be ideal. Apart from heating your mac and cheese evenly, the oven heats a large portion of the food. Be careful when heating using a stovetop since the food can quickly burn. Consider heating over a boiling water bath to be safe. When using a microwave, be careful when removing the plate since it can burn you.

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