Difference Between Garlic Salt and Garlic Powder?

Difference Between Garlic Salt and Garlic Powder

In ancient times, people used garlic for medicinal purposes. Over the years, they started using it as a spice thanks to its pungent distinctive flavor. Researchers have not ignored its medicinal value, and there are a lot of researches on how they can use it in medicine.

Nevertheless, it's alleged that regular intake of garlic minimizes your chances of getting a common cold. Garlic has a high nutrient density and is full of antioxidants. Garlic is also good for your heart health since it reduces your blood pressure and lowers cholesterol levels. It has powerful antibiotics, thus treats infections in your body. The spice is perfect for destroying the brain cancer cells and preventing lung cancer, among other benefits.

Its health benefits, freshness, and aroma, have motivated manufacturers to make it better. Instead of cutting the garlic heads, you can find it in the form of garlic powder or even garlic salt. That makes it easy to use. So, which one should you buy when you go shopping?

Garlic Powder vs. Garlic Salt

Are you stranded in the supermarket wondering which one to buy and the one to leave behind? If your pockets allow, you need both. But if you must choose, these differences will guide you on what to choose. 

Mixture of Ingredients

Note that garlic powder originates from dried fresh garlic that is pulverized. Garlic salt is a combination of garlic powder plus kosher salt. To prevent the two ingredients from sticking, the manufacture adds anti-caking agents. 

Diluted with Salt

Are you aiming to reduce your salt intake? After all, high salt intake is associated with blood pressure, among other complications. Remember, garlic salt is diluted with salt, unlike garlic powder. 


Garlic powder has high versatility since you only have to add kosher/sea salt to make garlic salt. Unfortunately, garlic salt is not versatile. Using it on behave on garlic powder is tricky due to its high salt content. 

Nutritional Value

The calories level of garlic powder is at 10 while that of garlic salt is at 4.8. Thanks to kosher salt, the sodium level of garlic salt is 1588mg, while that of garlic powder is 1.9mg. The potassium, carbohydrates, dietary fibers, and sugars of garlic powder are slightly higher than those of garlic salt. 

Out of the benefits above, garlic powder would be a great option between the two. Note that garlic powder is a great option in marinades, soup, and any other dish that requires short cooking times. It has an amazing, intense garlic flavor that leaves you salivating for more.

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Homemade Garlic Salt 

Now that you bought garlic powder, you need tactics to make garlic salt from fresh garlic. Remember, making your own homemade garlic is cheaper and convenient compared to buying in the supermarket. Below are the steps to follow.

Gather The Requirements

Instead of rushing all over when in the middle of the process, gather all the items first. That will help you concentrate better. So, get fresh garlic cloves, knife, food processor, kosher salt, baking sheet, and an oven. 

Difference Between Garlic Salt and Garlic Powder

Peel and Smash Clovers

Take enough clovers depending on the amount of garlic salt you intend to make. Peel them first, and then use a sharp knife to smash them into smaller pieces. 

Process Them

Put the smashed clovers into a food processor. Take a cup of kosher salt and add it. Note that if kosher salt is not available, add sea salt but not table salt. Process the mixture and stop when you get a smooth consistency. 

Use Parchment Paper

Note that the mixture is likely to stick on each other. To avoid that, lay a baking sheet of paper on your counter, pour the mixture on it, and spread it. 

Bake It

Place the baking sheet on the oven and let it bake for an hour at a temperature of 180 degrees F.

It Is Possible To Substitute Both Garlic Forms? 

Assuming you have a garlic powder in your house and the garlic salt is over. Unfortunately, the recipe dictates that you must use garlic salt; what should you do? The question that hammers your mind is on how do I substitute garlic powder for garlic salt? Luckily, garlic powder's versatility nature makes the substitution easy so long as kosher salt is available. 

Pick 3 portions of salt and add them to one portion of garlic powder. Taste first if the outcome is per your preference. Follow that ratio to make enough garlic salt. There is no harm in making any adjustments to the ratio depending on your preference. 

Unfortunately, if you have garlic salt and the recipe dictates that you need to use garlic powder, it can be tricky. Remember, garlic salt has a high sodium level. Though the flavor in both forms is similar, you can't use the same quantity when substituting. If you must add garlic salt instead of garlic powder, use a minimal quantity before messing the dish with excess salt. 

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Garlic Salt vs. Table Salt

So, why should you bother making garlic salt while table salt is available and more convenient? People who use table salt often increase their sodium intake compared to those who take garlic salt. Remember, high sodium intake is harmful to your general health. Again, you can't compare a dish with table salt with the one that has garlic salt due to the nice flavor. 


The distinctively garlicky flavor makes the two forms perfect for many dishes. Garlic powder, however, is perfect for making garlic salt so long as you have kosher salt. Unfortunately, a slight mistake when substituting garlic powder with the garlic salt will ruin your dish with excess salt. You can easily make homemade garlic salt with some fresh garlic cloves. It's not only cheaper but also very convenient. Remember, when adding salt to the fresh garlic, make sure it's either kosher or sea salt but not table salt. 

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