What is The Difference Between Salami and Pepperoni?

Difference Between Salami and Pepperoni

If you’re a pizza lover or like to have sandwiches quite regularly, then you would be familiar with sausages that are used to add some extra taste and flavor. The two common sausages that are mostly preferred all around are known as Salami and Pepperoni. Both are made of pork or some other meat and have some common characteristics and have some differences too. In this article, we would try to find the differences between them that you cannot make while having them separately.

The Definition

Before we go to find the differences between Salami and Pepperoni let’s find out the definition of the two. Here they are-


Salami is a kind of cured sausage a part of Italian cuisine. In the early days, this sausage is created by the Italian farmers who were perhaps considering fermenting this meat only to store it for a yearlong if they would have any shortage of meat in the future. It means, it is the old way for the preservation of meat. Though it is originated in Italy, gradually it spreads its wings only to reach the maximum number of people around the world. In recent times it is extensively taken as the topping of pizzas and sandwiches. Salami is a kind of foodstuff that is made with pork, chopped beef, and poultry. All of the meats are mixed together, and then salt, vinegar, white pepper, herbs, garlic, and some other ingredients are added for taste and flavor. After that, the sausage will be shaped and go a fermentation and then it is dried in air to turn it as cured sausage. 


Pepperoni also a similar kind of sausage that had been created in Italy but immigrated to America. Like salami, this is also made with pork, beef, and poultry but it spicier than the former as it is mixed with paprika and chili pepper, and some other ingredients. You can categorize it as a fine-grained, soft, and slightly smoky, bright red, and the dry version of salami. Having all these spicy ingredients you may find it deep taste. This kind of food is not only used as the topping of a pizza but you can use it with a sandwich, quesadilla, Stromboli, etc.

Differences Between Salami and Pepperoni

After taking a glimpse of these two types of sausages and having some basic ideas of these two, now it is time to find out the differences between them. Let’s go.

Time Difference

Both Salami and pepperoni were born in Italy but pepperoni thrives in America. Even their timing of creation was different. On one hand, salami a traditional food was founded at a time when fridges were not made, and on the other hand pepperoni came in the 1900's.


Salami is a kind of sausage made with pork, beef, veal, and in some cases, poultry is also a welcome item for preparing this food. To prepare this you need some very common spices like grained black pepper, vinegar, white wine, powdered garlic, salt, and you may nitrate to keep the quality of salami for a longer period.

On the other hand, pepperoni is made of pork and beef. Even you can consider turkey meat for this preparation but using poultry may not give you the best result. As for the supporting ingredients you have to take paprika, chili powder, white pepper, black pepper, fennel, garlic, salt, and sodium nitrate.

Besides all these, salami is a kind of food that can be made with different recipes, so you can find varieties of salami that goes according to the taste. But pepperoni usually has one recipe so you have very little chance to get its variety. 

Taste and Texture

If you go with the taste then you’ll find pepperoni is much spicier than salami for having more spices in its recipe. Salami is prepared using fewer spices and it is kept spiceless as it is considered a healthy food. But in some parts of Italy, you may find it a little spicy to make your taste buds happy. Besides, a pepperoni is always lightly smoky but salami is a cured sausage, not a smoked one.

As for the texture concern, pepperoni which is considered as the dried varieties of salami has a fine-grained finish whereas salami little coarse-grained as it required ground meat. Therefore, you may find pepperoni a little softer than the later. Apart from that, if you look at pepperoni you’ll find it bright-orange red for having paprika and chili powder. And if you see a sausage with a color of dried, cured meat, it would be salami for sure.

The Ways to Eat

Salami is a kind of food that has been taken during the winters from the ancient past by the peasants from Italy. So you can take it with a supporting dish anything but salads, eggs, pizzas, pasta, baked potatoes, cheeseboard, and soups. On the other hand, pepperoni is mainly taken as a pizza topping for its crispy and curly edges.

Nutritious Value

Generally, both types of foods are not healthy enough but still salami is healthier than pepperoni. Because, pepperoni is spicier enough and even provides more calories(551 cal) and on the other hand, salami produces(415 cal). Besides, salami contains lesser saturated fats compared to pepperoni only to make it safer for your health.

Salami vs Pepperoni- Which One Is The Best

As both of the food already is considered a good item for the pizzas, but still you should select the right one for you. All you can say that both of the two can use for almost the same purpose. But considering the taste, you’ll find pepperoni is better than salami. But if you are health conscious then salami will always be your first choice than pepperoni.

Final Verdicts

After following all the aspects of these two types of sausages one thing I must say that each of them has its good or not so good things. Therefore, it depends upon your criteria so that you can choose the best for you. But if I am allowed, I must say without thinking too much go and relish both of them. Have a nice time!!!

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