15 Foods That You Never Put In The Refrigerator


Come 1913, mankind was gifted with an amazing machine- a refrigerator. A unique machine that can create minimum temperature inside, even below freezing point to store the food items maintaining their condition, freshness, and quality for more time than you can normally keep them in the room temperature. As time passes the machine gradually becomes more advanced and developed following different techniques and technologies.

But even today a refrigerator is not the best place to preserve a lot of food items even in some cases it would be the worst idea to do so. Now it’s time to find out the foods that you never put in the refrigerator.


Potatoes can be in a better state if they are kept at 45°F. But a refrigerator is set from 35°F-38°F, and in such a lower temperature potatoes are tend to be gritty and sweet as their starch turns into sugar. You have to keep them in a cool pantry away from high temperatures and sunlight to maintain their condition for a longer period.


You always preferred to see onions in a dried and harder state whenever you’re going to use them. Therefore, keeping them in a refrigerator for a longer period won’t be a better idea in any manner. Because the humidity inside the refrigerator turns the onions mushy and moldy, even they may be liquefied if they are stored there for a longer time. Instead, you may keep them in a ventilated, cool and dry container. Therefore, keeping them in a mesh bag would be the best way to find them in the best condition.


Garlic cloves are best to be stored in 60°F-65°F. It means you have to keep them in a cool and dry place. But if they are kept in a refrigerator, the moisture inside can make them rubbery and they will mold quickly only to damage the quality. To keep them better for months you can store the garlic cloves in a ventilated container. But if the heads of them are removed, then they must be used within 10 days, unless the flavor and the condition of them could be gone.

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This is a kind of fruit that should not be kept in a refrigerator as the cold temperature of this machine, can prolong their life but on contrary, it can damage the flavor-enhancing cells of tomatoes and as a result, the tomatoes may get dull and mealy. Instead, it would be better if you keep them on the counter or close to the window sill.


Cucumbers are a kind of food that cannot be kept at a temperature below normal. It may turn them watery and pitted that nobody wants to have. Therefore, they should be kept away from a refrigerator if you want to have them in a better state in both manner condition and taste, try to keep them at room temperature.


Bananas are a kind of fruit that requires a hot temperature to ripen. If you keep the unripe bananas in a cold temperature down normal it can slow down the ripening process and even turns the skin dark what means your bananas are gone badly. But if the fruits are already ripe, then only you can place them into the refrigerator to keep them fresh and ripe for the next few days.


Keeping avocados in a refrigerator can slow down the process of ripening. This creamy green fruit should be allowed to store at room temperature and they will be ended up ripen early. But if the fruits are already ripe only then they can be kept in the refrigerator if you don’t want to have all of them right now. 


A whole melon at room temperature contains beta-carotene, a compound that improves the condition of the skin and also good for better eyesight. But if you keep it in a refrigerator the freezing temperature may cut the level of these compounds and stunts the growth of the antioxidants as well. If your melons are cut and sliced then you can put them inside the refrigerator to prevent bacterial growth.


Basils are kind of leaves that you always want to keep green as long as possible. But if you keep them in a refrigerator, it takes no time to turn their leaves black. Instead, if the basils have roots, keep them in a jar with plenty of water and if you don’t have roots then cover them with a plastic sheet. In both cases, an excellent scent will come out of them.


Coffee is well preferred for its unique taste and excellent flavor. Usually, coffee or coffee beans should be kept at a dry and normal temperature. But if you put them inside a refrigerator its humidity and chill temperature damage the taste and flavor of the coffee and that you like for sure. Only if you have bought in bulk to use for a longer period only ten it could be considered to keep in a refrigerator.


Honey is a naturally preserved item that is strictly not recommended to keep in a refrigerator. In freezing temperature, it tends to be crystallized and it may end up becoming a sugary mess. The normal temperature is good for honey and for that reason, it would be better to keep it in a dark place in the pantry away from high temperatures.

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If you’re a regular user of butter then try to avoid keeping the block of it in the refrigerator. Because in the freezing temperature it becomes dry and harder which makes it difficult to spread on bread? Instead, keep it at room temperature away from the heat to save it from melting.

Nuts and Dried Fruits

Nuts and dried fruits are not only known for their nutritious value but also their excellent taste. But keeping them in a refrigerator means you encourage them for losing their taste and even making them too hard. They can be stored better in an airtight and dry container for a longer period. But if you have no other way left besides keeping them in a fridge, then before using just give them a quick toast in the oven.


If you put bread in your refrigerator it may easily become stale and turn harder as the machine sucks the moisture from them. Therefore, keeping them at room temperature would be the best thing. But if you have no way left then you should put it in a sealed bag and then go to keep it in the refrigerator. Don’t forget to reheat or toast before using them.

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If you’re a diehard follower of chocolates for their excellent taste and flavor, then don’t dare to keep them in a refrigerator for too long. It can take off both of the quality of them leaving you to feel bad. Keeping them in a dry and dark place avoiding the fridge would be good for maintaining their quality.

All these foods that I have occurred so far to make you aware of not keeping them in a refrigerator are not the only things. There are a lot more in the pipeline, but these are the common things that you have been using in your home quite regularly. Hope I can make you understand and also help you to avoid mistakes to save your foods from further damage. Have a nice time!!!

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