Fruits That Start With X

Fruits That Start With X

Are you looking for fruits that begin with the letter X? There is a handful of them, believe it or not! On this list, we’ve included every single one we could discover. To understand more about each fruit, continue reading.


Xarello is a specific grape variety. It grows in Catalonia, a region of Spain. The majority of people create white wine with it. Did you know that some individuals consume grapevine leaves? Check out our list of the top canned stuffed grape leaves if you want to give it a shot.


You’ve probably heard of the xigua watermelon. Here’s a fun tidbit about watermelons: they’re classified as a berry.


The African fruit known as the giant sourplum is known by the scientific name Ximenia. You can eat them raw, although they are rather sour, as their name implies. The majority of people use them to produce jam or desserts.


The Xinomavro grape is grown in only a few places in Greece. Xinomavro grapes are used to make one of the most important types of Greek wines.

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