Fruits That Start With Z

Fruits That Start With Z

In our store, you’ll find fruits beginning with the letter Z. Fruits are plentiful for other letters, but not so much for this one. Take a look at some of these lesser-known fruits.

Zante Currant

It isn’t a distinct sort of fruit, like raisins, that Zante currants fall under. They’re actually dried grapes from Greece’s Black Corinth region. In British cooking, they’re a common ingredient.

Zestar Apple

For a specific apple variety, the term Zestar has been trademarked. Apple Inc. has given it the codename “Zestar” (including the exclamation point). A different name for this fruit is the Minnewashta apple. In 1999, it was initially developed in Minnesota.

Zhe Fruit

A Chinese native, zhe berries originate in the country. In appearance, they resemble raspberries. Besides Cudrang and Mandarin melon berry, the berry is also known as

Zierfandler Grape

The majority of the grapes in this wine are grown in Austria. This method is most typically used to make Austrian white wine. They have a sweet, almond-like flavor, according to the description.

Zill Mango

The Zill mango is one of many varieties of mango native to Florida. It is no longer cultivated commercially in the United States due to its poor preservation properties. Despite this, large-scale commercial farming is taking place in Africa.

Zinfandel Grape

Zinfandel is a popular grape variety in California vineyards, where it is used in a wide variety of blends. Red wine is the most common use for these grapes.

Ziziphus Mauritiana

Ziziphus mauritiana is the scientific name for the Chinese apple. It might easily be confused for a green apple type at first glance. It’s juicy immediately before it’s ripe, and it’s crisp soon after it’s ripe.


The answer you’d give to the question of whether zucchini is a fruit or a vegetable is most likely veggies. It is, however, botanically classified as a fruit, hence it is included on this list.

Zweigelt Grape

Friedrich Zweigelt, the inventor of Zweigelt grapes, is credited with naming them after him. There is a growing interest in this Austrian grape varietal in Canada as well.

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