How Do You Freeze a Cheese Ball?

How Do You Freeze a Cheese Ball

A cheese ball comprises of cream cheese, grated cheese plus some flavorings. After mixing the ingredients, you roll the cheese to get the cheese balls. When holding a party, you will do your guests a disservice if you fail to include this classic party appetizer.

You can buy the cheese ball, or you can decide to make some at home. It comes with a combination of flavors, making it yummy. It’s a convenient delicacy since you can make the cheese balls in advance before the party day. You should avoid adding crunchy nut topping since nuts can mess your cheese ball before the big day. So, how do you retain the cheese ball flavor and texture until the party? Remember, if you leave your cheese ball exposed for over two hours in a room temperature, it will attract microorganisms.

After making a yummy cheese ball, throwing away the leftover can break your heart. Luckily, storing the cheese ball is not complicated. Do you have either a freezer or even a fridge? Here is the secret.


Do you intend to eat the cheese ball within two weeks? Refrigerating the cheese ball will be a good option. Get an airtight container and put your cheese ball. Place it in the fridge. Ensure the delicacy doesn’t exceed two weeks in the refrigerator. 

Assuming you traveled home and stayed for a week and a few days. By the time you get back to your house, the two weeks are almost over, and you can’t clear the cheese on time. You look at the freezer and wonder, 

  • The smell: How does the cheese ball smell? If it has a mild odor, then avoid putting it in the freezer instead discard it.
  • Texture: Check if there is any sign of molds on it. Note that taking a cheese with mold is dangerous to your health. Don’t give your pet either instead discard it. 
  • Taste: If the cheese ball has no mold but has a funny smell, you can taste it to confirm your fears. If it has an awful taste, then you must throw it away. 
  • Ingredients: The ingredients in your cheese will determine how long the cheese will last. Does it have salmon or tuna? If so, take the cheese ball within two weeks and don’t think of freezing it.

Freezing the Cheese Ball

If the cheese ball from the fridge is okay, you need to place it in the freezer. Remember, you want the cheese ball to retain its texture, flavor, and shape without suffering from the freezer burn. So take your cheese ball and wrap it well with two layers of plastic wrap. Add an aluminum foil before placing it in the coldest area of your freezer.

Note that the cheese ball is delicate. Be careful when adding more food to your freezer. Placing heavy food on your cheese ball will mess the shape. You should eat the cheese ball within one month. Note that you need it to be at room temperature when you want to take your cheese ball. So, how do you thaw your frozen cheese ball?

If you intend to eat it the following day, you should remove it from the freezer 24 hours earlier. Leave it in a fridge for at least 24 hours to thaw. Put it on your counter for few more minutes before taking your cheese balls. Avoid the mistake of refrigerating/ freezing a cheese ball after thawing it or even leaving it for long in the room temperature. As indicated above, thawing may mess the texture depending on the ingredients you used.

How to Retain the Texture after Thawing

You don’t have to sacrifice the texture after thawing. When making your cheese ball, here is what to do to ensure that the texture remains okay.

  • Using room temperature ingredients: When mixing your ingredients always ensure that they are at room temperature. Once you are through, freeze the cheese ball. Once you decide to eat, the texture will remain okay after thawing. On the other hand, if you use cold ingredients, you will have to sacrifice the texture after thawing.
  • Smooth, creamy cheese: Everyone desires to get a cheese ball that is easy to blend and spreadBut how will you achieve that if you use some crumbly cheese? Note that the smooth, creamy cheese will make your cheese ball retain its texture even after thawing.
  • Refrigerate it first: Why is it called a cheese ball? It’s because the cheese has a circular shape that looks like a ball. Since the shape is essential, how do you ensure that the cheese ball holds together? After making your cheese ball, put it in the fridge for some time. You can let the cheese ball continue resting on the fridge or transfer it to the freezer.

Store-Bought Cheese Ball

Assuming you have no idea how you can make the cheese ball. Buying ready cheese ball is the next alternative. Since you may have to store, avoid buying cheese with nuts. Buy some plain cheese balls, and later you can add your flavorings.

Before Buying the Cheese:

  1. Consider the expiry date.
  2. Buy the cheese ball whose expiring date is far.
  3. Avoid opening the packaging unless you want to take it.
  4. Place the cheese ball in your fridge or freezer and take it for two weeks or one month respectively.


The cheese ball is an appetizer that you can make easily. It’s convenient since you can make it in advance, fail to add flavoring, and freeze/refrigerate it. Note that leaving the cheese ball at room temperature for over two hours is risky since it attracts dangerous microorganisms. If you refrigerate your cheese ball, you should consume them within two weeks. Otherwise, you should check its smell, texture, and taste to check if it’s okay. If it’s not discarding it is the only option but if it’s alright then put it in the freezer.

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