How Long Does Canned Pumpkin Last in Fridge

how long does canned pumpkin last in fridge

So you cracked open some canned pumpkin last week and threw it in the fridge. You came across it while trying to stuff your leftover spaghetti sauce in the fridge and now you’re wondering “how long does canned pumpkin last in fridge?”

Sound familiar…or is that just me?


Let’s dive into just how long canned pumpkin lasts in the fridge, and also some ideas and tips on what you can do with the leftover pumpkin before it reaches the no-fly zone.

How Long Does Canned Pumpkin Last Once Opened?

As long as you put the canned pumpkin in the fridge relatively close to the time you opened the can and aren’t putting it in the fridge a couple days after opening, it will last up to 7 days.

You just want to make sure that you’re covering it up well or put it in an air-tight container so that air doesn’t get to the pumpkin.

But My Canned Pumpkin is Expired!

Have you ever gone through your pantry and done a thorough cleaning only to find some hidden gems in the depths that you had forgotten about from last fall?

Again…just me?

Well the first thing you should do is check the “best-by” date. Now to be fair, these dates are not necessarily the dates of when the canned pumpkin will be safe to eat, but are the recommendations of when the product will be “best” until.

As if it hits that date and suddenly becomes inedible.

But I digress…

I don’t know about you, but I normally like to eat things within the same year that I purchase them. A good rule of thumb is that if you have to clear a thick layer of dust off something to be able to read the label, it might be a good idea to give it a toss.

Ideas For Using Up Leftover Canned Pumpkin

Canned pumpkin is such an amazingly diverse ingredient. The possibilities are endless with it. You can use it in everything from quick breads like muffins, to cakes with cream cheese frosting. Based on the amounts involved, you would most likely use about 1/2 cup of canned pumpkin per standard 8″ or 9″ round cake.

If you’re looking for ideas to use up leftover canned pumpkin (or if your can is just a tad bit smaller than the recipe calls for), then you could try any of these recipes:

-Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins

-Pumpkin Pie Smoothie

-Pumpkin Spice Latte

-Pumpkin Pancakes

-Mini Pumpkin Pies Conclusion

Canned pumpkin is a great ingredient to have on hand, especially if you have kids. It can be used to make a variety of delicious recipes that your family will love. Just make sure you store it properly and if you’re planning on using REALLY old canned pumpkin…just don’t.

Canned Pumpkin in the Fridge FAQ

How do you know if canned pumpkin is bad?

Canned pumpkin is bad if it smells bad, has mold on it, or has been stored at a temperature over 50° F for more than 2 weeks.

Can you freeze canned pumpkin?

Yes, you can freeze canned pumpkin. It will last in the freezer for up to 6 months. Just make sure you thaw it completely before using.

How long does canned pumpkin last in the fridge?

Canned pumpkin will last in the fridge for up to 7 days. Just make sure you cover it well or put it in an air-tight container to keep air from getting to it.

What can I do with leftover canned pumpkin?

There are a number of recipes that use canned pumpkin. You could try any of these food ideas:  -Banana Chocolate Chip Muffins  -Pumpkin Pie Smoothie  -Pumpkin Spice Latte  -Pumpkin Pancakes  -Mini Pumpkin Pies

How long does pumpkin pie last in the fridge?

Not long in my house! But if you don’t have someone that will gorge on an entire pie in one or two sittings, a pumpkin pie should be safe in the fridge for about 2 to 4 days.

Does canned pumpkin go bad after the best by date?

If you keep your unopened canned pumpkin in a cool, dry location, it should keep its quality for at least two years beyond the printed date. It’s also edible much longer. I just have a hard rule in my house that you don’t eat things before Y2K.



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