How to Clean A Wok With Rust?

How to Clean A Wok With Rust

Cooking for a whole family or running a commercial kitchen is not less than an uphill task to cut. No, I am not telling you about the amount of food you need to prepare on regular basis, but the types of food that you need to provide as per the choice of different people. To fulfill their wishes not only do you need to store requiring ingredients or food materials for different recipes but your kitchen also must be equipped with different types of kitchen tools, utensils, and cookware. A wok is a kind of tool that you never forget to own for your kitchen.


Whenever you would like your veggies to be well cooked, and also be tasty and crunchy, a wok always does its best to prepare those. A wok is a kind of cookware that is sturdy enough and lasts for a longer period. But it needs to be taken care of as it tends to get rusted which may damage your wok. Now you have two tasks to cut- to remove the rust, and to prevent rust from forming.

Now let’s find out the ways to make these things possible. Here you go-

How to Clean Your Wok

This is the first thing that must be considered before going deeper into the topics. Washing your wok just after use is a simple thing to do. You have to take a sponge and some hot water. Now you need to rub gently and then rinse with a dry towel. After that, the wok should be placed on an oven over lower heat for few minutes to make the wok completely dry. This regular exercise is good to keep the rust away from your wok

How to Remove The Existing Rust From Your Wok

As I told you earlier, a carbon-steel made wok tends to get rust after regular use for quite some time. In this way either you have to purchase a new one or you should clean the rust to make it working again.

To remove the rust from the surface of your wok you need a steel wool pad both coarse and fine, some dish soap liquid, and also sandpaper if required. At first, you have to scrub the wok gently using a coarse wool pad. Some soap is also needed to be added while doing this. This helps to remove the uneven rust completely. Once it is over, then you have to switch to a finer steel wool pad and rinse the inner surface of your wok in hot water to make the surface smooth and even. If still some scratches remain, then you should rub the wok using fine sandpaper. Then allow the wok to dry completely, and put the wok on a burner, and make it hot and dry. Hope this would make the wok free from rust.

How to Season Your Wok

A rusty wok is not good for use and also not the best to display your kitchen. And scrubbing frequently to make it rust-free is certainly not good for the health of your wok. Therefore, you need to take some necessary steps to prevent rusting again. To make this possible, you have to follow a couple of methods. Here they are-

  1. The first method requires a tablespoon of vegetable oil that you have to pour into the wok and then spread it all over the inner surface using a paper towel. Now place the wok in the oven with moderate heat and let the oil hot. Once the oil is hot, remove it from the oven. Again some more oil and place it in the oven with higher heat for at least an hour. Then turn off the oven but let the wok on the oven for quite some time and after that wipe off the oil from the surface and store it in a dry place. This certainly will help to keep your wok free from rust for a longer time.
  2. There is another way that requires unsalted fat such as lard. Here you need to rub the dry and cold wok with the lard all over the surface. Then, place it in the oven only to provide low heat slowly. If you find the wok hot enough, remove it from the oven and allow it to cool. Rinse the cold wok so the excess fat would wipe off completely from the surface. Surely this must be going to keep your wok rust-free and extends its durability.

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How to Prevent Rust Forming

To keep your pan rust-free you have to keep it dry when it is not in use. But every time it is not possible to be so careful, mistakes could happen with anybody, so nobody to be blamed for that. Therefore, you have to find ways to keep off the rust from your wok. There are few ways to handle the situation well. Such as-

  1. Using an abrasive material while cleaning a wok should be strictly avoided. This is one of the reasons behind rusting your wok. Instead of that, you can clean your wok with a sponge or bamboo brush adding some liquid dish soap to make it smooth and even.
  2. When your work is over, and cleaning is done, dry your wok properly and then oil its surface before store it in a dry place. This will not allow rust to occur on your wok.
  3. You may spread some oil on the surface of your wok and cover it with paper towels before storing it. In this way, the wok remains oily and you don’t have to be worried about rusting.  

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Owning a tool is your necessity, but keeping it in a better state is sometimes challenging. You have to follow the guideline or the instructions given with the product or to take the help of the experts. In this article, I have tried so far to guide you about how to keep your wok free from rust. Hope this would come helpful for you.

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