How to Make Frozen Cream Cheese Creamy Again?

How to Make Frozen Cream Cheese Creamy Again

You can’t imagine taking a freshly toasted bagel without applying some creamy cheese to it. That tempts you to buy excess packs of cream cheese. Being a dairy product, leaving it at a room temperature above 2 hours is a disaster recipe. So, you must put it in your freezer/fridge.

Hacks of Freezing Cream Cheese

When purchasing excess cream cheese with the intention of freezing, go for the cream cheese bricks. It comes in foils and a paper packaging that helps it freeze better than the cream cheese packed in plastic cans. Avoid the low-fat cream cheese variety since they are not the best option when freezing. Consider the expiring date not to pick an already spoiled cream cheese. Below is an excellent way to freeze the cream cheese.

  • Put it in the freezer in its original packaging if you haven’t opened it.
  • If you have opened it, look for a sealable plastic container and put the cream cheese.
  • Since you don’t want it to get freezer burns, wrap it using cling wrap.
  • Label the date to help you not to exceed its useful life.
  • Since you can’t risk exposing it when removing other foods, place it at the far corner of your freezer.
  • Use the cream cheese before 6 months end.

How to Identify Spoilt Cream Cheese

Using spoilt cheese is dangerous to your health. So, once it spoils, you need to discard it safely. Once it spoils, it will get an unusually slimy texture, bad smell, and has discoloration.

Tips of Softening the Frozen Cream

You are concerned about what will happen to the texture of the cream cheese after freezing it. You wouldn’t like to apply a cheese cream with clumps or grainy particles on your pasta dish. So, is there a way of restoring the creamy nature of your cream cheese? Luckily there are a few and easy ways available. But note that, after defrosting, the particles may not smoothen and integrate completely like before. But the methods below will help you improve the crumby constituency to a large extent. They include

Using a Microwave

Your recipe requires you to use 24 ounces of soft cream cheese. After defrosting the cheese in a fridge, you notice the crumby constituency. So, how will you deal with the grainy nature of the cheese cream? To soften it:

  • Measure eight ounces of the cream and put it in the microwave safe-bowl.
  • Set 15 seconds and stir the cheese content to enable it to soften evenly.
  • Add another 8 ounces, set 10 seconds, and stir again once they are over.
  • Add the 8 more ounces and repeat the process until you achieve your desired results. You can whisk it once more if you are not fully satisfied with the consistency.

Note that, when stirring, ensure that no cream is left on the bowl sides. It may dry on the side, then ruin the softened cream cheese.

Using a Stove

Maybe you only have the option of using a stove. Worry less since it’s also an excellent option for softening your defrosted cream cheese. After all, unlike the microwave, you have the option of controlling the heat. Grab a medium-sized saucepan and place it on your stove. Fill the pan with water before placing a glass bowl on the pan. Pour the cream into the bowl and turn on the heat. Note that if the cream cheese comes into contact with direct heat, it will get ruined. So, ensure that the bowl floats instead of sinking to the bottom of your pan. Take a spoon and stir the content until you achieve your desired constituency. If you have a whisk, then use it instead of a spoon. To get an excellent texture, add some milk or even heavy/sour cream and stir.

Counter Top

Assuming the option of the microwave and the stove is not available. You can leave your cream cheese on the counter for an hour. Then pick a bowl and place the creamy cheese on it. Either whisk or stir it until you get the soft texture.

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Defrosting the Cream Cheese

You already know how to smoothen the defrosted cream cheese. But do you know how to defrost cream cheese? Below are the three simple processes that you can use


Do you intend to use the cream cheese the following day? Pick it from the freezer and leave it on your fridge for 24 hours to thaw. It should defrost within 24 hours to allow you to use it in your recipe.

Room Temperature

If a fridge isn’t available, leave the cream cheese at room temperature. Unfortunately, you will end up with a watery cheese that has a grainier texture. It may not be perfect when making some dishes

Warm Water

You can also defrost it in warm water. Put some warm water in a bowl. Take your plastic-wrapped cream cheese from your freezer and place it on the bowl. If you had frozen the cream using a container, you need to transfer the cheese to a plastic wrap. The chances of the cream defrosting unevenly are high. That means you need to keep on stirring it until the water gets cold. Add some warm water again and repeat the process. Once you get the right texture, remove it from the bowl and use it.

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Having cream cheese in the house will help you make many recipes. Leaving it a room temperature will only ruin it. Note that when cream gets ruined, it will smell bad and the color will change. It will also acquire a slimy texture. To avoid that, you have to freeze it. Unfortunately, a change in texture when defrosted may hinder you from using it in some dishes. Luckily, if you apply these simple tricks, you will get a good texture. You can either use a microwave or oven stove to soften it. When whisking, add some milk or even heavy cream to make the texture better.

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