How to Deseed a Cucumber?

How to Deseed a Cucumber

The hot summer is here, and you are already craving some crunchy cucumber salad. An idea closes your mind of making some cucumber melon smoothie. But have you wondered what the cucumber does to your body?

Apart from having antioxidants and nutrients, it makes your body remain hydrated. It aids in lowering weight, not to mention lowering blood sugars. It also promotes regular bowel movement. Cucumber protects your body from chronic illnesses such as cancer courtesy of the antioxidants.

Most people ignore cucumber when buying their groceries since they have no idea what to do with it. Little do they know several recipe demands for the use of the cucumber. Some of the recipes include; making Tzatziki sauce, a picnic salad, making soup to warm yourself; you can also pile them on pizza, among other uses.

Some recipes, such as cucumber melon smoothie, require you to remove the cucumber's seeds first. The reason being, you want to get some yummy light earthly refreshing taste. If you include the seed in the delicacy, its high moisture content will make your smoothie soggy. Again the seeds of a fully mature cucumber may not be appetizing for many. So, how do you deseed your cucumber? Below are two main tricks you can use.

1. Cut It Into Two

One of the easiest ways of seeding your cucumber is by cutting it in half. Below is a simple way to achieve that.

  • Gather the materials

You require the cucumbers, a long sharp knife, cutting board, a spoon/butter knife, and a clean plate/bowl. 

  • Wash The Cucumber

So, how many cucumbers do your recipe requires you to have? Pick them and take them to your sink. Wash your cucumbers using some cold water.

  • Slice It Into Two

Pick one and lay it on your cutting board. Slice it lengthwise into two. 

  • Scope The Seeds

Pick your spoon/butter knife with one hand and hold one half of the cucumber diagonally using the other hand. Ensure that the fresh faces up. Scope the seeds gently without cutting the fresh. 

2. Cut It Into Four

You can decide to cut the cucumber into four pieces instead of two. You require the same materials just as when cutting the cucumber into half. Follow this process below. 

  • Wash The Cucumber

Wash the cucumber first with some clean, cool water. 

  • Slice It Into Four

Grab your cucumber and lay it on the cutting board. Slice the cucumber into two halves lengthwise. Pick each half and make the fresh side face down. Slice each half into two and get four pieces. 

  • Scope The Seed

Pick each quarter and expose the fresh part. Use a knife to slice the seeds from each quarter. 

Peeling the Cucumber

When making gazpacho soup or even tropical fruit salsas, you need to add a peeled cucumber seed. So, how can you peel your cucumber? Note that when peeling and seeding the cucumber, seeding should start first since the peel will support your cucumber. Check the process below.

  • Start By Seeding The Cucumber

Grab and wash it first. Cut the two ends for easy peeling. Lay it on your cutting board, and then slice it into two halves lengthwise. Use the spoon tip to remove the seeds. 

  • Peel Your Cucumber

You should lie half of your cucumber on the cutting board the fresh-looking downwards. Grab the chef knife and peel the cucumber. Ensure that the knife faces away from you. As you slice the long peels, ensure that the blade doesn't cut too deeply. 

What to Do With the Seeds

Now that you already have the seeds, should you dispose of them? Note that seeds and the peels of the cucumber are highly nutritious. Cancer has become a threat, and everyone dreads to have it. If you eat the seed of a cucumber, they will equip you with Beta carotene, an antioxidant that will boost your immunity and prevent you from getting cancer. You will also get some vital minerals such as calcium that helps your body to have strong bones. It also makes your skin smooth thanks to its moisture content and also helps your eyes. That means if your recipe doesn't strictly require you to seed your cucumber, add the seeds to the snack and enjoy it. 

Benefits of Cucumber Peel

Some people don't like using a cucumber that has peels. Regardless of the recipe, they intend to make, they wash the cucumber, peel it and throw away the peels. If you are among them, here is what you lose. Note that peels contain vital minerals such as magnesium, potassium, and silica. Other than regulating your fluid balance, potassium helps nerve signals, not to mention muscle contractions. It minimizes the chances of getting blood pressure, stroke, and osteoporosis, among other illnesses. 

Magnesium promotes biochemical reactions in your body and your exercise performance. The chance of getting blood pressure, depression, and type 2 diabetes reduce. It also provides you with anti-inflammatory benefits, among other benefits. Silica is also vital since it ensures that your muscles and bones remain healthy. The minerals hydrate your skin, thus enhancing your beauty. It also improves your complexion and vision. So, with all these benefits, do you require to throw away the peel or the seeds? 

Since the seeds' main challenge is moisture, you can dry them and roast them using some ghee. After making your salad, you can add some roasted seeds to make your salad crunchy. 


The health benefits of cucumber fruits remain unrivaled. Many recipes exist that you can make using cucumber. Some demand that you peel it and seed it. While with others, you can use it without seeding it. After seeding your cucumber, you don't need to throw the seed away. You can dry and roast them, then add them to your snack to get some crunchiness. Note that seeds and peels contain high health benefits. Thus, look for a menu that doesn't limit you to use them.

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