How to Get Fish Smell off Hands

How to Get Fish Smell off Hands?

How to Get Fish Smell off Hands

When listing some of the healthiest food in the world, you should not fail to include fish. Unfortunately, some people can’t eat it due to the unpleasant odor that it leaves on your hands and utensils. Luckily, there are some home remedies that can help you get off the stubborn smell from your hands. Check below for the interesting tips.

1.Using Toothpaste

Apart from killing bacteria and improving your breath; toothpaste can also help to remove the fish smell off your hands. Enjoy your fish without worrying about the smell. Once you are through, start by wetting your hands. Apply toothpaste equivalent to the one you use when brushing. Rub it on your palms and arms. You don’t want to risk leaving some area with the fish smell.
Wash your hands thoroughly using some warm water. Rinse any sticky toothpaste using clean running water. If you notice that the toothpaste is stubborn, use soapy water to wash it away. Can you use any toothpaste? Yes. Use what you have though if your toothpaste contains baking soda the better. The smell of the fish will disappear, and your hands will smell fresh. Other than the toothpaste, stainless steel can be another good option. Check below.

2.Rubbing Hands on Stainless Steel

Your stainless steel faucet can help you clear the odor off your hands. It has some molecules that bind with the odor molecule, thus eliminating the smell. Here is the process. Use clean running water to rinse any small sticky fish pieces off your hands. Using both hands, hold the faucet and rub your hands on it for a minute. Repeat the process and rub the back of your hands.
Take soap and water and clean your hands thoroughly then rinse them. If your faucet is not stainless steel, look around in your kitchen for other stainless steel objects you can use. You can also consider buying a stainless steel bar whose work is to remove bad smells. Remember, leaving any fish pieces on your faucet is bad since your tap will start smelling bad. So once you are through, clean the faucet and make sure that there is no single piece left.

3.Baking Soda Paste

Other than the stainless steel and the toothpaste, a baking soda paste is a nice alternative. Its natural way of absorbing odor makes it an excellent option to help you remove fish smell from your hands. Since baking soda is in Powder form, you need to mix it with some water to make some paste. To ensure that the paste is not so powdery or thin, add two teaspoons of baking powder to a tablespoon of water and mix them in a bowl. If you are not satisfied with the texture of the paste, you can add a little water or baking soda.
Apply the paste all over your hand. Don’t forget to apply it at the back of your arms and even the fingers. After a minute, open your tap and clean your hands thoroughly. Soap and water can help you get rid of any paste residues. You can smell your hands to confirm that there is no fish smell left.

4.Lemon and Vinegar Cleaner

You can consider the three methods above if your skin is sensitive. That will help you to avoid irritation and burn by the undiluted vinegar. If you’re free from skin sensitivity, here is the deal. Take a clean bowl and put a cup of vinegar. Add a quarter cup of lemon juice and one drop of dish soap.
Mix the content and leave it for half an hour. So, why use lemon and vinegar? Vinegar is known for clearing the bad smell off the air while lemon juice is good in neutralizing the smell of the ammonia in the fish.
Place the bowl on the sink and rub the content all over your hands and between your fingers. Scrub the hands thoroughly before washing them with soap and warm water. Rinse your hands and enjoy the citrusy smell.

Your main concern might be that the utensils and the chopping boards have an unpleasant smell. Should you throw them away? Off course not, that’s wastage. So, how do you get rid of the smell of fish? Read the tips below.

Use Soapy Water

Start by rinsing the chopping board and utensils using cold water to remove the fish pieces. Take some hot water and the soap and wash them thoroughly. Rinse them well. Interestingly, the smell will disappear.

Use Sterilizing Fluid

Maybe you use the sterilizing fluid only when dealing with the baby’s feeding bottle. Luckily, it can help you remove any remaining fish residues off your utensils.
When cooking a fish, people around you are likely to hear the smell from a distance. That should not bother you. What might concern you is the smell that is left in the house. Now, the good news is, you can use the tips below to cut on the odor.

Tips of Reducing Smell When Cooking Your Fish

Vanish with vinegar

If you can’t withstand the strong smell when frying the fish, use this simple step. In a bowl, put some white vinegar. When you start frying the fish, place the bowl next to the stove. It will absorb the smell and leave the room fresh.

Fry Outside

If you don’t have vinegar, you can choose to fry the fish outside the house. You will not have the worries of the house smelling the entire day.


The unpleasant fish smell should not hinder you from frying and enjoying the delicacy. Use the right home remedies to get rid of the smell off your hands and utensils. Things like baking soda paste, stainless steel, toothpaste, lemon and vinegar are readily available. It’s also easy to deal with the smell when you are frying your fish. You can decide to fry it outside. You can also place a bowl of white vinegar next to the stove to absorb the smell in the air. Once you handle the smell, you have no problem frying the fish at your convenience.

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