How to Get Rid Of Freezer Burn Taste?

How to Get Rid Of Freezer Burn Taste

Buying things in bulky not only saves time and energy, but it saves money, and it’s convenient. If the foodstuffs are left at room temperature, they get spoilt within a short time. You can stock them in the freezer and use them for a long time. Have you ever stored your meat only for it to get ice-encrusted with a brownish-white discoloration? That’s freezer burn, and it’s a nightmare to many freezer owners.

What’s a freezer Burn?

Your food contains a certain amount of moisture content. Once air sneaks in the freezer and gets to the food, moisture evaporates and leaves the food dehydrated. As a result, your food will turn brownish-white. In short, the freezer burn occurs as a result of your food losing moisture after getting exposed to the air. Fortunately, food that has a freezer burn is still fit for consumption. The only effect is on its flavor and texture.

How to Prevent It

Note that freezer burn can’t occur unless air sneaks in. You can avoid the problem by dealing with the root cause. Here are ways on how it happens and the preventative measures you can adapt. 

How to Get Rid Of Freezer Burn Taste

Press The Air Out

When storing food in the freezer, you should use an airtight freezer bag. The problem comes when you leave some air in the freezer bag. You can prevent the freezer burns by squeezing the air out of the freezer bag. When wrapping the food using a plastic wrapper, squeeze out all the air and add an aluminum foil as reinforcementAvoid using storage bags; instead, use the freezer bags

Use Food Quickly

Most foods are best when eaten fresh. If you must freeze them, eat them within a short duration. When defrosting the food, start with the old ones and defrost only the amount that you require. Regular thawing of frozen food will allow air to sneak in. 

Proper Storage

Avoid putting hot food in the freezer. Let it cool first and, if possible, refrigerate the food before freezing it. Placing hot food will allow hot air to sneak in and affect the food in the freezer. Avoid overfilling your freezer since that may affect cold air circulation. Again, when freezing a lot of food, put it in small batches. That will help to stabilize the temperature in your freezer. Also, ensure that the freezer is at the right temperature.

Organize Your Freezer

When you take long searching for things in your freezer, air will sneak in and cause freezer burns. You can avoid that by keeping the freezer organized. Ensure that the foods that have overstayed are closer to allow you to pick and use them first.      

How to Deal With Freezer Burn

You have been craving for beef, but it already has freezer burn. You get frustrated and wonder how can I get rid of the taste of freezer burn? The best option would be to cut the affected area. Note that the remaining portion may not taste like fresh meat. Luckily, all is not lost. Use the tips below to fix your meat and get a pleasant taste, if not the original flavor

Freezer Burned Meat

The taste of freshly fried meat is undisputed. Unfortunately, once it gets the freezer burns, the flavor is not appealing. The color will change to brown, and its texture will become rubbery. If it gets to your chicken, it will turn dull whitish and get spots of ice crystals. Slice the affected part and dispose of it. Use the remaining portion to make soup, stew, or even pasta sauce. You can also boil it using seasoning and herbs and make it into stock. If the entire part is affected, give your pets a treat.

Freezer Burned Fish

How to Get Rid Of Freezer Burn Taste


Opening the freezer and finding your fish discolored with freezer burns is dreadful. You may be lucky if the freezer burn has affected it slightly. If that’s the case, cut off any affected part. You can also decide to soak your fish with strongly flavored sauce to give it a better taste.

Freezer Burns in Ice Cream

Nothing refreshes you than getting in the house after a hot day and enjoys some ice cream. It becomes frustrating when you realize that the ice cream has acquired a thick rubbery slime-like texture. When you check its edges, you see some ice crystals. Do you throw it away? Instead, you should remove the icy bits and enjoy your ice cream. 

Freezer Burns On Bread

Once the freezer burns, gets in your bread, it will harden it and lose its nice taste. The best option is to soften it with some butter or eggs. They will have a better taste. 

Freezer Burns On Fruits

How long have you stored the fruits in a freezer? If they are still within the recommended time, don’t worry if they have freezer burns. Take them and rinse them thoroughly. Once the ice part melts, slice them, and dehydrate them. If you enjoy fruit juice, you can take them and puree; they will still have a sweet taste. 

Freezer Burns On Vegetables

Vegetables are not exempted from the freezer burn. Around the vegetables, you will see some ice crystals. The best option is to remove the affected vegetables and add herbs and flavors to the remaining ones.


When the air gets in the freezer, the food will dehydrate and start changing color. Freezer burn affects all types of food, including meat, bread, fruits, and even vegetables. It will affect the texture and flavor of the food. The meat will have a brownish-white discoloration. You can try to fix the taste by removing the affected part and adding herbs and seasoning to your meat. Prevent freeze burn by ensuring that no air sneaks in the freezer. You should store the food properly without leaving the air in the freezer bag. Keep your freezer organized and avoid leaving food in the freezer for long. 

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