How to Keep Marshmallows Fresh

How to Keep Marshmallows Fresh

How to Keep Marshmallows Fresh

You can define a marshmallow as a mixture of water and sugar that is wrapped around the bubble. The air pockets maintain the shape. That means, if the air pockets get exposed to moisture, your marshmallow will collapse. That’s why you need to know how to store marshmallows once you open them. You need to prevent the moisture from air from getting in and making them stick together. Remember, marshmallows are not something you use daily. You should store them in such a way that when you require using them next time, they will still be fresh. Below are three methods you can use to store them.


The manufacturers will recommend that you consume the marshmallow between one to two weeks after you have opened. If you haven’t opened, it will last for more than one month. Luckily, if you store them well, they will still be okay even after their use-by date. Note that, the earlier you consume them, the better. The more they stay, the more they lose quality, meaning that they will not taste the same as before. There are three main methods that you can use to store your marshmallows. They include:

Bread Method

So what is the best way to store marshmallows and ensure it remains fresh? You can use bread method. It’s a simple method that doesn’t require you to have either a refrigerator or a freezer. Once you open the marshmallows, you require taking white bread and putting it in its bag. Twist the opening of your marshmallow bag and use a rubber band to seal it.

Remember your marshmallow is not supposed to get exposed to the moisture. When you put the bread, it absorbs the air moisture around the marshmallows, making it remain fresh for long. When you remove more marshmallows, and you need to store the rest, replace the old bread with a new one and seal the bag again.

You should put them in a cool temperature and ensure that they don’t get exposed to heat or light. So you can store them in a dark cupboard in your kitchen or pantry. This method works well if you live in a cool environment. If it’s a tropical area, you need to put the marshmallow in the refrigerator.

You can use this method for soft, chew cookies. If your marshmallows get hardened, you can use the technique to soften them. Just repeat the process but in this case, add the bread to the hardened marshmallows only. Leave it there and check after a few days. Your marshmallow will be soft again.

In the Freezer

You might not get clear instructions on the package instructing you to freeze them. So if you don’t intend to consume the marshmallow anytime soon, you need to store it well to avoid wastage of food. Remember, if you don’t store the food well, they will get bacteria and cause foodborne diseases. The smell is also harmful to the environment if you don’t dispose of them well.

How to Keep Marshmallows Fresh

If you have a freezer, here is what you should do to ensure that your marshmallow remains fresh. If not opened, just put in the freezer without further preparations. If opened, take your marshmallows and put them in a container which has a tight-fitting lid. If you don’t have the container, you can put it in the freezer safe or a Ziploc plastic bag. If you park so many together, they will squish together. That’s why you need to put a few in the container. Seal the container/bag well and put it in the freezer. They can last for 3-4 months if stored well in a freezer.

In The Refrigerator

Knowing how to keep marshmallows from sticking together is vital. To help the marshmallow remain fresh for long, you should keep it in a place that is cool and dry. Just like in the freezer, you need an airtight container. Unlike the freezer, the humidity in the refrigerator is slightly higher. So after putting them in the sealed container, you need either to sprinkle cornstarch on your marshmallow or even a dash of sugar that is powdered. That powder absorbs the slightly higher moisture from the air in your fridge.

How to Keep Marshmallows Fresh

If you intent to store the marshmallow in the container, you should seal it and shake it. The cornstarch/powdered sugar will coat the marshmallows and ensure that they don’t stick together. Unless you want to use them, let them stay in the refrigerator. They can last there for 2-3 months while still fresh.

How to use marshmallow after storing them in freezer or refrigerator?

If you want to use them in the recipe after storing them in the freezer, what should you do? Once you remove them from the freezer, set them for 10-15 minutes on the counter. Ensure they are in room temperature to help them defrost. You can either sprinkle cornstarch or some powdered sugar on your marshmallow bag if they are stuck together. You need to shake it to help the marshmallow to break apart. Note that, you don’t need to defrost them if you intend to slice them. You can easily slice them when frozen that when not.

How to Keep Marshmallows Fresh

Why Marshmallows Get Sticky?

If the air pockets get exposed to moisture, your marshmallow will collapse sticking together. Same will happen if you put too many of them in a container.

How do you know if marshmallows are spoiled?

If your marshmallow goes bad, you can quickly tell by smelling, looking or even tasting them. It will lose the sweet, mild aroma as well as the pillowy-soft texture. It will not have the usual sugary taste. So if you store your marshmallows for too long in a humid spot and you notice the discoloration and change in their taste, they have spoilt.


The marshmallows can stay past their use-by date if you store them well. Ensure that the place has no moist, and the temperature is cool. You can put bread in them to absorb all the moisture. You can also store them inside a freezer or even in a refrigerator. If your marshmallows are in the freezer and you want to use them, you can defrost them on the counter for a few minutes. You should not defrost if you intend to cut them.

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