How To Keep Waffles From Sticking?

How To Keep Waffles From Sticking

Suppose, you’re going to try your hand in making waffles all by yourself, and as a beginner, you’re certainly looking for the best result. Perhaps no one likes to experience any bad performance after an honest effort no matter in which field it may be. The same can be said for waffles. After following all the necessary things at the end if you see them stick to the waffle grids, imagine how frustrating and heartbreaking it could be. NO!!! it cannot be tolerated. If you wish to come out as a winner, you have to achieve all the necessary ideas regarding this issue. Let’s take a nose dive into the deep of it and try to find out something worthy.

The Reasons for Waffles Sticking to Waffle Maker

Before going to know how to prevent the issue, first of all, you should know the reasons that cause the waffles stick to the waffle maker. You must avoid them as much as you can so that your waffles would also have remained far from sticking. Here they are.

  1. If the waffle iron is not hot enough the complaint of sticking may occur quite frequently.
  2. If the batter that is used to make waffles is found too thin then it results in sticky waffles.
  3. Having too much fat or minimum fat in the batter, both cases are one of the main reasons behind this issue.
  4. The same thing can be said for the oils that you apply on the iron surface.
  5. If the batter doesn’t have enough eggs then it turns out to be a sticky one.
  6. Waffles need a certain time to get ready, but if you try to pick them from the iron before the time you cannot get them properly.

There are still some reasons remains but all the above said are commonly done and you should avoid practicing them anymore to get the desired finish.

Now it is high time to go for the ways to keep the waffles from sticking. Let’s go-

Allow The Waffle Maker to Heat Up Properly

This is one of the vital points to save the waffles from sticking. Usually, most of you think that excessive heat may burn the waffles, and you make hurry to pour in the batter on the iron. Most of the advanced waffle makers come with a heat indicator that shows that the iron is hot enough for starting the job. Wait for 1-2 minutes more and then pour the batter in to get the best out of it.

Make Sure The Batter Is Thick Enough   

How To Keep Waffles From Sticking


As I said early, a runny batter is not ideal for making waffles. To get the fluffy and crispy waffles you have to make the batter thick. A thin batter always tends to get a stick and that might be a big problem for you to collect them in a perfect shape. To make it thicker you have to add a little less milk and in place of that add some more egg yolk or oil so that you may get the desired thickness of the batter.

Take Fat Enriched Recipe

While taking the ingredients for making the batter always make sure that the batter is enriched with a good amount of fat to avoid the waffles from sticking. The reason for that is the fat releases too much oil that work as a coating on the iron grids and you can easily collect the waffles without sticking. Besides, using cow butter is the best thing as it provides a better taste apart from saving the waffles.

Add Oil Coating To The Waffle Iron

Adding oil coating means greasing the waffle iron is an essential part of the whole process. Before pouring the batter don’t forget to give a coating of oil to the grids of your waffle iron. It can protect the waffles from sticking and you can pick them in perfect shape. In some of the advanced models available in the market, the grids are made with a non-sticky material. In that case, you don’t need to add oil or grease from the outside.

Let The Waffles To Cook Properly

A half-cooked waffle is not in a state to come out clearly from the iron as it tends to get sticky. In some waffle maker is equipped with an indicator light that you need to follow before opening up the lid. Otherwise, you have to go with the steam that comes out once the waffle is cooked properly. If you constantly open the lid to see the condition of the waffle, it won’t cook properly which makes you either wait for a longer time or offers you a half-baked waffle which turns out sticky. I know it is hard to wait for a long to have this mouth-watering, and tongue-licking dish, but properly cooked waffles become more savory. Till then control yourself.

Avoid Using The Spray On The Iron

Some techniques advise you to use cooking spray on the iron to prevent the waffles from sticking. But those who have previous experience can tell you better that, this process sometimes gives you the opposite result. Because this kind of spray can build up on the plates of the waffle maker and the chances of sticking problems may get higher. Still, you want to use the cooking spray, then after every use, you have to go for a deep clean so that the build-ups can be removed properly. But as for the non-stick waffle maker, there would be no question of using this kind of spray.

What If It Is Still Sticking

After following all the procedures that I have told so far, still, the problem remains, then the only and probably the best option left. And that is, change the waffle maker as early as possible and buy a new and advanced one.


Finally, all I can say that if you want to prepare and serve tasty, delicious, and nice-looking waffles to your kins, pals, and family members you have to make sure that your waffle maker is in better condition. Only This thing can help you to perform better. Good Luck!!!

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