How to Make Fried Chicken Without Flour

There are quite a few ways on how to make fried chicken without flour. Many people have either an allergy or sensitivity to flour and can’t cook with it. Some people are on a diet that forces them to not consume anything with flour. And then there are some people who just don’t like the taste of flour, and want something different for their fried chicken. Whichever category you find yourself in, there is an alternative choice (with very tasty results) when it comes to cooking your next piece of fried chicken.

how to make fried chicken without flour

Avoiding Flour in Fried Chicken Due to Taste

One way of cooking your fried chicken without flour is to use either almond meal or even mashed potatoes as a substitute. When using this alternative, the best way to go about it would be to cut up your chicken into chunks and then roll them around in some egg whites before rolling them through your chosen substitute until they are fully covered. Then, once your oil is hot enough, fry them up to perfection and eat!

If you’re not set on using egg whites as a binder for your breading substitute then there are other options available to you. For example, if you want to go with something that will allow your chicken to have some variation in flavor you could try mixing some buffalo sauce with some melted butter and then dipping your chicken chunks in that instead of using an egg white mixture.

Now, what do you do if your family or friends think they don’t like fried chicken because it’s too greasy? Well, there is a very simple solution for this: shallow fry your chicken! To shallow fry your chicken all you have to do is get a pan and fill it with about 1-2 inches of oil. Then, once the oil is hot enough (around 300 degrees) drop in your chicken chunks and cook them until they are brown on both sides. This will keep the cooking time short, which means less greasy fried chicken!

Avoiding Flour in Fried Chicken Due to Gluten Sensitivity

If you’re cooking for someone who is gluten intolerant and needs to avoid flour then what you can do is start using cornmeal instead. This will give your fried chicken a light coating of crispiness that isn’t too overpowering or too invasive on the taste buds.  If you really want to amp up the flavor then you can also mix some Cajun seasoning into the cornmeal before coating your chicken chunks with it.

Another option you can use instead of regular flour for those who are gluten sensitive is coconut flour. This is an excellent substitute for regular flour because it contains no gluten and you can use it in many of the same fished you normally would, including fried chicken.

Along the same lines as coconut flour is almond flour. This is also an amazing substitute for regular flour when frying chicken.

The only thing to be careful of when using coconut or almond flour is that you don’t want to use the same amount as you would regular flour. Both of these have very strong flavors and coat the chicken a little differently than your normal flour would. So you want to be careful not to add too much right away. It’s always easier to add than it is to take away when it comes to coating fried chicken.

Avoiding Flour in Fried Chicken Due to Diet Restrictions

Another category of folks that want to avoid frying their chicken with flour is those on certain diets, like the keto diet, for example. When you are on the keto diet you want to avoid consuming any carbs, so flour is a no-no. Some substitutions for flour in fried chicken on the keto diet is to use ground-up pork rinds as breading. Pork rinds are actually keto-friendly because they are made up entirely of protein instead of carbs. You can get a great crunch using them and they also add a really good flavor to your fried chicken as well.

There are a number of different ways to cook fried chicken without flour, and which way works best for you will depend on what your needs or preferences are. In one way or another, though, tasty fried chicken is only a little bit away.

So there you have it: several ways on how to make fried chicken without flour. If you like this article, please share it on social media or leave a comment below! Thanks for reading and happy cooking!



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