How To Use A Rice Cooker Steamer?

I know you love to eat rice or rice dishes. Coking rice is a process that people have been doing through the conventional ways even today using metal pots or something like that. But time has been changing fast and we are always looking for something improved, better, easier, and obviously faster for preparing anything of our likings. This criterion helps to invent different kinds of devices and tools to make our life comfortable. Today I am going to present such a kind of device that helps you to cook rice quite comfortably and in a very short time. This device is called a rice cooker steamer.

What Is A Rice Cooker Steamer?

A rice cooker is a kind of power run machine that works efficiently for cooking rice and rice dishes as well. If this machine is included with a steamer basket then it would be a pleasure to steam the dishes without putting much pressure and also without heating up your kitchen. Apart from cooking rice, you can use this device for preparing some other dishes too, such as veggies, soups, stews, etc. Therefore, it is high time to take a look at the ways which tell us how to use a rice cooker steamer. Here you go.

How Does A Rice Cooker Steamer Work?

This cylindrical-shaped appliance is equipped with a thermostat, a cooking bowl including an inner basket, and the whole system is connected with the source of power that provides heat to the water that you filled. Once it reaches the boiling point the water starts producing steam. The pressure of steam allows the boiled water to be absorbed by the rice and in this way cooking rice would seem to be an easy thing to do. 

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Why Does Steaming Be Necessary?

In this busy world, healthy diets are much in demand to keep ourselves fit for taking extra workload. Therefore, steaming foods are quite preferable in recent times. Especially certain kinds of veggies, meat, and fishes require steaming for better taste and of course for the right food values. For that reason, the recent brands of rice cookers come with the steaming basket and they are highly accepted by almost every buyer. 

How Much Time Does It Require For Steaming Foods?

Usually, a rice cooker takes a maximum of 30 minutes to cook any kind of food. But you have to add extra 10 minutes for steaming. But the time of cooking varies with the kind of food you’re going to cook using this device. For instance, in comparison to cauliflower, broccoli takes lesser time while preparing banana bread takes more time than cooking oatmeal.

How To Use A Rice Cooker with Steamer?

To cook rice using a rice cooker needs to follow the things. Firstly, the steamer tray should be removed from the inner basket. Then take 2 cups of rice along with 4 cups of water in the basket. Now set the basket inside the cooker and shut the lid and press the steam button. After the scheduled time, the cooker will indicate that the job is done. If you want to steam some other foods apart from rice, then you have to fill the basket with little more water so that it can produce much steam once it reaches the boiling point. After that, place the foods on the top of the basket and then shut the lid. Finally, wait for a while to get the best result.

What Other Foods Can Be Cooked Besides Rice?

As the name suggests, a rice cooker is precisely used for cooking rice. But the advanced models of this appliance can be used for different types of foods as well. It is not possible to mention all of them, but I am trying to select some of them that are commonly preferred by most of you.


Veggies are the most common foods apart from rice that can be steamed using a rice cooker. Though the time of steaming depends on the type of veggies that you’re going to cook. If the vegetable has thick skin then it would take some extra time to be steamed. In that case, you may peel off the skin of those veggies before you place them inside the machine. Even cutting them into pieces would also be a good idea to get the best out of it.


To prepare a perfect spaghetti you need a certain amount of pressure and steam. Only a rice cooker can provide you this kind of environment. Therefore, a rice cooker is an ideal appliance for cooking spaghetti.


No matter what type of meat you’re going to cook, it could be beef, chicken, turkey, or fish; if you want steaming pieces of them with well-cooked then you have to place them into the rice cooker steamer. But there is a thing to be followed; if you want to steam any of them with rice then you have to wrap it using a foil to keep the flavor separate and intact as well.


Usually, you prefer the microwave to cook oatmeal. But this time a rice cooker steamer does the best for you. All you need to add oats and milk in place of rice and water into the machine and let it do the rest. Hope you’ll be glad to see the result. 

Apart from all these, still, you have Chocó lava cake, different types of noodles, pancake, quinoa, and many more that you can prepare using your rice cooker steamer quite easily and obviously perfectly.

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What More To Be Said After All These?

After going through the whole article one thing is proven that a rice cooker steamer is a unique kind of multi-functional cooking device that can be used to cook most of your favorite dishes quite easily and of course perfectly. Therefore, it can be said that owning a rice cooker is nothing less than the best thing that you can do for making your kitchen well-equipped. Go for it if you wish to stay healthy with your homemade foods.

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