How to Use Under Cabinet Can Opener?

How to Use Under Cabinet Can Opener

In today’s time if you have to manage everything in your life with your limited earning, then you have to adjust to the way you live. You can hardly manage in your home with smaller in size and the smallest kitchen where you have put all your necessary stuff for cooking. Therefore, you have to select the kind of appliances that could be kept and used without occupying too much space. 

Under Cabinet Can Opener is a kind of multifunctional kitchen tool that is an essential thing if you have limited space in your kitchen. As for small kitchens where you don’t find enough space to fit a lot of necessary stuff this tool certainly helps you to save precious space on the countertop for other necessary things. Now it’s time to see how to use this tool in your kitchen.

How to Install The Can Opener Under Cabinet or Countertop?

Before you go to see the use of this appliance, you have to know how to fit or fix it in your kitchen countertop. Well, to do this you need some basic tools like a drill machine, screwdriver screws, PVC tape. All you need to set the machine under the cabinet and then make the holes from the top for screws. After that, place the can opener from the bottom and point the screws from the top and start tightening the screws tightly so that the machine can stay at its place firmly.

The Different Uses of The Under Cabinet Can Opener?

Under cabinet-can opener is capable to open different kinds of cans, bottles, and many other containers. Besides, as it is a multifunctional appliance, you can use it for some other purposes too. For instance, you can use it as a bag cutter, knife sharpener, and power-pierce cutter.

How to Use Under Cabinet Can Opener?

These can openers are mainly electrical device, means “hand-free operation” so it doesn’t require too much effort to work on it. Its sharp blade can remove the lid of a can of any size quite easily and perfectly. You need to fix the blade with the lid of a can and then press the start button of the opener only to get the result. Some of the models have a power-pierce cutter to finish the job more smoothly. 

Some models have a swing door design to keep all the features behind the door for a sleek look and also have power cord storage so that you can use the exact length of cord as you require. Moreover, the automatic shut-off feature makes the device energy efficient.

Some of it has a space-saving compact design with a built-in knife sharpener and a bottle opener that frees up the counter space of your kitchen and allows you to get some more space for other jobs. These types of machines can open the lid of both small and big size of cans.

Besides, as this device is an electric opener, and requires very little manual effort, it is quite friendly for seniors and for those who are suffering from arthritis. They don’t need to struggle to handle it.

How to Clean An Under Cabinet Can Opener?

Apart from all these, there is one more thing that makes the device much acceptable and that is easy to clean. To maintain the machine for longer life you have to clean it quite regularly. You need to get a soft cloth dipped in warm soapy water and just rinse the blades for few times. Even you can use a toothbrush to clean its washable parts with some vinegar. But before starting the process don’t forget to remove the power plug unless there would be a chance of an accident.

How to Fix An Can Opener?

If you find your can opener suddenly stops working, then the first that you may follow the power connection. See, if any problem occurs there or not. If yes, then you have take help a technician. And if not, then you must take an appointment with an expert without trying yourself.

How to Get Rust Off A Can Opener?

The metallic parts of an under cabinet can opener tend to get rusty as you cannot dry them properly after wash. As a result, the machine may lose its durability. To prevent this, you can take some apple cider vinegar, and scrub the rusty parts with a toothbrush and then rinse the area properly until it becomes dry and finally, use some mineral oil to lubricate the whole metallic section so that you may keep it away from rust for a longer time. There is a chemical Magica Rust Remover also very effective to get the same result.

How Do You Sharpen A Can Opener?

As the cutter blade is always a metallic thing, then obviously it may go dull after sometime and your machine may perform badly. Therefore, the can opener blade needs sharpening once you face the problem while cutting the lid or other things. To make the matter possible, you need to follow a process.

  1. Clean the can opener to remove the food particles that build upon the blades using warm soapy water and a toothbrush. Scrub the blade to get rid of the dirt.
  2. If the can opener needs more cleaning then you have to take an aluminum foil and gently run it carefully over the blade for few minutes and you may see the result.
  3. If aluminum foil fails to live up to the mark, then you have no way left buying a new blade to restore the performance of your can opener.
  4.  While sharpening the blade you have to be very careful unless you may cut your fingers.

Final Words

Owning an under cabinet can opener in your kitchen is nothing less than a blessing for you while you’re working in your kitchen. All you need to know the proper way to handle it and maintain it as well for a longer run.

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