A Few Tips To Use Your Blender Efficiently

how to use your blender efficiently

As the times progress, you’re always introduced to some new gadgets that work to comfort your life. The fast running, highly competitive working fields give you hardly enough time to do your basic needs at its own pace. Thanks for having these devices that perform well to save those valuable times for you. Especially, in the kitchen where you generally require much time to get the best, some of these devices really do wonder and help you to finish your culling skill rather quickly and neatly. Blender is such a kind of machine that performs the way you need. Now it’s time to get some useful tips to know how to use your blender efficiently.   

The Beginning

A blender is a useful kitchen device that is capable to produce different recipes like, soup, smoothies, frozen drinks, and even you can use it as a food processor. Every time it gives you the desired result. Though it is an easy running device, still many do not handle it properly. As a result, you may find leakage, overheating, jamming, and chunky products. If you’re concern about your device and wish to keep it in working condition for a longer period, then here are some tips that certainly help you to use your blender quite efficiently.

Secure The Lid Properly

Let’s begin with the lid- the first part of a blender. Before start processing foods make sure that the lid of your blender is secured properly. Unless, once if your blender starts working, you may find a mess in your kitchen by spilling out the food items everywhere that you’ve put inside the blender for preparing something special. It can make your wall and floor of the kitchen dirty. Therefore, it’ll be better if you hold the lid while the machine is on. It prevents the lid from being displaced from its position. Keeping this thing in mind, some of the latest models come with a safety lock with the lid only to help you out of the problem. Check it out while buying a new one.

There is one more thing to keep in mind, don’t remove the lid while the blending is on. This is enough to splash out the ingredients from inside creating a mess. Therefore, if you really need to do so to sift the items into another container, then press the stop button before doing that.

Control The Speed 

The modern blenders come with up to 5 speeds setting for your different ingredients. Because whereas puree, sauce, protein shake, etc. need fine blending, there you need the right size of foods to prepare different recipes. Even you may find an ice crush button to prepare cocktails, frozen drinks, etc. But one you should keep in mind while using this machine, never start blending from high speed as it may occur clogging and it can damage the machine. Therefore, always begin with a lower speed setting and then gradually increase to your required level. You may add some water with your ingredients for a better running of the blades.

For Hot Ingredients

Sometimes you need to blend some hot ingredients. No problem you can do that, but before that, you have to be careful about few things. For instance, usually hot items tend to release a good amount of steam. If the lid is tightly closed then an explosion may happen and the hot items will be splashed out to make you injured. Therefore you have to see the steam must be vented out. In that case, you need to select a blender with a removable filler cap at the center of the lid so that you can keep it open to make the steam escape out through it. If your blender doesn’t have a filler cap, then to keep the thing safe you have to fill not more than half of the container at one go, you also have to maintain the speed at the low level.

Food That Should Be Avoided

After following the above-said precautions few more things also need to be followed. There is some kind of foods that should not be put into the blender as it may cause damage to your machine. For instance, if you pour the boiling liquid into the blender it can cause serious accidents if the lid is blown off. Therefore, before pouring the liquid allow it to cool for at least 5 minutes to keep the whole matter safe. Mashed potatoes also the thing that should be avoided as it makes the blender gummy and gluey only to create clogging. Even black pepper may cause some problems if you allow it to grind in your blender. As for the frozen liquids, it is better to use a stainless steel blender ahead of a plastic-made machine.

How to Clean The Blender

Cleaning a blender frequently is an important thing to keep it fit for a longer run. This is a serious kind of job that needs to follow a process. At first, you need to pour a 1:1 mixture of baking soda and water and then run the machine for a while. This may remove the residues or dried particles from your machine. After that, take apart the parts of the blender and wash them with the soapy water using a dishcloth properly, and let them reassemble again only after making them dry. In this way, your machine will be in better condition always to do what it will be asked for. Sometimes the smell of previous ingredients that remain in the blender may hamper the taste of the next items that you’re going to blend. If a 1:1 solution of baking soda and water is kept in the container for at least 5 minutes and then wash it properly with clean water, your device will be fresh again for another blending or grinding.

Blender vs. Food Processor

A blender is a kind of machine that you can use for the blending of different kinds of ingredients for making different foods, especially anything liquid or condensed. On the other hand, a food processor is nothing but a multifunctional device. But selecting between the two depends on your criteria as both of them have their own pros and cons.

Final Verdicts

After providing all the tips and tricks to use the blender efficiently from the best of my knowledge, one thing I can tell you that these are not everything. Regular use sometimes makes you learn a few more things to perform the blender excellently. Good Luck!!

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