Disposable Bamboo Cutlery Set – 300 Pack

Disposable Bamboo Cutlery Set offers the most complete bundle to serve all your guests including 100 spoons, 100 Forks, and 100 knives.

The product is perfectly designed with a smooth and perfect grip suitable for all ages. Our bamboo disposable cutlery is strong enough to cut and hold food.


Our Bamboo cutlery is made of 100% Natural Bamboo which is Food-Grade, Splinter Free, Non-Toxic, and chemical-free product. You will not have the taste and smell of wood while eating.

  • What is Included: Kitchen Thinker bamboo cutlery is 100% eco-friendly, biodegradable, and tree free. The package includes 100 Spoons, 100 Forks, and 100 Knives.
  • High-Standard: We provide high-quality bamboo disposable products. Carbonization, sanitization, and heat process assures that the products are humid-resistant, smooth surface, strong and sturdy. Our organic tableware is ideal for outdoor and indoor events, party picnics, and catering services.
  • Eco-Friendly: Our bamboo utensils are carefully packed in a paper box. The product and the packaging itself are totally eco-friendly and our focus is to reduce the waste on the planet.
  • Biodegradable: Utensils are designed for environmental protection, and unlike bioplastics, bamboo is biodegradable. It is an excellent alternative to plastic and wood cutlery.
  • Detritus and Taste: Our product is 100% tree-free and you will never have the wood smell and taste during utilization.
  • Quality and Design: We provide high-quality carbonized bamboo disposable products and we assure that products are all-natural and organic. Cutlery is designed in a way that you can easily use a spoon and cut and hold the food with a fork and knife. Products are strong smooth and sturdy, which allows you to enjoy your food.

Ideal For Any Occasion

Our elegant and stylish bamboo cutlery gives a stylish display and can be used for parties, dinners, weddings, indoor and outdoor events, camping, and all catering events.

Sturdy & Splinter Free

Our disposable cutlery is made of 100% Natural bamboo.
Our product is strong and splinter free and the design is made for dense food.

Why Choose US

Choose us because our product is

  1. Natural
  2. Organic
  3. Plastic Free
  4. Heat & Cold Resistant
  5. Liquid Resistant

Go Green

Our bamboo cutlery utensils are tree-free. Simply use and throw them with peace of your mind that your product is environmentally friendly and you are returning nutrients back to earth.

Go Green with Kitchen Thinker Bamboo disposable cutlery.

Package Dimensions

10.43 x 7.05 x 2.72 inches

Item Weight

2.14 pounds


Kitchen Thinker


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