[Jerky Meat] Best at Home Meat Slicer Reviews 2019

best at home meat slicer

Before I start the meat slicer reviews one basic thing I want to tell you that, this is a machine which is popularly used as a kitchen appliance. When you are served some delicious foodstuffs on your plates, well garnished and well-shaped, you cannot help praising the cook. Not only that, you have to accept that cooking is a form of art. To make it possible one needs few machines that can help to prepare food in the quicker way and in better shape and size. One of them is the food slicer commonly called best at home meat slicer proves worthy of every penny that you have invested to buy it. But I prefer to call it food slicer since it can slice more than just meat. 

Comparison Table of 10 Best Meat Slicer for Jerky

Sl. No.



Our Rating



BESWOOD 10" Premium Meat Slicer


ARKSEN 7.5" 

Premium Electric Meat Slicer


Della 8.7" - Best Deli Meat Slicer


Weston Meat Slicer


Nesco FS-250 Meat Slicer


Kitchener 9" Professional Meat Slicer


KWS 12" Premium Meat Slicer


Elite Platinum EMT-503B Precision Meat Slicer


VEVOR 10" Meat Slicer


Continental Electric PS77711 Meat Slicer

There is one big difference between brought-in food and home-made food is that the previous one is always looking better in shape and size. Because in your kitchen, you cannot cut or slice your stuff equally and perfectly with the help of a knife. As a result, though your foods taste better and healthier but they do not look always best in shape and size. Therefore, most of the time you prefer to order foods from outside when you arrange parties and celebrations at your place.

Meat sandwiches, meatball, roast, ham, and some other kind of food prepared at home simply to be gobbled are also needed to be looked well. But the thing is that you need good food slicer to make all the food items perfect in sizes.

Once there was a time when quality meat slicers were seen only in professional kitchens and grocers. But now several varieties of slicers with different features are available in the market that you can easily introduce in your kitchen to make your work faster, easier, and prettier.

So then, it is the time to take a deep dive to chase the meat slicer review and let’s find out the some of the meat slicers for you to select the right one for yourself as per your need.

10 Best Meat Slicer for Your Kitchen

If you are looking for an all-purpose meat slicer that can take care of your different needs without making a big hole in your pocket, then your searching is over. Finally, you are able to find the right one for yourself. Yes, I am talking about BESWOOD 10 Premium Food Slicer, the right choice for you. Therefore, let’s go through the review of one of the best commercial meat slicer for home.


This machine is an ideal one for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and cafes, but you also make it in-home uses as it can work precisely on boneless meat, cheese, veggies, ham, and fruits. You can slice all of them at any thickness you prefer.

The 240 Watts motor not only can handle the work within the shortest possible time but keep you safe from power shock as well. All you need to on the power switch and allow the slicer to turn the big chunk of meat into perfectly sliced pieces rapidly.


The blades of Beswood slicer is not made of common stainless steel but the Chromium plated carbon steel is used for them and the high temperature is required in making of them. This is the reason behind  its strength and long-lasting. For that reason, the blade stays sharp for a longer period and no need to sharpen early. This slicer has two stones blade sharpener that constantly sharps the edge of the blade.

The premium V-belt keeps the machine free from vibration and noise while it is working. The machine is equipped with rubber feet which protect the machine from skidding when it is on. The aluminium-made body of this slicer provides the much need durability and you have no need to be worried for a long.

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The Chromium plated carbon steel keep the blade safe from corrosion. The double illuminated power on/off switch protects you from power shock. For having blade cover it will help you from cutting your finger when your work is on.


  • A powerful motor is equipped with the machine.
  • A durable-built product.
  • Easy to use.


  • Not a light weighted enough for carrying.

No matter it is your home or restaurant, a meat slicer always proves its worth. If you want to cut meats or some other vegetables into slices with perfect shape and size and that also in a very short time, a meat slicer is always ready for you. And if you have ARKSEN Premium Deli Electric Meat Slicer, a reliable device for constant use, then your work will be nothing less than a cakewalk for you. Let’s go through it.


ARKSEN Electric Deli Meat Slicer is a powerful machine that works efficiently. This made this device best home electric meat slicer. This device is equipped with a 180-watt motor which takes a load of a huge amount of food items that you need to be sliced in no time. As this slicer will do the best slicing job, so you have no need further to buy sliced meat, ham, sausage, and cheese.

You can slice a huge chunk of meat with its wide serrated blade. Not only that, you can adjust its thickness for slicing grilled meat and even you can chop the vegetables for preparing salads. In this way, you can serve your guests an excellent dinner and get appreciations from them. 


This device is made of cast aluminum that provides longer life. Moreover, the 8.7” stainless steel-made blade with serrated edges really works well for bread and cheese. Apart from that, the outlook of this machine perfectly matches with any kitchen decor; even it goes with any professional restaurant.


This meat slicer is a safe device to use. The food carriage with a spiked meat holder makes the work easy by slicing and holding a large chunk of meat. For having hinged design, cleaning of the carriage is not a big deal. The protective cover of the blade provides you with the necessary safety. Moreover, the suction cup helps your slicer to be stable even when it is working.  Finally, all I can say that this is a perfect match with you and your kitchen by all meaning.


  • Light enough to carry from one place to another.
  • Does not take a lot of space.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Able to cut a paper thin slice of meat.


  • The sliding Table can’t be removed for cleaning.
  • To install the blade has to press firmly on the knob.
  • No warranty is offered.

Are you looking for a deli-meat slicer that works efficiently and a perfect machine for slicing deli meats and vegetables in no time? Are you wishing to have this one for both home-kitchen and commercial-kitchen as well? Then you have no need to search more. Della Commercial Electric Meat Slicer is here for your service.


The Della meat slicer is an ideal and quality machine that works slicing meats and vegetables neatly and quickly. It has a heavy duty powerful motor of 240 watts that runs faster to finish the work in lesser time. Apart from that, this motor can take a workload, so that you can cut a huge chunk of meat or other vegetables into slices continuously. The 10” wide serrated edged blade helps you to handle even tough meat and other vegetables.


This device is made of best quality stainless steel which provides the necessary strength and durability that you expect from any reputed product. The 8.7” stainless steel blade is ready to cut almost everything that you need and that also in your preferred thickness. Be it meat, bread, cheese, vegetables the device is ready to cut them into slices.

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This meat slicer is easy to handle device for having its various features. The food carriage with a spiked meat holder makes the work easy by slicing and holding a large chunk of meat. For having hinged design, cleaning of the carriage is not a big deal. The protective cover of the blade provides you with the necessary safety.

Moreover, the suction cup helps your slicer to be stable even when it is working. Finally, all I can say that this machine perfectly goes with your requirements and your liking. Due to all these reasons, one can easily consider this device as one of the best deli meat slicer.


  • Super thin jerky can be made.
  • Works efficiently.
  • Easy to clean.


  • Does not slice all the meats in the same thickness.

If you are looking for a jerky slicer that can provide you the slices of meats for sandwiches or chicken fried steak or schnitzel with the pork at your place or at the garden while enjoying a picnic with your family and friends, then you are right on the track. This is the Best Meat Slicer for Jerky that works all by your hand and no power is needed to run this machine, though it can provide toughest cuts of meat for your satisfaction.


This device is the manual one that runs all by your hand but strong enough to tackle every kind of even the toughest piece of meat easily but no messier work of slicing by hand. Apart from that, it accepts meat up to 1 ¼” thick and 5”wide.


This device is made of heavy duty cast iron that provides much strength which makes the device durable. Moreover, this device is equipped with 32 stainless steel blades to give a fine cut of the slices. The stainless steel combs work to prevent jamming happens by the meat that wrapped around the blades. For having food safe coating this machine ensures you the meats with better condition.


The cast aluminum outfit of this device gives it a better look to be chosen. The whole unit can be dismantled into two for easy cleaning. Overall this is the device that gives you the opportunity to get the meat sandwiches while you are in the garden in a picnic mood.


  • No power is required.
  • Blades and components are very durable.
  • Easy to pull apart and clean.
  • The quick job of tenderizing the Meat.


  • Sometimes meat doesn’t come out through the bottom.
  • Bearing kept slipping.

Sometimes you want to prepare sandwiches made of fresh meat and cheese wrapped in foil to your loved one, or you want to serve meat or cheese rolls during a party at your place, then Nesco Food Slicer is the device that you need to have in your home. Because this one is the top rated meat slicer for home use.


This meat slicer is more powerful than other slicers available in the market. The 180-watt gear-driven motor is capable enough to handle all kind of foods well. The largest sized blade with serrated edges can easily cut through the tough meats or crusty bread. Moreover, there has a knob that can adjust the thickness of the slices as you need. Apart from that, this device is easy to clean which make less worried.


This meat slicer measures 14”x 8.6”x 11” and weighs 13.2 lbs is light enough to move around if needed, but heavy enough to keep stable while it is working. This stainless steel made body and parts are strong enough to provide longer life to this device.

The blade of 8.7 diameters is the largest than others and its serrated edges can take care of any kind of meat and cut them into slices of your choice in no time. The suction cup at the bottom helps this unit to be stable while it is working.

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The maintenance of this meat slicer is not a very difficult affair. Though the carriage is permanently mounted to the bar you can tilt it over a sink for cleaning. The blade is easy to remove for cleaning and also it takes few seconds to reassemble it. This unit comes with a hand guard which keeps safe your hand while you slice.

The power switch of this unit is recessed with the side to reduce the chances of accidentally activated. Finally, the one year warranty gives you a chance to enjoy the service of this meat slicer free of worry.


  • The sharp and heavy blade cut through effortlessly.
  • Easier to clean-up.
  • Noise-free.


  • The base got warm after few minutes of service.
  • Food gets caught in edges.

Sometimes you want to invite some of your close pals at your place to spend a wonderful evening with them. So, you have to serve some delicious hot stuff such as meat sandwiches, meat roll, fruit salad etc. which are prepared in your kitchen. In this situation, you have to own a slicer that makes your work easier and quicker. Then you have to bring home Kitchener 9-inches Electric Food Slicer, as it is one of the best in this job.


The Kitchener Electric Meat Slicer helps you to cut through cheese, meats, vegetables, bread, even salamis at the shapes and sizes at your choice. This device is well designed to have a compact shape that allows making storage and transportation quite easy. The blade is sharp and strong enough to take care of meat even the tough ones.

This unit comes with an adjustable thickness control knob that can slices up to 5/8” thick. Apart from that, this slicer has a well-designed platform which can easily accommodate large items that you need to cut.


This device is made of stainless steel which means, you don’t have to think about rust on it. Besides that, this machine is powered by a convey belt which is driven by a 150-watt motor and it is quite energy saving as it consumes minimal power.

For having four suction-cup feet made of premium coated steel and cast aluminum die to make this device stable and firmly grounded while slicing. This slicer comes with a stainless steel carriage with finger protection.


This device comes with a removable blade for which you can regularly clean it up without any hassle and also prevents cross-contamination of different foods. Even the blade can be temporarily removed for sharpening again.


  • Slices well for your satisfaction.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Functions are simple and easy.


  • Actually not intended for commercial use.
  • Slow speed.
  • Doesn’t work continually for a long.

Usually, those of you who are fond of sandwiches, meat roll, or some other foods that need meat slice need to go to a deli to quench your desire. But sometimes you want to enjoy smoking and slicing your bacon all by yourself at your place then you have to bring home a meat slicer to make your work easy.

So why don’t you consider KWS meat slicer? It is one of the bestselling brands and if it is Commercial 420w model of this brand, then you should feel proud for having this.


This 420w KWS meat slicer offers a number of features that make it one of the best for both domestic and commercial use. The quality construction of this device means it will last longer and also do the work quite efficiently.

Besides that, this machine is very easy to run; even the older also handle this comfortably. Having a knob this machine can give you ultra thin and thick slices of your choice. Moreover, this unit is easy and quick to clean for its easy assembly and reassemble.


The body of this 24.8”x 20.9”x 18.5” sized and 60.5 lbs weighed slicer is constructed with a corrosion-free aluminum alloy which makes it enough durable to work for years to come. But it is quite heavier than other devices as the quality products are never lightweight.

Furthermore, the powerful 420 Watts motor makes it for heavy use for restaurants, delis, butchers shops, and commercial kitchens as well. This motor will allow you to slice vegetables, meats, cheese even frozen meat too. This device is equipped with 12” premium quality stainless steel blade that can cut even tough meats or hard vegetables with ease.

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This machine has some features that take care of this device themselves. Such as, the skid proof rubber pad at the bottom keeps the machine in place during use. The dual built-in whetstones keep the blade sharp. This machine can be disassembled by removing three screws. This made it easy to clean and reassemble in a few seconds. So, now it is time to get relaxed for having the best frozen meat slicer.


  • Sharp 12” blade sharp enough to cut all kind of food.
  • Powerful motor.
  • Designed for commercial use.


  • One only complaint is that it is large and heavy.

Sometimes when your kin and pals get together at your place, you tend to prepare some complex recipes that go through cuttings and slicing. Therefore, your knife is not capable enough to handle the pressure of work. In this situation, having a food slicer will be the best option to make your task easy. Keeping this in mind I recommend you one of the best electric meat slicers that you may find useful is Elite Gourmet EMT- 503B Electric Food Slicer.


This food slicer has some very exciting features that make food slicing within few seconds. It means you will get some extra time for other work. Especially it has the ability to go through fully or partially frozen meat. Besides that, this slicer’s blade is designed to cut meats, vegetables, salamis, bread, cheeses to your desired thickness level. Moreover, the cleaning process is so easy that you don’t have to be worried about that.


The outer casing including the base of this device is made from aluminum material to provide enough strength and make it durable. The Elite Gourmet food slicer comes with a powerful motor which generates enough power to chop even the toughest chunk into bits.

Even this slicer has some gear systems that helps the device to adjust the speed according to the size of the chunk. This device comes with fine edged stainless steel serrated blade which is rust-free and easy to clean. The thickness dial pad helps to adjust the thickness level you want.


As the outer casing and the base is made from aluminum material, it is quite easy to clean. The blade, food tray, and blade guard all these are removable to give you the chance to clean every part of the machine properly. There has a dial knob to adjust the slicing process. By being serrated, the slicer’s blade is capable to slice foods with a hard crust. Altogether, undoubtedly you can take it as the best affordable meat slicer.


  • Lightweight, only 12lbs.
  • Inexpensive.
  • Adjustable Thickness Dial.


  • Not made for a bulking process.
  • Being too slow.

Having a meat slicer at your kitchen means you are equipped with one of the best appliances that help your cooking easier and faster. It certainly makes your cooking a joyful experience without considering how much skill you have gained in this business. If you have VEVOR 10" Commercial Deli Home Meat Slicer then you don’t have to think twice for the volume of the job you have been told to do by this one of the best deli home meat slicer.


If you want to own a meat slicer with a versatile ability which apart from slicing meat could be able to handle fruits, vegetables, cheeses, and even bread then the VEVOR 10" Blade Commercial Deli Meat slicer is an ideal device for you. All I can ensure you that, the speed, the thickness of the slices what you’ll get surely is going to satisfy you. Not only that, you only need some warm soapy water and a brush to clean this machine very easily.

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This 19”x19”x17” sized and 46.9 lbs weighed machine is made of durable and high-quality steel. The 10” heavy duty stainless steel blade is strong enough to cut almost every kind of foods even the tough meats or hard vegetables with ease. Furthermore, the built-in whetstones are there to keep the blade as sharp as before. The powerful 240 watt motor with tilt feature makes the device fastest than most of the other slicers.


A skid-proof rubber is fixed at the bottom of this device keeps the machine in place during the use. The on and off switch is covered with waterproof material to protect it from damage. Though this machine is little heavier and bulkier, but no meat slicer of the best quality is available in a lighter weight.


  • Powerful motor.
  • Semi-automatic feature.
  • Built-in whetstone.
  • Adjustable knob.


  • Heavy in weight.
  • Quite expensive.

Are you the owner of a deli or a small restaurant? Do you run a commercial kitchen? If yes, then it is very common that you have a huge amount of foodstuffs that you need to cut or slice almost throughout the day. Then to handle the situation your knives are not the right solution. You must have to buy one meat slicer, particularly Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer. This is one that can provide all your needs.


This device is powerful enough for a greater purpose as it can cut and slice a bulk of various foods with ease. It means if you have a party or a get together at your place this device surely will help you extensively to manage the preparation of foods.  The 150 watts motor is ready to take the workload for as long as you can.

The blades are enough wide for cutting and slicing of different kinds of meats like ham, smoked bacon, etc. Not only that, you can cut the hard cheeses and also some juicy fruits too and its one of the top rated meat slicer for home.


The structure of this machine is made of cast aluminum which provides strength and durability so that it can run efficiently for a longer period. The blades are sharp enough for cutting and slicing of different types of foods smoothly. The other vital parts are made of high-quality plastic to provide the much needed strength to this device. 


This device is a little bit heavier than other models. Even it has a weight of 20 lbs which is not generally found in the others. But if you want to have a quality machine with a capacity of extra workload then you have to accept this minor odd.


This slicer possesses few enhancements for the user’s safety. The special blade covers to keep safe your fingers while the machine is on. Furthermore, there is a thumb guard for protecting your thumb. Apart from that, you’ll find a non-skid rubber at the bottom of the unit which helps the device to be steady while running.


  • Takes heavy workload.
  • Powerful 150-watt motor.
  • Durable cast aluminum body.
  • Finger guard and thumb guard as well.


  • Occasionally blade stops running.
  • Sometimes it sounds noisy.

After following this reviews so far, now it is the time to discuss about some more things this device that will help you to get a clear idea about this machine. 

Let's Know More About Meat Slicer

At first, you need to know about the various uses of a slicer. As a part of the meat slicer reviews, you need to have a look.

Ultra-Thin Pieces

Though this machine is commonly known as meat slicer but you can apply it on cheese, bread vegetables, and fruits as well. If you want to cut paper thin pieces of meat, cucumber, potato, carrot etc. A thickness control knob is equipped with this machine to help you to get the thickness of pieces as you need.

Even Pieces

Yes, you can cut thin pieces with normal knives but it is not possible every time that the pieces will equal in size. This is one of the main reasons for having a slicer in your kitchen. Only a slicer can give you the pieces with uniform size without spending hours and efforts.

Saves Time

The powerful motor of electric meat slicer generates high torque and energy to rotate the blade of the machine at high speed and help you by reducing your cooking time. Especially, for those who are running a food outlet or a restaurant know very well how important it is to maintain a quick service time.

Reduce Workload               

It is not easy for everyone to cut pieces of meat, vegetables, and fruits continuously for a long time. It may cause arm fatigue which would be a painful experience for you. Therefore you must have a meat slicer at your kitchen to do the job in minutes without feeling any pain.

Some Important Features

Before heading towards to buy one meat slicer for your home there are a few things that you should keep in your mind. Let’s go through them.


Engine power is one of the main things to consider. If you have to cook a lot of meat or other food items then you need a high power motor that generates a greater blade speed to increase your productivity. For this reason, you should not consider getting anything under 120W. Low-power engine always finds hard to work properly and even they die out early.


The edge of the blade plays an important role in a meat slicer. There are two types of blade equipped with the slicers. One of them is serrated blades are best for slicing bread and tough meat. Smooth-edge blades are best for slicing lean meats and vegetables. Apart from that, the size of the blade also matters. Generally, you may find slicers with 7”, 9”, and 14” sized blades for a different purpose.

Food Tray

The food tray is another item that you have to look at the time of purchase a meat slicer. Commonly you can see the tray from 7.5” to 12” in diameter. But if you need to slice meats larger than 12” then you have to find a slicer that can accommodate such sizes.

Thickness Plate

This is to determine how thick you want to slice your meat pieces.  You may get paper thin to about 1” in thickness. Even you can get bigger slices if require.


There are some meat slicers available in the market, which are mainly used for commercial purpose and of course, you have to pay little more for them. These slicers not only for slicing meat but also you can apply them for slicing vegetables and even for hard cheeses.


This is another major issue to be considered.  Some of the machines are made of plastic apart from the blade which runs not too long and needs to replace the parts early. But the slicer made of stainless steel is free from rust and corrosion for years. The cost could be a little high but you will have no need to replace any parts for years. It means you’ll end up saving a lot of money in the long run.

Safety Features

The machine which you are going to handle is potentially the most dangerous item you have in your kitchen. Therefore you have to be very careful while handling it. Otherwise, you may experience of cuts at any of your fingers. To prevent this you have to use cut-resistance gloves at all time during using of the food slicer. Moreover, your slicer needs to have a good blade guard. So, you’re recommended to look for some switch safety feature. This switch prevents the machine from turn on accidentally.

Types of Meat Slicers and Their Benefits

Many people search "what is the most popular meat slicer for home use" and here is the best answer for them. There are three different types of meat slicers available in the market. All of them are equally useful as the service they do provide. You have to choose one among them as you require.

Manual Meat Slicers

This kind of meat slicer doesn’t need electrical power to use. Therefore, sometimes, it is called hand meat slicer. Though no power is in use, still it can take a lot of efforts. For not having any motor to spin the blade at high speed you have to provide more time and effort to get ultra thin slices from pounds of meat and vegetables. But you would have more control over the action of this machine than an electric device.  It is good for the place where you cannot get the chance to use power. Even, if you want to cut your slices in a perfect size, you have to go for this device. Moreover, it is easy to buy for its low price. However, you cannot consider this for constant use.

Semi-Automatic Meat Slicers

This type of meat slicer can be either manual or automatic. It means in some cases power is needed to run the machine. In other cases, you can run this all by your hand. There are times when you will have lesser use and again you will have a peak time when you need the job been done quickly. In both cases, this machine works efficiently. It is also very useful for those areas where the electric supply is not stable and you need to continue your work. Therefore, this device can work in any kind of condition without any fuss.

Automatic Meat Slicers

This is the best among all as it can slice the chunk of meat quickly and neatly and that also with less effort. This machine mainly runs by power. This electric run motor creates high speed to spin the blade and rotate the carriage. As a result, you can put pounds of meats to cut into pieces in a very short time.

It provides fast service for customers and also makes production work easy. Not only for the commercial purpose, is this machine well accepted in your kitchens as well.  That’s why it is favourite for chefs and moms. Though it has a lot of features to draw your attention but also quite expensive. Therefore, not a lot of people can afford this, but it is great for those who own a deli or a restaurant.

How to Use a Meat Slicer

Most of you who are following this article are not a seasoned cook or chef. I hope you are definitely the first timer, which means, you are going to hold the machine for the first time. Then before start using you should know how to use this device properly.

  • Safety is the basic thing that you should follow first. So, before starting the blade of this device, wear cut-resistant gloves to save yourself from an accident.
  • After that, place the meat on the food carriage and lock it into position by using the clamp arm.
  • Now switch on the slicer and use the rotating blade to slice the bulk meat. But at first, adjust the thickness of meat using the knob.
  • Once your job is over bring the thickness setting back to zero.

Some Other Essential Tips For Using a Meat Slicer

Those of you who have already own one meat slicer at your place must follow some important factors for the better use of this device.

  • Always read and understand properly the manual before using the meat slicer. You should operate the machine with great care at first before you get used to it.
  • Always use the boneless meat for slicing for safeguard the slicer. Even remove the fatty portion of the meat as fat is not sliced easily.
  • To avoid injuries always use a food paddle to push the food into the blade.
  • Make sure that you place the slicer on a flat surface to avoid accidents. To run this machine faster, ensure the area around the machine has no obstacles.
  • For safety measure, don’t keep your attention in other works while using your electric slicer. Even avoid phone calls while working on it.
  • Always disassemble the parts after use for cleaning and assemble again. Remember, keeping clean is the best practice for maintenance.

How to Clean Your Meat Slicer

No matter it is your home kitchen or your restaurant, a meat slicer always proves very useful for slicing meat and other foods quickly. But if you leave it unclean after use, then there would be some problems with bacteria and may cause of accident due to jamming. To keep your device clean, you have to follow the guidelines below.

  • Disconnect the slicer from the power sources and set the blade setting to zero.
  • Remove all the cutting accessories from the slicer. Then take out the pieces of meat and cheese from the slicer, using a clean piece of cloth.
  • Unscrew the blade cover.
  • Fill the sink with warm water and add few spoons of detergent to create bubbles.
  • Wash all the parts that came into contact with foods. Wash the both sides of the blade properly.
  • Use warm water to rinse the detergent.
  • Then apply bleach solution and allow the machine to dry.
  • Apply a coat of cooking oil into the blade.
  • Finally, reassemble the dried machine parts.

The Differences Among 3 Types of Meat Slicers

There are three different types of meat slicers available in the market. All of them are equally useful as the service they do provide. You have to choose one among them as you require.

Manual Meat Slicers

This kind of meat slicer doesn’t need electrical power to use. Therefore, sometimes, it is called hand meat slicer. Though no power is in use, still it can take a lot of efforts. It is good for the place where you cannot get the chance to use power. Even, if you want to cut your slices in a perfect size, you have to go for this device. Moreover, it is easy to buy for its low price. However, you cannot consider this for constant use.

Semi-Automatic Meat Slicers

This type of meat slicer can be either manual or automatic. There are times when you will have lesser use and again you will have a peak time when you need the job been done quickly. It is also very useful for those areas where the electric supply is not stable and you need to continue your work. Therefore, this device can work in any kind of condition without any fuss.

Automatic Meat Slicers

This is the best among all as it can slice the chunk of meat quickly and neatly and that also with less effort.  It provides fast service for customers and also makes production work easy. That’s why it is favorite chefs and moms. Though it has a lot of features to draw your attention but also quite expensive.

Advantages of Having A Food or Meat Slicer

After having a long discussion still if you’re not convinced that a food slicer can make a difference in your life, then here are some benefits that are regularly found in customer’s reviews by those who have already bought this device for themselves.


A food slicer, better known as meat slicer is a powerful machine that cuts short your time of slicing different types of foods quickly and also helps you provide less effort on this job.


Generally, it is not possible always to cut the cheese or meat slices into the equal level by your hand. Only a food slicer can ensure you that every slice you will get at the right thickness.

Thinner Slices Possible

Sometimes you need the slices of your cheese, meat, or various vegetables as thin as possible. In this case, a food slicer is the only solution that helps you to make different types of chips easily.

Saves Money

Buying pre-sliced foods from grocery sometimes going to be a costly affair than slicing them yourself. Therefore, if you want to fill your basket with sliced meats, cheeses, and bread, then try to find one food slicer for yourself.


Today’s fast moving world everybody is looking to save time as much as possible. Even in the kitchen, you can give very little time for having many other commitments. In this situation, knives and cutters are fast taking back seats only to give way for food or meat slicers. Now if you want to crave for a deli sandwich but don’t want to waste time and money visiting a shop, then you must install a meat slicer to meet your need. Apart from that, if you are an owner of a restaurant or a professional kitchen, then to make food delivery faster and to satisfy your customers all you need to install the best quality meat slicer at your place. For those who feel cutting meat by a knife for a long is really hard work and it needs to put a lot of pressure on your arms, then, a meat slicer is the only solution for you. So, I hope finally you make your mind to own one of these machines for your satisfaction.

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