Best Electric Vegetable Chopper Reviews

[Top 10] Best Electric Vegetable Chopper Reviews

Best Electric Vegetable Chopper Reviews

Want to explore some new dishes with veggies? Wish to have some fruit salads? All these nutritious foods are good for health but not very enjoying preparing. Because, using regular knives and chopper board may take both your time and energy and you’ll find hard to keep your patience after a time. At this situation, the only thing will come for your rescue and that is the best electric vegetable chopper, Slicer, Shredder or Spiralizer. Any of this not only cut short your time, but also make your preparations well garnished so that, the dishes will attractive enough for catching eyeballs and nutritious enough for health.

There are a lot of these kinds of electrical devices available in the market. Among them, you have to choose the one which can fit your needs and also at your affordable price. So now let’s move forward and find out the best among the bests following the best electric vegetable slicer and chopper reviews given below.

Top 10 Vegetable Chopper for Your Kitchen

1. Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop - Best Salad Choppers

Kitchen appliances are the things that you always have a need no matter what they may be. Anyone of them is an essential thing for preparing foods. Especially, you may take a food chopper for example; it always comes handy for chopping, mincing or grinding the fruits and vegetables for preparing salads, soups, puree, cakes, and many other things. Having a food chopper means you feel comfortable and relaxed about your preparation which surely will be going to finish easily and quickly as well.

Among many other choppers, you precisely go for the one which has a simple built but carries out a load of work without any hassle on daily basis and it is the best vegetable cutter at lowest price. In that case, Ninja Food Chopper Express Chop NJ110GR will be the best salad choppers for you. Let’s see why.

3-Cup Bowl

The 3-Cup working bowl of this device is BPA-free better quality plastic-made which can work well without contaminating foods from the harmful effects of plastic. This bowl can do the chopping and dressing job efficiently in a very short time.

Powerful Motor

This device is equipped with a 200 watts powerful motor that works at the best to provide the requiring power that this particular designed machine needs to perform well.

Speed Controller

Unlike other models, this model provides only one-speed setting which may make you little anxious about it. But if you seriously consider your needs then you’ll find that, you may have no big issue with this. Moreover, this device has a power button on the power head that control the numbers and the duration pulses to help the machine work better.

Strong Blades

You will find a 4-blade assembly in this machine which is sharp enough to cut and slice almost everything like fruits, vegetables, even harder nuts with little effort. Besides that, one of the unique things it shows that it can chop garlic into even pieces which are apparently not possible with other units.

Non-Skid Base

If you see the bottom of this unit, you’ll find a thin layer of a rubber-like material at the base of the bowl. It prevents this device from being skid at the time when the machine is working.

Splash Guard

There is a splash guard comes with this machine which helps by taking care of the extra amount of foods for a long at the processing bowl covered with the lid tightly.

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2. Hamilton Beach Food Processor & Vegetable Chopper

Suppose, one fine morning you have decided to become adventurous enough to take the responsibility of preparing something delicious salsa for your entire house and for also some of your very close pals. At this point when you’re going to take some extra workload in the kitchen, you must have a vegetable chopper there for your support. But having a device of that kind would be an expensive affair and you would not always ready for that.

Besides that, those costly devices are come with a lot of features that you have no use. You need a machine with a durable motor, a bowl in a bigger size, and some strong blades that run and work perfectly to fulfill your requirements. Thank you already have Hamilton Beach 70725 12-Cup Stack and Snap Food Processor in your kitchen to provide you the much-needed support that you’re looking for. Let’s see how it works.

Powerful Motor with 2-Speeds

A device with 450 watts motor and having 2-speeds with pulse control what better you could ask for apart from keeping this unit for your kitchen.

Well-Designed for Moving the Contents

At the time when you’re busy in cooking and you have to move out the ingredients that you poured into the processor, might not easy to open the lid with your wet hand. But this Hamilton Beach 70725 device makes the thing easy and allows the lid to take off smoothly without creating much fuss.

Easy for Positioning the Bowl

This device gives you the chance so that you can fit the bowl and its lid directly on the base without twisting or turning. The simple locking clips are there to put the lid locked with the bowl while working so that the contents would not spill out.

A Big Mouth for Bigger Pieces

If you want to put a whole big tomato or an onion into this processor, then unlike other processors this unit may take the whole piece at one go. Isn’t exciting? This certainly an awesome feature that you would really like which surely cuts short your time of pre-cutting, pre-chopping, and slicing.

A Bowl with Some Great Features

This bowl is specially prepared with keeping in mind for the soups. Where in the other processors you need to follow a few stages to prepare soup, here it would happen at one go. Apart from that, with the capacity of 12 cups, this bowl is ideal for containing a large number of foods at a time that proves very convincing for you.

Strong Blades for Sharp Cutting

This device is equipped with strong Stainless Steel blades for sharp cutting. Besides, it has a reversible disc that is capable enough for slicing, chopping, shredding anything of your choice.



3. KitchenAid KFC3511CL 3.5-Cup Food Chopper

Those who are working in kitchens always prefer to have the gadgets that make the cooking work easier and faster. There are a lot of works to be done one after another to prepare the foods of your liking. Certainly among them chopping, mincing, or grinding of your fruits and vegetables are the works that take a toll of your time and energy.

So, you always feel the need of having an automatic chopper that can do the entire above mentioned job quite efficiently and provides you the much needed comfort while preparing salads, cakes, pies, and many other items in a very short time. To make this true, you have to buy a food chopper of the best quality that worth your every penny what you have spent for it. So, keeping your needs in mind, I suggest you, take a look at Kitchen-Aid KFC11CL 3.5 Cup Food Chopper- one of the best electric chopper for vegetables among a lot. Have a look.

Favorable Size

This food chopper has a size of 7”X 5”X 9.5”, a capable enough to take care of your larger quantity of foods for chopping and mincing as per you need. But on the other hand it is compact enough and does not take too much space on the counter top of your kitchen.

3.5 Cup Bowl

Having a 3.5 BPA-Free bowl and lid this device does a fine job of chopping and dressing in a very short time. Now you can prepare sauces or some kind of single-type of meal quite easily and quickly if needed.

Strong and Sharp Blade

This unit is equipped with stainless steel blade of a quality that is sharp enough to chop the fruits and vegetable quite nicely. Even, the blades have enough strength so that it can chop or grind hard foods like nuts. So it can consider as the best nut chopper.


Generally you cannot do all the job of a chopper at one speed. You need different speeds of your blade for chopping and mincing work. In this case, the device runs with two adjustable speeds, one for chopping and the other for making a puree.

Wet Ingredient Adder

This is possibly one of the best features of your device which is situated at the top of the lid and prevents the chopped or minced food of the container from spilling out while the machine is on running mode. Not only that, this helps you to add some extra oil or other ingredients to the puree or the soup.



4. Presto 02970 Professional Electric Slicer

Kitchen appliances are not only used for domestic purpose. In professional kitchens or restaurants where the cooks have to prepare a number of meals as fast as possible for the customers, those machines and tools are considered the integral part of the system. Especially a food chopper does most of the works to cut short the processing time and helps to keep away the tension.

Now, it is the time to select one food chopper that can take care of all your cutting, slicing, and mixing of different fruits and vegetables in a large quantity. Presto 02370 Professional Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder certainly the one that you’re looking for your commercial purpose. Apart from taking responsibility for your domestic kitchen, it is ready to serve your commercial interest too. Come and check it out.

Size for Larger Use

This 11.8”x 12.5”x 5” sized device is one of the larger food choppers available in the market. The size provides an extra-large food chamber that has made this device capable enough to take a load of excessive quantities of fruits and veggies at one go.

Durable Plastic Body

The body of this device is made of premium quality, BPA-free plastic which is durable enough to work for a longer period. Besides, it is capable to take extra workload for slicing and shredding.

Sharp Cutting Blade

This device is equipped with a stainless steel-made sharp cutting blade that can cut almost everything you put into it. From fruits to hard nuts no matter what it is you may get the sliced or shredded pieces in no time.

Different Sizes of Sliced and Shredded Pieces

This device comes with some interchangeable slicing and shredding cones. They help you to get the pieces of fruits, cheeses, potatoes into different sizes like a regular slice, thick slice or ripple cut and various shredded cut for a different purpose. Not only for slicing or shredding, this device also comes handy for chopping and grating chocolates and many other foods.

Direct Shooting Facility

This machine is equipped with a funnel system which helps the chopped pieces to shoot directly into the place where you wish to go. That means a save of extra bowl to clean and extra time to spare.

Easy to Clean

The bottom of the device where the motor is placed needs to be wiped with a wet cloth. But the other plastic and metal parts are easily detachable and dishwasher safe so that can be cleaned easily.



5. Presto Salad Shooter Electric Slicer/Shredder

Vegetables are an important part of your daily meal. Though you have more preference for meat but you just cannot ignore the vegetable dishes at all for having their great nutritious values. Preparing these kinds of foods you have to chop, cut, slice, and even mince the vegetables. All these works need a lot of time and efforts by using a knife and a chopper board. At this point of time, you must have an electrical chopper or shredder which makes your job easier and faster.

Not only that, but it also allows you to make your slices thin and thick of your need. If you want to have a device for slicing vegetables only then you can go for a salad shooter which not only comes handy but also keeps your kitchen top out of the mess. Among a lot of brands, you may take a look at Presto 02910 Electric Food Slicer as it is one of the best food chopper options for you.

Compact in Size

This 9-1/2”x 7”x 3-1/2” sized device is sufficient from inside to take the quantities of vegetables of your needs. Not only that, it is compact from outside and does not occupy too much space at your kitchen shelf.

Strong Plastic Body

This device is made of premium quality of plastic that not only makes it durable but also takes a load of vegetables without any hassle. Even it is lightweight enough to carry anywhere you want.

Quick Work

This salad shooter is capable enough to slice and shred a large number of vegetables, fruits and some other ingredients cheese and nuts in a very short time. This allows you to make salads, pizzas, sandwiches, various desserts and soups of different flavors quickly.

Slices of Your Choice

This machine helps you to get the slices of fruits and vegetables thick and thin as per your needs for having slicing and shredding cones of different sizes. The strong stainless steel blade cuts fine of all these smoothly.

No Extra Bowl Requires

You can directly shoot the sliced items into the soups, pizzas or salad bowls, so no extra bowl or other plates are require keeping them.

Easy to Maintain

You have no need to clean the machine in between different ingredients that make your cooking time shorter. Apart from that, this device can be detached and attached very easily to allow you for easy cleaning. Only you have to be careful while wiping the motor base but other parts is dishwasher safe. Moreover, there is a twist lock ring to keep the cones for slicing and shredding safe.



6. Hamilton Beach 72600 Corded Food Chopper

I know you have a good reputation for preparing salads, pies, and cakes at your home. Even those who got a chance to have one of these always use to praise your skill. This encourages you to serve most of the occasions all these items for them. But preparing all these is not a cakewalk. You have to chop and grind various fruits, onions, carrots, smoothies, and nuts as well. Having one electrical food chopper would be a better idea to cut short your workload and allow you to concentrate more on flavor, taste, and garnishing.

What better you could ask for than Hamilton Beach 72600 Corded 3-Cup Food Chopper- a device that always makes your work faster and easier and considered as one of the best rated vegetable choppers. Let’s explore this small appliance and see what it offers.


This 6-3/4”x 5”x 7” sized device is capable enough to take a large sum of foods in one go and enough compact to occupy the minimum place on your kitchen counter. Apart from that, the see-through container helps you to follow the condition of given foods.


The 3-cup capacity of this device makes it large enough to take a maximum amount of foods at a time. Besides that, it works perfectly for the different sizes and it is simple enough to provide you the pleasure while preparing food.

2-Pulse Speed

The chopping, grinding, and mixing of fruits and vegetables would not be done at the same speed. Thanks for having 2-pulse speeds of this device that helps you to control your speed for different purposes. Moreover, though this food chopper is light weighted its base is robust enough to keep stable when the machine runs at top of the speeds.

Strong Blades

This unit is equipped with strong stainless steel blades, powerful enough for chopping and grinding almost every kind of fruits and vegetables even the hard ones like carrots and nuts.

Powerful Motor

All these features in a device also need a powerful motor for functioning well. This machine is equipped with a 135 watts motor that allows the machine to work efficiently and provide a great service of your needs.

Hide-Away Cord Wrap

This is one of the best features that I have told so far. Having this benefit helps you to keep your counter top free from any hassle while working on this unit.

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7. Chefman Immersion Blender Electric Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer

It is not that, you always take foods keeping in mind of its nutritious value. In fact, most of the time you go with its taste, flavor, and garnishment. But all these foods might fill your stomach but create some digestive issues which need to be treated early. The more you take fruits and vegetables in your diet, the more you’ll free from those health hazards.

Therefore, you the person who looks after the diet of your family should try to do something new to impress and encourage others to take veggies as more as you can. I think having a spiral slicer or a spiralizer as your kitchen appliance is certainly a better idea for this mission. It allows you to make some fancy garnishes that surely going to hike the number of vegetables in your diet. IMPRESS?? Then go to have Chefman Immersion Blender and Electric Spiralizer the best for this cause.

High-Speed Quiet Motor

This machine is equipped with a powerful 300 watts motor which is high-speed but quiet enough for mixing and blending task done well without making a sound. The vegetables like onions, carrots, beets can be sliced, spiralized, ribboned, and grated now with ease for having this device. But to get the best result, you have to cut them shorter, thicker and straight pieces so that, the job will be done easily and quickly.

Sharp Cutters

This device is attached with blades, chopper, spiralizers, and whisk. All of them are sharp and strong enough to make every kind of task easy. Besides, this is equipped with a well-designed handle that would be easy-to-grip for you to do your job much better. Having a two-speed button helps this device to spiralize into a different pattern for different foods. The style spiralizer and horizontal spiralizer are the two for different garnishes for varieties of foods.

Better Blending

This device can be used as a blender too. It is stick designed for that purpose also and can reach at the bottom of the mixing bowls. You have to adjust the setting of the speed as per your need. The lower setting for thicker liquids while the faster speed is for the thinner ones.

Easy to Clean

Most of the parts of this machine are easy-detachable and dishwasher safe which makes it easy to clean. You may wipe down the handle but don’t immerse the cord while cleaning the handle.



8. ​BELLA 14641 4-in-1 Electric Spiralizer - Best Electric Vegetable Spiralizer

Guess, your sister-in-law is coming to your place along with her kids after a long period. You want to serve something special for her with tea. Even her children also would love to have them. Something that not only nutritious but also looks better at the table. Especially the children would draw towards them. CONFUSED? You must be. In this situation, a recipe book certainly will help you by giving various options of foods that can be made quickly and that also will delicious and nutritious too.

To prepare all these you need something in your kitchen that will come for your rescue. Something like the best vegetable shredder is always a welcome device for you to create magical garnished foods in a very shorter time and you will be happy to see your preparations are being gobbled by your guests. Your Bella 14641 4-in-1 Electric Spiralizer not only helps you in making but also the recipe book that comes with it gives you all necessary inputs for some of the new dishes. Have a look.

Creating Beautiful Spirals

This 12.1”x 5.9”x 7.5” sized device is ready to turn your fruits and vegetables into multi-colored spirals or ribbon to make delicious and nutritious salads or vegetable pasta replacing noodles at your breakfast or dining table. Surely, this would be a healthier diet for you and the rest of your family.

Accommodating Larger Sizes

Generally, in the other spiralizers have smaller space and only 4” sized fruits and vegetable pieces can fit up. But in this device, you can cut a full 6” piece into slices in seconds.

4-Blade Technology

This unit is equipped with 4-rotating blades that can cut your products neatly and also at your preferred size and design. Just a turn of a knob and see the larger ribbons of spaghetti or curly fries coming out.

Auto-Stop Technology

This spiralizer comes with a unique auto-stop technology that allows the process a complete hand-free and prevents the chance of cutting fingers. All you need to put your fruit or veggie at the exact place and then start the machine. The moment your product will get down to ½” size the machine will stop working further.

Hand-Free Technology

​Having auto-stop facility provides you a complete hands-free cutting. All you need to put your fruits and veggies into the machine and lock it up. Now turn the on button, and see them turning into large ribbons, spaghetti, and curly fries within few seconds.

Easy to Clean

All the parts of this device can be clean properly as most of the parts can be detached and also fixed easily. You will find a hard bristle brush with this machine to scrub the parts perfectly. Moreover, this device is dishwasher safe to extend its lifetime.



9. ​Professional Salad Maker & Electric Slicer - Best Electric Onion Chopper

Having salad on regular basis is a great healthy habit. Because this is a type of food that helps you to reduce fat, provides anti-oxidant to your body and keep you fit always. This is a combination of mixed and chopped fruits and vegetables including multi types of vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and fibers. Therefore, most of the people prefer to have a salad with their meals or in between two meals.

Salad means, there should be onion in good looking shape and this product would be best electric onion chopper. Even the professional chefs working at restaurants are always seen busy preparing salads for one after another customer. But this needs a lot of fruits and vegetables to be cut, sliced, and chopped which is certainly takes a lot of time and energy.
Therefore, the time of knives and chopper board has gone. It is now essential to install an electric salad maker in the kitchen. If so then it is better to have Professional Salad Maker, Electric Slicer Shredder/Graters a device that may fit your needs.

Compact Design

This 18.1”x 10.1”x 4” sized and 3lbs weighed device is perfectly compact for any kitchen top as it doesn’t occupy too much place. Besides, it is light weighted enough to carry any of your desired places without any hassle.

Quick and Convenient Work

This device is equipped with 150 watts powerful motor that helps the machine to run faster and makes your food preparation quicker and easier. All you need to press the power button and the machine starts working at once. Then let the sliced, shredded or grated pieces drop into a salad bowl or soup or onto the pizza and enjoy having all these of your choice.

Smooth Cutting with Different Shapes

The strong stainless steel blades of this device are sharp enough to slice every kind of ingredients in no time. Apart from that, this machine comes with 4 interchangeable cones to give you the slices of foods in different shapes to make your salad well garnished only to be praised by others. Moreover, these blades can chop nuts and grates chocolates with equal ease.

Easy to Clean

Following most of the others, this device also can be cleaned and maintained easily. But you have to be careful about the base where the motor is situated. You need to wipe the area with a wet cloth and the rest of the other part is dishwasher safe for your satisfaction.

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10. Hamilton Beach Electric Spiralizer (70930) - Best Zucchini Noodle Maker

Hey you guys! Are you looking for some tasty treats? Are you done with spaghetti or noodles? Certainly, this generation of your fasts becoming health freak. It is good to see that you’re gradually conscious about your diet and trying to take as much as possible green vegetables and fruits. Often you’re seen with a bowl of salad or zucchini noodles that has a great nutritional value.

Apart from that, these foods also need to look well garnished for your liking. To make all these possible you need to own the best electric vegetable spiralizer that creates ribbons of fruits and veggies for simply fun to have. If you’re serious about what I have told so far then you may give a try Hamilton Beach Brands INC 3-in-1 Electric Spiralizer (70930)- a device that surely hits the right cord and makes you give a serious thought of it.

Compact Design

​This 8.3”X 21”X 8.3” sized and 5.9lbs weighed machine is well-designed to make this device compact and light weighted enough to place at any shorter area and could be carried anywhere. Besides, this design also helps it take a larger piece of fruit or vegetable for slicing.

Various Types of Slices

This 3-in-1 spiralizer has the ability to produce varieties of sliced potatoes and other ingredients to prepare different types of foods like potato chips and veg noodles in a very short time.

Different Designed Cones

This spiralizer comes with 3 cutting cones that help you to produce shredded pieces of vegetables in different shapes for a different purpose. You may get spiral threads of noodles, thicker ones for spaghetti, and random curls for salads from this device.

Metal Food-Grip

This device is equipped with a metal food-grip at the end of the food pusher that allows you to hold the machine firmly while it is working. Furthermore, the 2.5” wide funnel is there to feed the foods of your need.

A Bowl of Maximum Capacity

There is a bowl located under the spiralizer to receive the spirals processed from fruits and vegetables and having a 6-cup capacity, you may take one more food and vegetables at one go.

Easy to Clean

All the parts of this device could be detached easily so that they could be scrubbed and washed properly. To make this possible, a hard bristled brush is included with this device.




Finally, we are back from where we had started. After following all these brands the best of my knowledge, now I hope you have made your mind and zeroed at any one or two of these for your place to make you’re planning successful always. Wishing you for the happy treats on your holidays but without compromising the health issues. Good Luck and Have a Nice Day.

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