What Can I Substitute For Cream Cheese

What Can I Substitute For Cream Cheese?

What Can I Substitute For Cream Cheese

The delicious taste of cream cheese in sauces and dessert recipes is an enticement to many. It’s versatile in that it can be applied as a spread, or used in baked foods, dips and frosting. Cream cheese contains a high level of fat and low levels of carbs and proteins. A high concentration of fat in cheese may be risky to your health. Are you struggling to get a substitute for cream cheese in your kitchen? It’s crucial to understand that many replacements are available within your reach. For you to get a good alternative, you need to have in mind the taste and texture of cream cheese as well as intended purpose. Find below a list of substitutes.

Best Cream Cheese Substitutes

Cottage Cheese

Are you an athlete, or are you trying to reduce your weight? Cottage cheese is an excellent substitute. You can make it from curdled milk, which comes with several benefits. It’s rich in calcium which ensures that your teeth and bones remain healthy. It also prevents osteoporosis, as well as regulating blood pressure. It is also known to protect one from getting prostate cancer.

What Can I Substitute For Cream Cheese

​Parents whose children are lethargic should add cottage cheese in the kid’s diet since it gives them more energy. Study shows that men who eat cottage cheese among other dairy products have low chances of metabolic syndrome.

​Those struggling with weight gain and women in their menopause should take proteins as well as dairy products, including cottage cheese. It helps them achieve lean muscle gain as well as fat loss. Unfortunately, cottage cheese has a high level of sodium that is likely to work against all the benefits mentioned above.

Mascarpone Cheese

You can easily confuse mascarpone cheese for a block of cottage cheese. It’s highly rich in calcium, phosphorous, zinc, riboflavin as well as vitamins such as B12 and A. It has a high protein content.

What Can I Substitute For Cream Cheese

Getting this cheese can be tricky since not all supermarkets sell it. You also have an option of making it at home. Note that, you need to consume mascarpone cheese within a few days since it expires faster. Please don’t buy it before checking the expiry date. If you make it at home, you must store in a refrigerator and take it within short duration since it got no preservatives.

​Due to its high content of saturated fat, you should take it in moderation if you want to maintain a healthy heart. It can also cause type 2 diabetes as well as certain cancers due to high-fat levels. You can also look for the one that has a low-fat content.

Ricotta Cheese

If you call it a lighter version of your cottage cheese you will not be wrong. It’s an Italian cheese that has a creamy texture. Its proteins (whey) contain all amino acids that you require in food. Your body can easily absorb whey, promoting muscle growth. It also helps to lower blood pressure as well as reduce high cholesterol levels.

What Can I Substitute For Cream Cheese

It supplies the body with DHA and EPA omega -3 once you take it. Omega-3 increases good cholesterol (HDL) and lowers triglycerides. Its impact on insulin sensitivity is positive. Ricotta cream is also rich in selenium which is a vital antioxidant mineral. Selenium protects your body from oxidative stress as well as free radical damage.

Unlike many dairy products, ricotta cheese is lower in lactose. Around the globe, there have been many instances of lactose intolerance as well as sensitivity. This intolerance is associated with abdominal pain and bloating. Other symptoms include cramps and diarrhea.

Apart from proteins, it also has carbs, sodium, calcium, fats and calories. You can use the cheese in a salad, scrambled eggs and even pasta and lasagna. It’s a healthy choice thanks to its low salt and fat content.

Mozzarella Cheese

Many people love mozzarella due to its texture and delicious taste. Some people think it’s not good for their health. Unfortunately, they ignore the health benefits below.

What Can I Substitute For Cream Cheese

​It’s rich in Biotin (vitamin B7). Since the body doesn’t store this water-soluble nutrient, once you eat, it satisfies the immediate nutritional need.

If you are pregnant, you require more of mozzarella cheese to help you deal with Biotin deficiency. Biotin also protects your nails from becoming brittle. If you have diabetes, it helps to lower your blood glucose.

​It’s also rich in vitamin B2 or riboflavin. Vitamins B2 helps your body to fight against various diseases and conditions, which includes anemia and migraine attacks. The cheese also has antioxidant properties.

​It’s rich in Vitamin B3 or Niacin. It’s responsible for turning the fat in the body to suitable energy. Niacin helps your body to control cholesterol, prevent arthritis and diabetes. Mozzarella also contains vital fat-soluble vitamins that include vitamin D, E and A. They help in calcium absorption as well as promoting healthy bones and protecting your cell membrane.

​This cheese has high calcium content levels that help your teeth and bones to be healthy. Calcium protects tooth enamels and maintains your bone structure. It also safeguards the muscles of your heart and reduces the risk of getting colon cancer. It also helps you to lose weight.

​It’s rich in phosphorous which help your body to absorb calcium from food. Phosphorous helps optimize digestion as well as improve your kidney functionality. It also helps to fight muscle fatigue and facilitate proper brain functioning.

​Mozzarella has zinc that is responsible for battling skin problems as well as increasing your white blood cells count. Zinc helps your body to shed excess weight and helps in the proper functioning of the prostate gland.

​Mozzarella helps to boost your muscle strength and keeps you energetic, thanks to its protein content. The potassium in it helps to lower your blood pressure. It also aids in rectifying abysmal heart rhythms.

​With all these benefits from the cheese, why would you stay without it? Other types of cheese include blue cheese, Feta, Parmesan, Swiss, and Cheddar, among others. They have many health benefits that you can gain if you take them.


There are different types of cheese that you can get. They are full of health benefits. Before buying some cheese like Mascarpone cheese, you need to check their expiry date since they have no preservatives. Some require to be taken in moderation since they can cause health complications. The health benefits of many cheese types outweigh their cons. Get a piece and you will always look for the next moment.

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