What can you Substitute for Rosemary?

What can you Substitute for Rosemary

Rosemary is a versatile herb, and for a long time, people have been using it for culinary and aromatic purposes. Its pungent spruce-like flavor makes it suitable for many dishes. Unfortunately, you may decide to cook a dish with rosemary ingredients, but there is none in your kitchen to your surprise. If you have not planted some in your land, you may have to buy from the local grocery store near you. What if you don't have time or money to buy some? What's a good rosemary substitute?

Note that the distinct flavor of the rosemary makes it tricky to get a perfect swap. That's doesn't mean that you can't use other herbs and get good results. Note that the alternative herb you use may not taste exactly like the rosemary. That notwithstanding, an excellent rosemary substitute will make you satisfied. When choosing a herb, consider the type of dish you want to make. Some are strong and may crush with the seasonings in your dish. Again be careful of the portion you use. If you use excess or little, you risk ruining your dish. So, what are these substitutes?

Rosemary Substitutes

Select the substitute according to the dish you intend to make. As you add that alternative herb, keep tasting to avoid putting excess and ruining the flavor. Here are the substitutes;

Dried Rosemary

What can you Substitute for Rosemary

Among the ingredients your dish requires is fresh rosemary. After gathering all the other ingredients, you realize that the only available rosemary is the dried one. Do you give up making the dish until you get the fresh one? That idea is unpleasant to your ears.

Luckily, both fresh and dried rosemary have the same content. Meaning, dried rosemary is a perfect substitute for the fresh one. You require a little math in your replacement. The ratio of the fresh to dried rosemary should be 1:1/4.


What can you Substitute for Rosemary

Thyme comes in two forms; fresh and dried. It's lovely; gentle flavor makes it perfect for almost every dish. It's an ideal substitute when making fish, pork, beef, or even roasted potatoes. It's also perfect for making salad and crostini. Suppose the dish requires one teaspoon of rosemary. You should use an equal amount of thyme. You wouldn't risk overpowering the dish with thyme favor. It's advisable to taste the food when adding thyme to avoid putting excess.


What can you Substitute for Rosemary

It's another essential herb with numerous health benefits. If you are making eggs or meat dishes such as fish, you can easily swap rosemary for sage. You must use it carefully due to its strong pine-like flavor. Sage can easily overpower your dish if you add an excess of it. Your recipe may require you to garnish your food with fresh rosemary. Since it's not available, the best option would be to substitute it with thinly sage leaves.

You should use the same amount of sage as that you would when using rosemary. Taste as you add the sage. That will help you not to put the excess. When substituting fresh rosemary, use fresh sage. The same case when substituting dried rosemary; use a dried sage.

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What can you Substitute for Rosemary

When preparing to make mushroom and herbaceous dishes, marjoram would be a good substitute for rosemary. Its sweet aromatic flavor makes your dish sweeter. To enjoy the marjoram's maximum spicy taste, add it when you are almost complete with cooling your food.

It has incredible health benefits. Its versatility makes it perfect for sausage, not to mention poultry stuffing. Other than substituting the rosemary, you can also use it to complement rosemary in some dishes. Unfortunately, it may not be readily available, like rosemary.


What can you Substitute for Rosemary

You are craving a chicken but don't have rosemary to season it. You check around for an alternative herb, and your eyes land on the tarragon. You stand and wonder if it can act as an alternative. Note that the intense flavor qualifies the tarragon to be a substitute for the rosemary. Whether you are cooking a fish or making cheese, tarragon is an excellent alternative.

But just like the other herbs, you must take caution when adding it. When using it, wash it first. Washing will help it to retain its taste and flavor. If the recipe dictates that you need to use a quarter cup of rosemary, then you should use one spoon of the tarragon. Again taste to be sure that you have used the right quantity.

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What can you Substitute for Rosemary?

It could be you have a winter or summer savory. Their difference is that the winter savory has a pine-like flavor while the summer gives you a lighter sweet, spicy flavor. Like many herbs, savory has many health benefits, and you can use it when making various dishes.

If you realize that you don't have rosemary when making scrambled eggs, you have the option of using savory. You can use it when making the most slow-cooked meal and also when seasoning vegetables.

Whether you have a summer or winter savory, if the recipe instructs you to add a teaspoon of your rosemary, put a half teaspoon of savory. Suppose you need to add, first taste the dish. Only add if it's necessary to avoid overpowering your dish.

Caraway Seeds

What can you Substitute for Rosemary

When making salad and pork roast, you can use caraway seeds as a substitute for the rosemary. Its distinctive anise flavor gives a pleasant aroma to your dish. When making a dish that requires strong seasoning effects, then caraway seed would be an excellent alternative. Use it with caution since its pungency can overpower all other seasonings in your food. You can use half a spoon of caraway seed if the dish requires you to use one spoon of rosemary. If you have to add some more, you must first taste the dish.

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If you realize that rosemary is not available and require it to make your dish, use a substitute. Among the possible replacements are sage, thyme, and savory; note that the substitute will depend on the type of food you are cooking. If you use the wrong substitute or add excess, it's likely to overpower your dish's seasoning. When putting a substitute, you can begin by putting slightly less the portion when using rosemary. You require tasting it first before adding more content.

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