What Kind Of Pans Do Chefs Use?

What Kind Of Pans Do Chefs Use

Being a chef means you’re an expert in culinary works. It means cooking or preparing a lot of delicious, mouth-watering, and tongue-licking foods is quite a regular affair for you and you’re always prepared for that. Preparing the best dishes does not depends only on the recipes, and techniques. It also requires some specific kinds of cookware or pans that can perfectly match with the things that you’re going to cook. In my point of view, if a chef is comfortable with the kinds of cookware and pan while working, that would be the best appliances to come in use.
In this article, I am going to tell you about the kind of pans and cookware that professional chefs prefer to use while cooking. If you’re seriously considering cooking as your future profession or you love to cook in your home then you have to select the pans and cookware that the professional chefs make in use.

Pans Made Of Different Materials

Though pans are made of different materials, chefs have their own reservations about it and some are preferred by them. Here they are.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel-made cookware or pans are commonly seen almost in every kitchen all around. Being a high resistant to staining this alloy is strong and durable enough to protect against rust and corrosion. This makes it looks fresh even after few years of use. Even the pans can be cleaned and washed easily if they are made of stainless steel. Professional chefs prefer this as it comes in handy to cook in large quantities. Besides, this alloy steel doesn’t react with any kind of food that you’re cooking. But if you have to cook at on high temperature, then using stainless steel pan might be a problem as it cannot distribute the heat evenly all over. A layer of copper or aluminum over the stainless steel would be the best way to solve the problem.


The specialty of this metal is it can heat up quite easily and also cool down in no time. Therefore, it is highly preferred by the chefs for cooking some specific kinds of dishes. Copper can distribute heat evenly all the side of the pan and for this reason, this kind of cookware or pans is commonly seen in almost every kitchen. Besides, copper provides a stylish look to the kitchen. So you can find polished copper cookware or pans are extensively used in professional kitchens where the cooking and serving areas are almost open to be viewed. The only negative thing that can be said about copper is that it is expensive rather than other metals. Besides, it is not easy to clean as you need to polish it quite frequently to maintain its condition.

Cast Iron

This is probably the oldest metal that is used to make cookware or cooking pan. For, thousands of years, it has been used for cooking. Even today most chefs like to use this as it can distribute heat evenly and is durable enough for longer use. Frying several kinds of foods can be done quite efficiently using this pan. If you wish to get the original flavor of foods without compromising your health, then you must consider this for yourself. But cleaning must be an issue with this pan. Besides this heavy type of cookware tends to rust, easy to break compared to other metals.  

Carbon Steel

This is perhaps one of the most popular materials used to manufacture cookware and pans. This contains 99% of iron and 1% of carbon. Carbon steel-made pans are very durable and perform well to distribute heat to all sides of the pan. This is quite similar to the cast iron pan. But comprising cast iron, carbon steel is lighter, harder, and quite easy to handle. Besides, its smooth surface can heat up in no time and conduct evenly. This performs well in cooking seafood, crepes, etc, and helps to keep the smoky flavor of foods intact. Even it is easy to clean as well.


Aluminum pans are perhaps the most popular cookware of all for the convenience that it provides while cooking. It is not only light enough but also able to conduct the heat evenly and cooks much quicker than any other cookware. Even these pans can be cleaned easily and also can be dried up shortly. Moreover, if you can use anodized aluminum you may find it sleek, durable, and non-reactive than plain aluminum.

Different Types Of Pans

Pans are not one type of cookware that you can see everywhere or you can use for any kind of food. In fact, there are different types of pans that chefs use for cooking some particular foods. Let’s take a look.

Frying Pan

This is a kind of pan with a flat bottom and round edges and is precisely used for frying foods, such as eggs, fishes, meats, and crepes of your choice. Having a handle provides you the comfort while working on it.


It is a kind of pan with round bottom and smooth slopes all around. This type of cookware can be used to cook different types of Chinese dishes, stir-fried veggies. Besides, this can be used for deep-frying, roasting, and stewing as well.


If you think of a frying pan with a larger size, then you may go with a skillet. This is commonly used for restaurant purposes from searing steak to sautéing onions all these kinds of jobs can be done perfectly with this type of pan.


This is must-have cookware for a professional chef as well as for the home kitchens. This multipurpose pan can give the best performance in preparing gravy, stews, sauces, desserts, and many other delicious foods.

Sauté Pan

If you want to mix properly the ingredients of pasta, stews, and some kinds of sauce-based foods, then a sauté pan is the right type of pan for you. The straight high sides all around make this cookware right for these types of preparation.

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Wrapping Up

Finally, I have come to an end to this long discussion. Hope I can make you understand the pans with different materials and different types to give a clear conception about them. So now if you’re a beginner or an amateur in cooking you may find enough information to select the kind of pan that you should own for your kitchen. Go and have them all.

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