Why Use A Wok Instead of A Frying Pan?

Why Use A Wok Instead of A Frying Pan

You can consider a kitchen room not less than a production house where healthy, tasty, and delicious foods are produced quite frequently. These not only fill your stomach but savor your taste buds too. Kitchen rooms are known for equipped with several utensils and cookware which are the essential parts for all kinds of cooking, especially the varieties of cookware that you need to cook different types of foodstuff be it baked, cooked, or fried item. The two such things are commonly seen almost in every kitchen- a wok and a frying pan. Since these are quite similar kinds of things, still they are different from each other in many issues. Let’s have a close look and find out the differences between a wok and a frying pan.

The Design

Although a wok and a frying pan both are none other than stovetop utensils, when you think of design, they are different from each other. Firstly, if you take a frying pan you’ll find a vessel with a flat bottom and slightly sloped sides or walls that allow the oil or other liquids to spread evenly all over the bottom to give a chance for the oil to mix with foodstuff uniformly. But a wok is a kind of vessel with round bottom and deep sloping walls all around that helps the oil or other liquids stay at the center of the bottom. This kind of design helps the wok to provide more heat to the foodstuff and allows it to cook much quicker than a frying pan.


As for a frying pan, there are different types of materials that are used to make this kind of pot, but in recent times the makers, as well as the consumers prefer the stainless steel-made pan. Because this gives the pan a sleek finish, durability, safe from damage due to over-heating reasons, and also comes good if you need to be heated evenly. On the other hand, a wok is usually made of carbon steel nowadays ahead of cast iron only to make it lightweight, and easy to clean. Besides, it tends to get heated in a quick time.

Type of Cooking

A frying pan is required to cook some kind of soft foods like tofu, veggies, and some others too. Even if you want to cook a whole chicken piece, a frying pan would be a great choice as it could handle the whole matter quite efficiently. But if you take a wok it could be better for fast cooking as for having a deep slope wall it can heat up much early than other. Besides, if you need to fry veggies like cabbages, zucchini, carrots, broccoli, and some other veggies, then a frying pan must be the best idea for all these things. Moreover, as it has a deep sloped wall all around, it means, if you have enough space to cook a better amount of food at a time, then you must go for a wok.


Both of the cookware has their own share of good things. For instance, a stainless steel frying pan is durable enough with a sleek and clean look and is also considered safe for both the oven and dishwasher. It works better in higher heat as well as in lower heat that makes it very good for meats. On the other hand, the shape of a wok helps to concentrate the heat quite enough so it is known for its quick-cooking speed. Besides, it may draw you towards it for its non-sticky character. This comparatively lightweight cookware performs well in handling extremely high heat and also good for heat retention. All these things made it great for stir-fry veggies.


Though these two have some great features, still you may find few problems with them. A frying pan is prone to sticking if you need to cook in extra heat and that makes it scrubbed well while washing. Apart from that, slower cooking is always a matter of concern with a frying pan that you cannot deny. If you take a wok, it is known for its prone to rusting. Besides, cooking acidic foods in a wok should be avoided as it may damage the non-stick coating. 


And now the question is, which one is preferable to you- a frying pan or a wok? Well, what we have seen so far both of the two cookware works pretty much the same way, still, your preference depends upon the type of food you’re going to prepare. For instance,

  1.  If you need to cook in a shorter time then a wok always comes first. Moreover, if you have a good amount of foodstuff to cook, then you have to go with the wok as its round bottom and deep sides allow you to take them at one go, whereas, a flat- bottomed frying pan cannot hold much amount and while stirring and flipping the meats and veggies they may fall over the side of the pan. Even stir-frying in a frying pan is probably not a better idea too. 
  2. There is one more thing that should be noticed, if you’re preparing a dish that requires oil then a wok would be the best choice for you. Because its round bottom tends to concentrate the oil at one spot, and the veggies land into the hot oil only to be stirred fried well. Then once you lift them out of the extra oil. This made your food healthier which is no doubt a great thing for those who are going to have them and appreciate your skill.

Final Words

Although both cookware have a lot of similarities, to select one over another is not an easy task to cut. It mainly depends upon you. After following the features, advantages, and disadvantages, and the way of functions, all I can say that if you need to prepare something healthier and well-cooked items and that also in lesser time then you cannot help selecting a wok ahead of a frying pan. Fast to cook, good to eat- this mantra suits a wok always.

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