Steaming Vs. Boiling: Which Is Better?

Steaming Vs. Boiling

Various researchers have associated many health conditions with the food people take. Apart from the food, the cooking method is also a concern. A higher population is enjoying junk food. Unfortunately, Tran’s fats are increasing bad cholesterol resulting in heart diseases and stroke. As a result, steaming and boiling are becoming popular methods. So what … Read more

How to Thicken Smoothie Without Adding Calories?

How to Thicken Smoothie Without Adding Calories?

The best way to start your day is by taking a healthy smoothie. Among the ingredients in the smoothie includes raw fruits and vegetables. With the right ingredients, a smoothie can help you lose weight and also increase your dietary intake. If you usually crave junk food, smoothie leaves you satisfied for long hence reduce … Read more

How to Clean Electric Skillet?

How to Clean Electric Skillet?

Whenever you want to buy an electric skillet, you have to research various types of skillets. Once you decide on the one that you require, you order on Amazon or even buy from your departmental store. Hardly will you bother enquiring how you can clean it. Wait until you are about to use, and you … Read more

How to Keep Burgers from Shrinking?

How to Keep Burgers from Shrinking

You can’t wait to take the juicy, tender mouth-filling burger. After all, it is nutritious and has some filling fiber. It’s affordable and readily available. If you enjoy cooking, you can make some at home. You can use a stovetop or even a grill then customize it with your favorite toppings. It gets frustrating when … Read more

How to Get Too Much Salt Out Of Gravy?

How to Get Too Much Salt Out Of Gravy

Credit: flickr (ludington) You are expecting visitors in the evening. You decide to cook mash potatoes and a turkey. Of course, you require some gravy. When adding salt in a hurry to your gravy, the lid of your salt shaker accidentally falls. Your gravy gets excess salt. The salt has already dampened the aroma, not … Read more