Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter: Which one is healthier

Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter: Which one is healthier?

Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter: Which one is healthier

Today everybody is on the line of the race to beat the time and achieve success ahead of others. This makes everyone very conscious about their health. Apart from a different kinds of work out, food also is an important kind of thing that should be taken keeping in mind your fitness. Therefore, everybody is looking for the kind of food that not only tasty but healthy too. There are a lot of foods that you use to take regularly are fit the bill. Among all of them, nut butter is one of its kinds.

Let’s Meet With….

Nut butter is a kind of food that delicious to eat and good for health. This is a slow digestive food contains protein and healthy fats which means it stays in your body for a longer time comparing to the fast-digesting carbohydrates that are taken every day. Apart from that, several necessary vitamins and minerals are also found in nut butter that is useful for your health.

Types of Nut Butter…

Since there are different types of nuts are seen, so you can find different types of nut butter. Among them, almond butter and peanut butter are commonly found and most popularly taken by you. It is not that this kind of butter can be eaten by itself, but it is taken with bread, smoothies, oatmeal, and many other things.

Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter

Although almond butter and peanut butter both have almost equally preferred by most of you there are some differences between these two including taste, nutrients, and health benefits. For this reason, both of them have their own fan following. Therefore, if you don’t have a previous idea about any of them, then before going to buy any of these two it is better to understand how these two kinds of nut differ from each other. Let’s find out-

Basic Difference

Though almond and peanut both are considered as nuts but the basic difference between these two is that a peanut is not a nut but a legume like a pea or bean.

Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter

Presence of Healthy Fats

As you know that monounsaturated fats are good for the heart as it keep the cholesterol level low and reduces the risk of heart disease. These kinds of fats are extensively found in both almond and peanut butter. But if you go with the quantity then almond butter contains 5.2 grams-per-tablespoon compared to 4.2 grams-per-tablespoon in peanut butter.

As the Source of Fiber

The presence of fiber in your daily food is essential to keep you healthy by lowering the risk of several chronic diseases including heart disease. Both almond and peanut butter are rich sources of fiber. But here also almond butter contains 1.6 grams-per-tablespoon is slightly ahead of peanut butter which contains 0.8 grams-per-tablespoon of fiber.

As a Vitamin E Supplement

Vitamin E acts as an excellent antioxidant that provides essential immunity to your body. This also protects your heart and works well to prevent cancer. Both almond and peanut butter is a kind of supplement Vitamin E. But almond butter contains this vitamin four times more than peanut butter. But in one case peanut butter is little ahead of almond butter, and that is Vitamin B6 or Niacin which is found highly in peanut butter only.

Source of Minerals

Minerals are necessary for your body as they are vital nutrients that help the proper functioning of your body. For example, iron transports oxygen in your body, potassium maintains fluid balance in the muscles, zinc works efficiently for healing wounds, support immunity, and prevents sickness. All these minerals are found in both almond butter and peanut butter. But in the comparison between these two, almond butter seems a better option for having all these minerals in a better quantity. But peanut butter contains sodium which may create problems for those who are suffering from high blood pressure. So, they should avoid taking peanut butter.

Sugar Content

If you’re looking for a spread that tastes sweet then you should go with peanut butter. Especially, the kids always have a preference for this kind of butter. On the other hand, almond butter is almost 50% less sweet than peanut butter and it only preferred for its nutritional value.

Different Benefits of These Two Butter

As for almond butter concern, it can be taken by those who are following a strict diet program. Because it is low in net carbs, but have a decent quantity of protein. The high density of this kind of butter is often considered a nutritional powerhouse. On the other hand, peanut butter has a high quantity of protein that prevents health loss for prolonged illness. Apart from that, the presence of Lysine in peanut butter helps to build muscle protein, and the L-arginine keeps the blood vessels normal.

Different Drawbacks of These Two Butter

There are two major drawbacks found in peanut butter. One of them is high carbs content compared to other nut butter. Another problem with this type of butter is that it causes allergies in many people for having certain proteins. But when it comes to saying about almond butter, you may find it is a little expensive than peanut butter. Apart from that, this type of butter contains such kind proteins than not easy digestible that what proteins you can find in peanut butter.

Why Almond Butter is Better than Peanut Butter?

After following all the common differences between almond and peanut butter the most vital thing that comes out of this and that is almond butter is better than peanut butter in many ways. The presence and amount of fats, protein, vitamins, minerals, and fiber are always found more in almond butter rather than peanut butter. It means almond butter has a greater nutritional value than peanut butter. So it is better to take almond butter compare to peanut butter.

Almond Butter vs. Peanut Butter

Final Verdict

Almond and peanut butter both are good to include in your daily diet. Almond butter is heart-healthy and peanut butter supplies vitamin B and niacin. Therefore, the necessity of both of them cannot be denied, the preference differs at your requirement. The choice is yours.

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