Difference between a Grill and a Griddle

Difference between a Grill and a Griddle

Difference between a Grill and a Griddle

You can’t wait to make your first yummy barbecue. Could be your primary concern is whether you require to purchase a grill or a griddle. Before answering the question, you need to know their differences. Did you know that apart from their texture and structure, they have several other differences? First things first, what’s a grill?


Difference between a Grill and a Griddle

It’s a popular method and comes in two types. You can purchase a traditional open model or a closed one. The open type comes with a stainless steel wire. You place your food on top and suspend it over a charcoal fire plate or even a gas burner. Have you ever bought some meat and saw some beautiful grill marks on it? The grill marks must have originated from its slatted cooking grates. It exposes your food to the open flames giving it’s a Smokey flavor.

The plate of the closed type is either stainless steel or has solid iron. If you want to use it indoors, you need to explore more options. It’s suitable for outdoor use since it produces much smoke. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly option, consider it.


Difference between a Grill and a Griddle

It’s a modern method that you can use either indoor or outdoor. Unlike the grill, the surface of a griddle is flat and smooth. The difference between a griddle and a large frying pan is that a griddle has no handle or sides and has a rectangular shape. Due to its simple make, it has different sizes and shapes. That gives you a wide variety of options to choose from, depending on the intended usage. It doesn’t expose your meat over open flames. So, when buying, consider the one with a thicker metal since it will retain the heat well, thus quality cooking. They are easy to clean and produce less heat and smoke, making them fit for indoor use.

Their Main Differences

Here are the main differences between the griddle vs. grill that you need to consider.


One of the most important considerations when purchasing something is its price. Unfortunately, not all cheap products come with good quality. But if the price is your major determinant, whether to buy a grill or a griddle, then buy a grill. It’s cheaper than a griddle. But if you can afford both, don’t hesitate to buy them.

Cooking Surface

One of the most notable differences is their cooking surface. The surface of a griddle is flat and smooth while that of the grill has slates cooking grates. When roasting your meat, the fats will drain away through the open space between the wires of your grill. The surface of your griddle allows the food to cook evenly.


You might consider portability if you want to buy either a griddle or a grill for commercial use. If your cooking business demands that you move to different places, you need something portable. In this case, you will have to consider a griddle. If you need a portable grill, then buy a grill pan.


Due to their different designs, different types of food are suitable for each. For instance, you can’t fry eggs on a traditional open grill due to the holes. So, the food you can’t cook using a grill can cook using a griddle. If the food starts as a liquid from the start such as fried eggs and pancakes, use a griddle. A griddle is also suitable when preparing sausages, bacon, and chicken among others.
If you desire to make a yummy hamburger, steak, sandwiches, or even some vegetables, you can use a grill. If you are craving for food with smoky flavor and some fantastic grill mark, use a grill.

Cooking Temperature

When using a grill, you will expose your food to a higher temperature of 400 degrees Fahrenheit. The temperature of a griddle is lesser (350 degrees Fahrenheit) due to the thick metal barrier. The risk of flare-ups is higher when using the traditional grill due to the exposure of the food to the direct heat. So, when determining what to cook, consider the cooking temperatures.

Cooking location

Note that the traditional grill is suitable only for outdoor use due to high temperatures and smoke. Luckily, you can purchase a modern grill that is suitable for indoor use, thanks to its efficient ventilation system.
If you want one for both indoor and outdoor use, go for a griddle. Its portability makes it suitable for outdoor use. Chances of flare-ups are minimal when using it. No matter the season, you can use it indoor since it produces less heat and smoke.

Texture And Taste

Every cook desires to prepare some delicious food. But did you know that the method that you use matters? The food prepared using either the grill or the griddle taste nice but has a noticeable difference. The texture of the food made using a grill is chary, and the taste is like it’s slightly burnt. Again the taste will differ more depending on whether you use charcoal, gas, coal pellet powdered grills, among others.
The food prepared using a griddle taste different from that made using a grill. It has a crispy outer layer, softer texture, and taste like a typical roasted food. Unlike the one prepared using a grill, it will not dry completely.

Ease to Clean

Once you have eaten to the satisfaction, the next tedious task is cleaning the items you used. If you want something easy to clean, go for a griddle. Its flat space makes it easier to clean. To clean the grill, you should use a stiff brush with hot water and soap to rub the burnt fats.

Which one is the best?

To answer your question, both of them are good. If you can afford to buy both, you should not hesitate. But if you can only afford to buy one, consider the usage and the differences above. For instance, if you want one for indoor usage, go for a griddle.


You can use both the grill and griddle to prepare varieties of food. If money is not your primary consideration, consider owning both. But if you must choose one, usage, portability, cooking temperatures, cooking location are among the few things to consider.

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