How to Reheat Apple Pie

How to Reheat Apple Pie

How to Reheat Apple Pie

Holidays and weekends are those special days when your mind and body always demand something extra to relish the idle time. Foods are obviously one of the things that can take the center stage of your likings. In those days you’re always in a mood of taking something special to eat. There are so many dishes that can be welcome things for you and among them apple pie is certainly a dish that you would be ready to enjoy anytime.

So, you love to have a warm big piece of apple pie. But it is not possible always to get freshly prepared apple pie on your plate. In most cases, you’ll find them in a refrigerator stored for quite sometimes. Therefore, you have to reheat them before having to get the tingly feeling what you’re looking for. So now you have to learn how to reheat your apple pie following some easy ways. Get set and go.

Reheating Apple Pie

There are two cooking appliances– an oven, and a microwave that can be used to reheat your apple pie. In each of them, you have to follow a different method to reheat the dish properly.

Reheating Apple Pie: In The Oven

This is perhaps the best way to get your apple pie warmed up again. No matter how long it was stored inside the refrigerator, if it is normally cool or frozen, still your apple pie can be turned crispy from outside and tingly from inside what you’re looking to have. The only thing that can trouble is the time that requires little longer to get the pie warmed all again. If you’re okay with that then come and let’s follow the steps to make the thing possible.

  • Preheat the oven to about 200°F if your pie is normal cool and if it is frozen then you need higher temperature of 350°F. Both of the temperatures are considered good for your pie.
  • Take out the apple pie from the refrigerator and place it on the oven. As for the frozen apple pie, you have to place a baking sheet on the top of the oven and put the apple pie on the sheet and cover it with a foil. It may prevent the crust from being burnt but crispy.
  • Leave the pie for at least for 20 minutes to get perfectly warmed. The time can be adjusted seeing the condition of the pie.
  • Keep watching time and again to take care of your pie tom make sure if the crust is not burnt.

Once the reheating is done, remove the apple pie and serve it hot.

What Apple Should Be Used for Apple Pie?

To make a perfect apple pie you have to choose apples that are firm and tart and should have the right properties for this purpose. Though there are varieties of apple the Pink Pearl, Ginger Gold, Northern Spy are some varieties that can be used to prepare a great apple pie.

How to Reheat Apple Pie

How Do You Prevent Pie from Getting Soggy?

Though you all love apple pie, a soggy pie can spoil the party as you always look for the crispy outside of it. There are many ways to prevent this. You can brush the bottom, make a thicker crust, fill the inside of the pie with white chocolate; all these things help you to get the pie crispy especially while reheating.

Why Did My Apple Pie Turn Out Watery?

This is a genuine problem that may happen with the first time cook. While preparing the apple pie the pie is filled by some kind of fluid. Certainly this may lessen the taste and flavor of the pie. If you want to know the reason behind this, then all I can say that the sugar that you have added with the slices of apple extracts the water out of the apple. Apart from this, there are some kinds of apple like Granny Smith that have tendency to release water into the preparation. Using less thickener is one more reason that turns out your pie watery.

How Do You Reduce The Liquid in An Apple Pie?

If you’re really looking to reduce the liquid in an apple pie, then you have to follow some ways. Firstly, adding a tablespoon of flour with each pound of pie filling is the easiest and probably the best idea for reducing water from the pie. Next, you have to leave the slices of apple for sometime so that they can release water and you’ll get dried pieces for preparing the pie.

Final Words

Homemade apple pie is no doubt a delicious dish that would be preferred by most of the people all over the world. Once you get the taste of it, you cannot forget to take it again and again. All you need to reheat the stored apple pie using different ways so that you can relish them with all of its appeal and presentation. Go ahead.

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