How to Warm Up Pita Bread

How to Warm Up Pita Bread?

How to Warm Up Pita Bread

Pita bread is moist, light, and flat and mostly consumed in Middle East countries. It’s rich in proteins and carbohydrates but low in calories. When baking, it gets some pockets in the inside. It’s delicious, and you can use it in a variety of dishes. When it’s fresh and warm, it has a lovely warm texture. Can you store your pita in a refrigerator? If you have leftovers, the next best alternative will be to freeze it. It will get cold and hard. Knowledge on how to reheat pita bread is vital. It helps restore its original form and texture. To ease your work on reheating pita bread, follow the methods below.

Open Frame Method

Do you want to take pita for breakfast? Reheating your pita bread using an open frame is one of the quickest methods. Use a medium-low flame on your gas stove. Remove the pita from its package and place it on the burner. After thirty to forty-five seconds, it will begin to puff. You can remove it and put it in the plastic bag package. The hot air will help it steam on its own, and the results will be amazing. After a few minutes, you can enjoy the yummy soft pita.
Alternatively, when it begins to puff, you can use a tong to flip it on the other side and warm it for thirty to forty-five seconds again. Now that it has regained its soft texture, eat your yummy delicacy immediately before it gets cold.

Use A Skillet

Another quick way of warming your pita is by using a skillet. Place the skillet on a stovetop and turn it on. Place the pita on the skillet and ensure that the flame is medium-low. After thirty to forty-five seconds, your bread should begin to puff. Use a tong to flip it on the other side. Chances of burning your hands are high if you dare flip using your fingers. Your pita will become soft and warm with a slightly crispy exterior.
Are you warming several pita breads? After warming each pita, consider putting it in a pot and covering it well. That will prevent the pitas from getting cold before you finish warming all. Once you warm them, you should serve and eat the pita while warm. Remember that the skillet is supposed to be large enough to hold the bread. If the sides of your pita are hanging, they may not warm well.

Using A Microwave

Be careful when reheating your pita using the microwave. Overheating will make the pita dry and chewy. To avoid such inconveniences and frustrations, take a wet towel and place it on top of your microwave’s safe plate. Cut your pita into triangles and arrange them on your damp towel. Let them heat for thirty to sixty seconds. Check and confirm that it has warmed to your expectations. You can top it up with an avocado and an egg and enjoy. You can also eat it with other dishes.

Use An Oven

Apart from open flame, skillet, or even a microwave, an oven is another excellent option. Had you frozen some pita, and you have some craving? They are already cold and frozen, and eating them at that state is not advisable. You can use two methods to warm your pita in an oven.

The first method

Start by preheating your oven up to 350°F. You can’t preheat your pita in an oven while it’s still wrapped in its original package, so remove it. There is no need for warming all of it if you don’t intend to eat the entire content.
Remove the one you require, wrap the rest well and freeze them. Using an aluminum foil, wrap your pita and place it in the oven. After ten to twelve seconds, you can check if it is soft and pliable. An oven mitt or a tong should help you remove the hot pita. You can use the same process to heat the fresh pita.

Here is the second method

After removing your pita from its original package, use a pastry brush to brush some olive oil. You can add other seasoning or even salt to make your bread sweeter. Raise the oven rack and set the pita on the top rack. After heating the pita for five to ten minutes, you should flip it over on the other side and heat for ten minutes.
Check if it’s warm enough. If it’s not warm, leave it to heat for a few more minutes and be careful not to overheat. Adjust the microwave since overheating can make your pita dry up. If you suspect that the heat is too high, consider reducing it to 375°F.
After using any of the methods above to warm your pita, you can make sandwiches.

Pita Pocket Sandwiches

How to Warm Up Pita Bread

You can take the sandwiches for your lunch, dinner or even breakfast. Here is the way. Take your white pita bread and slice the top at a slight angle. Gently open it and fill it with kales, feta, and chickpeas. If you intend to take the pita sandwich for breakfast, you can stuff it with eggs and salsa. You can also decide to stuff it with bacon bits or even cooked ham.


Pita is delicious bread with a pocket style. It is nutritious, and it contains fewer calories. If you want to enjoy your pita, eat it when it’s warm. That doesn’t mean that when you freeze the leftovers, you should throw them away. There are four main methods that you can use to warm your pita. You can decide to use a skillet, open fire, a microwave, or even an oven. When using a microwave, you should regulate the temperature using a wet towel. Be careful when using any of these methods not to overheat your pita. It might get dry and chewy. Once your bread is warm, you can make pocket sandwiches and enjoy it.

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