[Top 10] Best Electric Skillet for Frying Chicken

Best Electric Skillet for Frying Chicken

When you think of all the pots, pans and cooking equipment in your kitchen, are you drawn to a favorite tool? You may have many useful devices, but can anything really beat the electric skillet?

An electric skillet is the most versatile piece of kitchenware you can own. It can cook almost anything you could imagine according to your specifications.

Not only can it save you money, but it can also save you time. There’s a big difference between having to clean just one skillet and having to clean a host of kitchen appliances!

Whether you’re looking to replace an old skillet or purchase your first, read on to check out some of the best products available on the market today.

The following are 10 of the best electric skillets for frying chicken.

Comparison Table of Best Electric Skillet

ImageProductMaterial / SizePrice
Presto 06857 Electric SkilletCast Aluminum / 16-inchCheck
De'Longhi Electric SkilletCast Aluminum / 16 x 12- inchCheck
Oster Electric SkilletStainless Steel / 16 x 12- inchCheck
Proctor Silex Electric SkilletAluminum / 10.5-inchCheck
5. Cuisinart Oval Electric SkilletStainless Steel / 18-inchCheck
6. NESCO Electric SkilletCast Aluminum / 8-inchCheck
7. Presto 06852 Electric SkilletCast Aluminum / 16-inchCheck
8. BELLA Electric SkilletCast Aluminum / 12-inchCheck
9. Hamilton Beach Ceramic Electric SkilletCeramic coated / 15 x 12- inchCheck
Presto 06620 Electric SkilletAluminum / 11-inchCheck

10 Best Skillets for Frying Chicken

1. Presto 06857 Electric Skillet

If you have many hungry mouths to feed, this large skillet from Presto is worth considering.

It’s 16 inches long and almost  three inches deep, meaning it’s sizable enough to cook for a large family.

We love the fact that the base and the handles slip off and sit inside the skillet itself for simple storage. The device can also be stowed away in most cupboards.

You can use it to roast, stew, grill, fry, and even bake delicious items. Bread and cakes come out perfect every time and the skillet’s non-stick coating allows you to simply lift them out.

That same non-stick coating is on the outside too, so you can easily wipe away any spillage. And when you need to clean the device, you can just break it down and toss the parts in the dishwasher.

Even better, this product’s spout makes pouring simple and its handles remain cool for safe transportation.

This electric skillet is a high-quality piece of kitchen equipment, and every home should have one.



2. De'Longhi Electric Skillet

De’Longhi has long been a brand name associated with quality and reliability, and this electric skillet is no exception to that rule.

This is a large skillet that’s ideal for a family gathering, and you could use it to prepare large portions of food. Should your guests decide to stay over, you’d have plenty of leftovers for them.

You can use it to fry, grill, stew, boil, bake, and more. The options are endless.

This skillet has a heating element embedded into its base that allows the heat to disperse equally over the entire cooking surface. This means all of your ingredients will receive the attention they deserve.

The device’s settings are variable, so you can set the temperature anywhere from 200° to 400°.

There are also adjustable vents that allow steam to escape and the handles designed with stay-cool technology for safety.

Finally, this product’s non-stick coating is simple to wipe clean, or you can opt to put its base and lid in your dishwasher.



3. Oster Electric Skillet

If you’re an organized chef and prefer to prepare meals in advance, then this large electric skillet may be the one for you.

The design of this Oster skillet is gorgeous, and the black and chrome exterior can enhance any kitchen’s aesthetic. Also, the handles remain cool to the touch, so carrying it from one room to another can be done with ease.

The temperature control dial is variable from 150° Fahrenheit and up, so controlling the temperature of your food is simple.

In addition, the tempered-glass lid is ideal for monitoring the meal you’re cooking and preventing heat from escaping.

With this product, cooking a huge meal has never been so time-efficient. Simply cook your food and serve it, then remove the machine’s temperature probe and put it in the dishwasher.



4. Proctor Silex Electric Skillet

If you prefer a smaller skillet, then this Proctor and Silex 10.5-inch model might be perfect for you. It’s compact and light, yet it still has the capacity to cook a meal fit for a family.

You can comfortably fit four or five chicken breasts or fish fillets in it. The even heat distribution also means that they will cook evenly too.

This skillet has a great adjustable heat control that ranges from 200°F up to 400°F. If you set the dial even lower it will still keep your food warm. 

The glass lid fits snugly and allows you to see what’s happening inside the skillet without removing it. It’s even dishwasher-safe.

The non-stick coating makes this device suitable for all types of cooking, frying, grilling, and soup-making. And, at less than five pounds in weight, it’s easy to carry. Also, its handles remain cool even when hot contents are inside.



5. Cuisinart Oval Electric Skillet

This Cuisinart electric skillet stands at the higher end of the price scale, and it’s a thing of beauty!

Don’t be fooled by its image, though–it has a non-stick cooking surface measuring 12 inches by 15 inches. The base may look like stainless steel, but it really does have a non-stick coating. 

Cleaning is simple–just use a non-abrasive cloth and a little warm water and the device will look brand new again. It’s actually dishwasher-safe too!

The skillet has a temperature dial that goes all the way from “warming” to 450°F. Indicator lights indicate when the desired temperature has been reached.

The glass lid has the same brushed stainless-steel trim and handles as the rest of the skillet. This product may be the best stainless-steel electric skillet your money can buy.



6. NESCO Electric Skillet

If you’re sending a child away to college, if you own an RV and love to travel, or if you’re at home and only need to cook portions for one or two people, then this skillet is ideal for you.

Don’t be fooled into thinking it won’t hold much–its depth ensures that it’s big enough to cook an entire chicken.

The thermostat temperature control is simple to use ranges from 0 degrees to 5, 275°, meaning it’s capable of searing, frying, steaming and baking. This product truly is the only cooking companion you’d need on your travels.

Its glass lid is vented and dishwasher-safe, the rest of the skillet can be wiped down with warm soap and water.

Finally, although this is a relatively lightweight skillet, it looks and feels very sturdy.



7. Presto 06852 Electric Skillet

This jumbo-sized Presto electric skillet is genuinely big enough to feed a large family.

Its attractive design means it is can serve as a centerpiece for any table. Even better, the tempered glass lid not only keeps the contents warm, but it also allows your guests to see what’s on offer inside.

We like the fact that Presto also covers the outside of the skillet with their deluxe non-stick coating. So, you can wipe it down just as easily as the interior. And if you remove the temperature control, the whole product can go in the dishwasher.

The skillet is three inches deep, which is great for cooking a big chicken. In addition, the high sides are perfect for cooking big soups, stews, and casseroles. This skillet suits pretty much every kind of chef.



8. BELLA Electric Skillet

Firstly, this skillet is PTFE and PFOA-free. Secondly, it has been strengthened with copper titanium, which makes it eight times more durable than other standard non-stick coatings. It’s also more time and energy-efficient since it can cook food up to 30% faster than those standard skillets.

The square skillet pan has an attractive design, and it cooks evenly and has a temperature probe as well. It cooks up to 450°, so flash-frying is simple.

The snug tempered-glass lid is dishwasher-safe, and once the probe has been removed the whole skillet can be cleaned in the dishwasher. 

Users love this product’s sleek surface, and you may love it too!



9. Hamilton Beach Ceramic Electric Skillet

If you’re looking to replace your electric skillet, this may be the product for you.

This skillet from Hamilton Beach has a Durathon ceramic coating that is guaranteed to be four times tougher than standard non-stick linings you may have previously tried. It’s particularly designed not to crack or peel.

This skillet is big enough for a family. In fact, it’s so large that you can prepare sausage, eggs, and tomatoes simultaneously!

The heating dial is simple to operate and ranges in temperature all the way up to 400°F, which is perfect for flash-frying.

Better yet, the vented-glass lid is dishwasher-safe. In fact, the whole skillet is dishwasher-safe once you have removed the temperature cord.

This is a visually alluring pan that’s also efficient and durable. Its cool-touch handles are the perfect finishing touch.



10. Presto 06620 Electric Skillet

If you’re looking to prepare a stew for a family of four, then this could be the skillet for you. Or, maybe you just like to cook meals that result in leftovers so you can save food for the rest of the week. Whatever your reasoning, this product is worthy of your consideration.

This final skillet is the first one we’ve reviewed that doesn’t have a glass lid. Instead, it has a domed plastic Ever-Nu cover. Still, the technology in the lid ensures it won’t warp, peel, or bend.

It has a warming function on the temperature dial which is perfect for when the meal is ready but the diners aren’t! It also heats up to 400°, cooking your food evenly until you’re ready to remove it. Finally, once the heating unit is removed, the whole device becomes dishwasher-safe.

The manual that’s included with this product has some tasty recipes you can try that include cooking times and temperatures.



Why Use an Electric Skillet?

There are many reasons why an electric skillet is an ideal way to cook, most of which center around convenience.

Whether it’s more convenient to have one piece of kitchen equipment that does the job of many, or you don’t have much storage space, a small electric skillet may be the kitchen appliance for which you’ve been looking.

Simply place it on a counter-top and plug it in, and within a minute or two it’ll be ready to use.

Skillets are extremely versatile, so if you care for them properly they can last for years.

There’s no doubt that a skillet is a worthwhile investment.

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How Does an Electric Skillet Work?

It’s very simple. There are electric coils on the underside of the skillet where electricity is passed through a cable. As they begin to warm, the heat is transferred directly through the conductive base of the skillet and the surface begins to warm up.

There will also be a thermostat attached to the cord to allow the user to set the desired temperature, which will then spread evenly across the entire cooking surface.

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What Can I Do in My Electric Skillet?

What can’t you do?

Skillets really are the most versatile pieces of kitchen equipment. Here are some of the following cooking methods for which they allow:

Frying: Use a shallow covering of oil and medium-high heat. This method makes the best fried chicken.

Braising: Sear the meat on high heat in a little oil, then reduce the heat and add liquid.

Simmering: This strategy is ideal for casseroles, soups, and stews that need to cook for long periods of time at a low level of heat.

Stir-Frying: Use medium-high heat and a little oil, then add the meat. Finally, add your vegetables to the mix.

Roasting: For roasting, follow the braising instructions but use less liquid and add your favorite vegetables.

Baking: Cakes, muffins, biscuits, and cornbreads are just some of the delectable goodies your skillet can bake.

Broiling: Although the heat comes from below your skillet, cooking your bacon and eggs in it can still provide great results. Who doesn’t love crispy bacon?

Types of Electric Skillets

Aluminum: This is a very popular choice since it’s lightweight yet very durable. It’s also an excellent heat conductor that disperses consistent heat across the cooking surface.

Stainless steel: This option always look attractive, and its silver finish makes it look and sleek and expensive. That being said, the best stainless-steel electric skillets are usually found at the higher end of the price scale. 

Seasoning is usually required before you use a stainless-steel skillet for the first time. Caring correctly for your skillet will preserve its non-stick surface for years.

Ceramic Coating: This style is becoming a much more popular choice, particularly with people who have struggled with traditional non-stick coating.

Ceramic cookware is baked at high temperatures in kilns. This means there are no chemicals used in the non-stick process, something consumers are prioritizing more and more. Not only are these skillets very durable, but they also poses fewer health risks.

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Buyer’s Guide

There are many factors to consider when investing in an electric skillet. 

Here are a few to think about:

Size: Size comes down to personal preference. If you have a large family or entertain guests regularly, then we recommend one of the 16-inch skillets. These are also ideal for smaller families who like to prepare their own meals in advance. Make sure you consider the product’s depth too. More compact ones are ideal for students, travelers, and individuals.

Weight: If you’re going to be moving a full skillet from one place to another quite often, consider how heavy it might be. Aluminum will always be lighter and easier to carry.

Design: Cool-touch handles are always useful since they allow you to ditch the oven mitts. In addition, do you prefer a clear glass lid, steam release valve, and/or pouring spout?

Storage- If kitchen space is at a premium, then you must consider whether your skillet of choice can be stored in your space. Some of them are quite large pieces of equipment, so target ones that fold in on themselves or have handles and bases that can be stored inside of the unit.

Cost- As you will notice from our guide, there is a broad price range into which the products we reviewed fall. Sometimes the least expensive can be work perfectly and the most pricy can be duds, so do your homework and set yourself a budget. Try to buy the best non-stick electric skillet that you can afford.

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How to Care for Your Electric Skillet

If you look after you skillet, then it will serve you well for a very long time.

After each use, it should be thoroughly cleaned. Most brands say their products are dishwasher-safe, but we prefer to wash them by hand. Their non-stick coatings usually mean that they require little more than a good wipe-down.

Don’t start the cleaning process until your device has completely cooled down. Sudden changes in temperature can shock it and damage its coatings.

Also, ensure the electrical works don’t go anywhere near the water.

Next, wipe your skillet down using mild detergent. A nylon scrubber will serve the same purpose if any stubborn food won’t come off.

You must remove all food remnants since these could have an adverse effect on the device’s non-stick coating. The heat distribution could also be affected, so be thorough.

Then, dry all of the skillet’s components, to avoid surface corrosion and put the device away. If there’s any chance of it getting scratched, consider covering it in a kitchen towel.

The best way to extend the skillet’s lifespan is to avoid using metal utensils at all costs.

The tiniest scratch or chip on the device’s non-stick coating will spread and eventually render the whole thing useless. Wooden tools are the best alternative, but plastic, nylon, and silicone ones also work well.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Polytetrafluoroethylene is a chemical used to create non-stick coatings. It creates a smooth surface to prevent things from sticking to the skillet.

Perfluorooctanoic Acid is one of the chemicals used in the process to make PTFE.

Aim to buy the highest-quality ceramic skillets if this issue concerns you.

Don’t worry, this is perfectly normal with a thermostatically-controlled skillet.

When you’re cooking at a low temperature and the desired heat has been reached, the thermostat will drop a few degrees and then slowly heat back up to the desired temperature again. This should have no adverse effects on your dish.

We narrowed the options down to 10 of the best on the market to try to make this process easier for you. Just take your time, compare all 10, and decide which one is right for you.

Simple: pancakes! Who doesn’t love a stack of light and fluffy pancakes oozing with maple syrup?

For the fluffiest pancakes you will need:

  • 2 cups of all-purpose flour
  • 2 tbsp baking powder
  • 2 eggs (separated)
  • 2 cups whole milk
  • 2 tbsp sugar
  • Pinch of salt and a few drops of vanilla extract


Sift the baking powder and flour into a mixing bowl. Then beat the egg yolks in another bowl and stir in the milk, sugar, and salt. Mix until the sugar has all dissolved and add the vanilla extract. Next, add the mixture to the dry mix and stir. Then whip the egg whites and fold them into the mixture as well. Don’t worry about tiny lumps–they cook out. Over-mixing will leave you with un-fluffy pancakes!

As the mixture rests, heat your skillet to 375°F. Once it’s ready, give it a quick spritz of cooking spray. Then pour about a quarter of a cup onto the skillet in various places, leaving gaps for the circles to expand.

Once the mixtures start to bubble, flip it over with a non-metal spatula. The bottoms should be golden brown. Put them in a stack, drown them in maple syrup and share!

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If you are buying a skillet for the first time, you surely won’t be disappointed. Even the most inexperienced cook can throw bacon, sausage, and eggs into a skillet to satisfy their hunger, and those of you who are more advanced can make some wonderful meals to feed your hungry family.

Imagine a party with a pot of hot, delicious chili or a mountain of steaming-hot meatballs and pasta!

We hope that we have helped you come to a decision about which skillet is the best for you. We want you to buy the one that suits your specific needs, and that is why we provided so many details about each product.

Electric skillets are truly a cook’s best friend and are probably the most versatile piece of kitchen equipment out there.

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