How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini?

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini

Preparing some great dishes doesn’t entirely depend on the skill of you as a cook–it also depends on your knowledge of your kitchen tools. Recipes play a sizable role in food preparation, but if you don’t know how to use everything in your kitchen you’ll inevitably make mistakes and waste time.

One such tool that can be a lifesaver is a mandoline slicer. This is a device that can be used to slice veggies and fruits and to prepare different types of salads, soups, French fries, waffle fries, zucchini, fruit tarts, and more. Read on to learn more about How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini!.

How Does a Mandoline Slicer Work?

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini

The mandoline slicer is an effective device that can help you produce uniformly-cut fruits and veggies. That makes it a must-have for both restaurants and home cooks.

This device has two parallel surfaces, and one of them is adjustable. Simply slide the veggie or fruit along the adjustable piece and watch as the sliced pieces drop onto the plate. There are many varieties of mandoline slicers available, so you can purchase the one that best suits your needs.

What is Zucchini?

Zucchini is a kind of squash that grows primarily during the summer. I has lots of vitamin A and other minerals that make for nutritious meals. On top of its health benefits, it’s also very easy to cook. With zucchini in your recipe, you can prepare a wide range of dishes, from salty ones to sweet ones.

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini

Zucchini and Mandoline Slicers

Though you can prepare many types of dishes with zucchini, it’s imperative that you use a mandoline slicer to do so. Creating zucchini slices of specific dimensions is often called for in recipes, so you need a device that empowers you to do that. There’s never been a better time to cook with zucchini!

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini

Zucchini Noodles

Zucchini noodles can make for a delectable dish! But to prepare it, you need to have a mandoline slicer that can produce the slices you need. 

The tool works quickly and easily, turning the zucchini into strips that are ready for cooking. Simply fry them in a flat pan, add some oil and butter, and let them rest for two to three minutes. You can even boil them if that’s what you prefer!

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini

Zucchini Bread

To prepare this excellent dish for your breakfast or for a convenient snack, using a mandoline slicer is necessary. When you use one, you can grate or shred the zucchini in no time. Just select your favorite zucchini bread recipe and use your mandoline slicer to create this delicious item!

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini

Tossed Salad

Tossed salad is probably one of the easiest dishes that you can make out with zucchini sliced by a mandoline slicer. Just slice them into thin slices, then add them to some other fruits or veggies and mix everything with some salt, vinegar, and spices. Then your salad will be ready to serve!

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini

In addition to the ones we’ve reviewed, there are many more dishes made with zucchini that necessitate a mandoline slicer. So, let’s check out some more!

Zucchini Coins

Zucchini coins are mainly used in stir fries and similar dishes. When you combine zucchini and other vegetables in a stir fry, you can create a tasty meal! 

To produce zucchini coins using a mandoline slicer, you have to cut off the end of the zucchini and then drag it across the blades. You can use a knife to cut your zucchini into coins, but a mandoline slicer guarantees that you can manufacture coins that are consistent in size.

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini

Zucchini Strips

Zucchini strips are perfect for making parmesan zucchini fries and many other mouthwatering dishes! Slicing a zucchini into strips with the help of a mandoline slicer is rather easy, certainly easier than using any other tool. 

To create uniform slices, all you need to do is drag the zucchini lengthwise across the blades of your Mandoline slicer. Make sure you use the hand guard to protect those fingers!

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini

The Different Types of Mandolines

Now that you’ve read about some of the tasty dishes you can create with the help of a mandolien slicer, let’s learn about the different types of machines on the market!

Adjustable Mandoline

The “adjustable” refers to the adjustable blades of this mandoline slicer. You can adjust the device’s blades to customize the thickness of the slices you produce. This type of model is ideal for those cooks who need to be able to create slices of varying sizes for different types of dishes.

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini

Flat Board Mandoline

The flat board model is great, but the only problem with it is that you can’t adjust the thickness of your slices since you only have access to one blade. But if you only need to manufacture uniform slices, this may be the type of slicer for you.

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer for Zucchini

Different Types of Cuts

Different dishes demand machines with different types of blades. That’s why purchasing the type of mandoline slicer that’s right for you is crucial.


This is by far the most common cut zucchini recipes call for. With this type of blade, the mandoline can slice the zucchini into pieces with varying widths so that you can easily prepare the foods you desire.


A crinkle-cut produces a V-shaped piece of zucchini with ridged sides. This is the blade that’s best suited for preparing zucchini pasta.


This is perhaps the most refined cut that you could ask for from any mandoline slicer. A julienne cut creates the strips of zucchini that you can use to make zucchini noodles.


This cut isn’t necessarily designed for zucchini-based dishes, but if you want to make some kind of curry with zucchini then it’s suitable.

The Safe Use of A Mandoline

Though a mandoline slicer is a very useful device for your kitchen, its sharp blades can be dangerous if you don’t know how to handle them. Here are some tips for operating one safely:

  • Cut your zucchini in halves for better control
  • Always set your mandoline on a clean and flat surface so you can handle it without environmental risks
  • Before you start slicing, always attach a finger guard
  • If you’re right-handed, hold the device with your left hand so that you can maintain full control over your zucchini

Final Words

Hopefully this article has answered all of your questions about mandoline slicers and provided some tasty recipes that you may use in the future. Don’t forget to refer back to this article when it comes time for you to comparison shop for the mandoline slicer that’s best suited to your kitchen!

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