Best Mandoline Slicer for Sweet Potatoes

[Top 10] Best Mandoline Slicer for Sweet Potatoes

Best Mandoline Slicer for Sweet Potatoes

Having a food slicer in your kitchen is not anymore a secret. In fact, you’ll find almost every kitchen equipped with this one of the most useful devices. It works magically to cut short your efforts and time in making and processing foods for your family and the guests. Not only that, you’ll get the evenly sliced pieces of fruits and vegetables that help you to prepare foods with properly garnished. And, that is surely being praised by others. Especially for sweet potatoes, can be sliced evenly and as thin as you need easily and quickly.

The mandoline slicers are the powerful device that can take care of all these works with ease and keep you free from tension of preparing varieties of foods in a very short time. Though this is a simple looking tool but has a lot to offer that certainly draw your attention. Now, have a look at some of the top models of this brand and find out which one is the best mandoline slicer for sweet potatoes.

Top 10 Mandoline Slicer Reviews for Your Kitchen

1. Swissmar Borner V-1001 Mandoline Slicer

Some of you are very passionate about cooking and most often love to explore new dishes with great taste and well garnished. There are also some of you who take it as a daily routine and just try to give a steady performance in the kitchen. In both cases, you need some tools so that you can do the job easily, quickly, and efficiently. Having a food slicer, precisely a mandoline slicer is the best thing happens with you.

It not only helps to increase the quality of your preparations but also acts as a time saver so that you can concentrate on your other commitments. There are a number of mandoline slicers with different features available In market, but The Swissmar Borner V 1001 Mandoline Slicer is considered one of the top rated mandoline slicer for the money. Let’s see why, sliced in perfect angle so that the cutting work doesn’t need much effort.

Safety and Storage

A hand guard that comes with this device to keep your fingers safe from cuts. Apart from that, you’ll find a rubber cover at the bottom of this device to prevent it from slipping while it is on.

As for the storage concern, this device doesn’t take too much space as you can keep it flat-packed and also you’ll find an extra place for keeping the blades with a locking clip as well.

Easy to Clean

This device is very simply designed and dishwasher-safe to be cleaned easily along with other dishes.



2. Mueller Austria V-Pro Mandoline Slicer - Best Budget Mandoline Slicer

In these days mandoline slicers are not a sensation but a very popular brand that you may find in most of the kitchens no matter if it is personal or professional. The important thing is that these days the mandoline models are available with more advanced features to give you more options to select the right one for yourself. You may take the Mueller Austria V-Pro Mandoline Slicer as a best budget mandoline slicer.

This is a very popular model with excellent cutting skill and multiple uses but at affordable price. Though it is not very attractive looking but the way it performs to make the home cooks satisfied having it as their kitchen tool. Now, it’s time to check it out the features of this unit which make it as the safe mandoline slicer for potato chips.

Preferable Size

This 13”x 6” sized device is compact enough to adjust at the smallest place of your kitchen table and you can conveniently use it without removing any other appliances from their places.

Durable Structure

The body of this device is made of ABS plastic which is durable enough to become sturdy and can take the extra workload. Moreover, this plastic body makes the device run for years without making any hassle.

Varieties of Blades

This device comes with 5-blades options that you can use for different purposes. You may find general slicer blade, wavy blade, grater, course grater, and shredder. All of them are made of surgical-grade steel that provides enough strength to cut, slice or julienne any kind of fruits and vegetables of your choice without a complaint of jamming. Apart from that, changing the blade as per your need is not a big concern and it needs a few seconds of time.

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Sturdy Standing

The built-in legs of this device allow it to stand on the kitchen table strongly while it is working. Furthermore, having the notches at the bottom keep the unit steady at the same time. It means you can work freely with this device without worry of overturning.


Due to having these components the manufacturers are confident enough to provide a lifetime warranty for this device and give you a chance to work using this with a peace of mind.



3. Swissmar Borner Mandoline V-7000- Best Mandolins for Cooking

When you are at the dining table, you just loved to get the well-sliced fruits or the vegetables in your food. But if you the same person is asked to prepare the same thing at the kitchen, then you’ll realize how difficult it is to be done properly. This happens because most of you did not do any course on cookery, so due to lack of skill and practice it is hard to manage all by yourself.

Even at a point of time, you’re definitely going to lose your patience and as a result, you’ll mess up everything. This is one of the best mandolines for cooking. It certainly cut short your efforts and helps you to make your dish with better taste and better look. In this condition, what other than Swissmar Borner Mandoline V-7000 useful enough to reduce your work and also make your preparation better in taste and best in looks? Come let’s find the answer.

Durable Structure

This mandoline slicer is made of tough ABS-plastic which is sturdy enough for extra workload without any hassle. Moreover, it is durable so that you can use this device for years after years.

Strong and Sharp Blades

As we all know that, Germany-made blades are the best in strength, sharpness, and durability. As this device is equipped with Germany-made surgical-grade stainless steel blade, you don’t have to think too much about its quality and function. The angle of the blades can be adjusted so that they can work equally better on both hard and soft foods.

Versatile Functions

You may find three different inserts along with this device which helps you to place 7mm and 3.5mm sized blades to get slices of different sizes. Apart from that, this machine offers four different cuts such as cubes, fries, shredding, and julienne and you can easily prepare different types of dishes with ease. Most importantly what made this device different from others is having a push button to adjust the thickness of the slice without changing the inserts.

Safety and Storage

You’ll find stainless steel prongs at the top of the device that can keep firmly the vegetables to the holder so that you can do your work quite comfortably. Besides this device has a good hand guard which protects your finger while working. But if you have to cut smaller foods then you must wear a glove for safety. As far as the storage matter, this device comes with a food safety holder clip that helps for easy storage and an insert holder also is there to protect the blades when the tool is not working.



4. Grocery Art Mandoline Slicer - Best Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

Suppose, you love to cook and the rest of your family is a foodie. Whenever and whatever you serve they just can’t help but gobble them. And this made you feel glad to prepare delicious dishes for them regularly. That is the reason for the parties and family functions use to happen at your place occasionally.

But to prepare food for all of them is not always an easy task. It needs a lot of efforts. So what if you have a tool that can reduce your workload and allow you to take care of the quality of what you are going to prepare? Perhaps a food slicer is a right choice for this situation, and the Grocery Art Mandoline Slicer is the best bet for you.

Easy to Use

This Grocery Art Mandoline Slicer is a device that can do the slicing work quickly and efficiently. This device can slice sweet potatoes, cabbages, cucumbers, and many other fruits and vegetables at any the thickness of your choice for different dishes you are going to prepare. All you need to turn the knob of this machine and you’ll get the slices and julienne of them. For this reason you may consider this device as the best adjustable mandoline slicer.


This device is equipped with a built-in strong and thick blade that can cut and slice almost everything what you need to be sliced. This stainless steel made blade remains sturdy always and no need to sharpen anymore.

Safety Measures

The blade of this unit is very sharp and there is a chance of accident remains always. Therefore, the device has three-level protection which keeps your hands and fingers safe. You will find cut resistance gloves, a food holder and a blade guard comes with this device for your safety.

Easy to Maintain

This mandolin slicer model is fully dishwasher safe it is very simple to maintain this. All you need to rinse this unit under the fresh running water. After that just allow it to dry itself. No sponge or towel is required to clean and dry it. Apart from that, if you need to change the blade you have to turn and set the knob and it’ll ready to work again. Besides, you can fold the slicer flat so you can keep it in a drawer.



5. Norpro Deluxe Mandoline Slicer - Best Professional Mandoline Slicer

This is no doubt one of the vital appliances for your kitchen. You can apply this device for multiple uses from cutting, slicing, and shredding to grating everything you can do with the help of this device. From cutting long vegetables such as cucumbers into shorter length to slicing sweet potatoes evenly for chips all you can do by yourself for having this tool at your kitchen. Let’s see why everyone who already has this one considers this as one of the best professional mandoline slicer.

Compact Design

This premium plastic-made Mandoline deluxe slicer is a model with a compact design to be kept anywhere you want. But it is sturdy enough to take a workload easily. Besides, it can finish the job of cutting and slicing quickly so that you can manage all your cooking works right in time. It means this is ideal for your busy time.

Sharp Blades

This device is equipped with five sharp stainless steel blades. These are to provide you the sliced, shredded, and grated pieces of fruits and vegetables with different thickness so that you can use them for a different purpose. So, now you can make chips, French fries, or if you need julienne cut and waffle cut, this tool can manage everything of your needs.

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Making Juice

Apart from slicing, grating or shredding, this unit also proves it utility in preparing juice of different fruits very easily in a short time. You will see a juicer on the top of the handguard of this device to make this possible. Therefore, keeping all these things in mind all I can say that this device is really comes handy for you when you have a get-together at your place or you’re enjoying a holiday at some other place.


This tool comes with folded legs so that you can store it at any of your smallest places safely. Moreover, you’ll find concave notches at the bottom of this unit. It will help you to keep the device safely on any kind of containers.



6. Benriner Mandoline Slicer - Best Rated Mandoline Slicer

The Fast growing population doesn’t allow you to have a bigger space to live in. As a result, you cannot afford the useful gadgets for your home and kitchen as well with larger in size. For example, a food slicer is an important and integral part of your kitchen. It makes your cooking job done with ease and quick. But you are seen looking for a slicer that can work efficiently but doesn’t occupy much space on the countertop. Then you cannot help but go with Benrine Mandoline Slicer, one of the best rated mandoline slicers from the best of my knowledge. Let’s find it out.

Effective Design

This device has a sturdy construction for having BPA-free plastic body along with premium quality handcrafted Japanese stainless steel blades to get the better performance in cutting, slicing job that comes useful for both home and restaurant use. Therefore, this mandoline slicer is preferred by the homemakers and the professional chefs as well. It may work on every fruits and vegetables, especially on sweet potatoes it creates magic.

Interchangeable Blades

This tool is equipped with four interchangeable blades so that you can get slices of fruits and vegetables in various thickness or different shapes. You may get wide slices, julienne strips, long narrow slices, and chunky cuts for preparing different dishes with perfect shape and design.

Easy to Use

This mandoline slicer is well designed to adjust the thickness of the slices as per your choice by using an easy-turn dial. Apart from that, this device has a long handle which makes your work comfortable during use. Moreover, you’ll find hooks fixed with the bowl to keep the slices at one place.

Safety Measures

You will find a safety guard which is used to hold the smaller pieces of foods so that you don’t have to worry for finger cut. Besides, a non-skid rubber is there to keep the device stable while it is running.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning is one of the big concerns for any kitchen appliances as well as using it. Often you see people face problem to keep the device clean. But to this tool you have not even think about this as it is very easy to disassemble for cleaning every part of it. Certainly, this is one of the good things come with this device.



7. KitchenAid KC312OHOBA Mandoline Slicer- Best Cheap Mandoline Slicer

Whenever you start thinking of buying a kitchen appliance one brand is surely going to come in your mind. And that is KitchenAid. Since the past few decades, this brand has been working on the quality of their products as the time progress keeping your comfort and working time in mind. As a result, this brand always stays in the same bracket along with the other top-notch productions.

Therefore, KitchenAid V-Blade Mandoline Slicer leaves no room for questioning against its quality and utility. This model not only works efficiently to manage all your works but also cut short your working time so that you may get some spare time to concentrate on other jobs. That’s why it is taken as the best handheld mandoline slicer. Come and explore it.

Time Saving Machine

Preparing food in a scheduled time is not a cakewalk until you have a reliable device to manage some of your work. Exactly what the KitchenAid inexpensive mandoline slicer does. It can cut or slice the fruits and vegetables like sweet potatoes so easily and smoothly that sometimes the cooking time seems to you a merry time. At this point of view, this must be a perfect gift to your mom or to your spouse as well.

Effective Blades

This device is equipped with a premium quality stainless steel blade that is sharp enough to cut and slice almost every kind of foods quickly and smoothly. Moreover, the blade is strong and durable so can use this machine years after years without facing any problem.

Slicing with Different Thickness

The table under the blade of this machine is equipped in such a manner that you can adjust the thickness of the slices. You may get 1/32”, 11/16”, 3/16”, and 1/4” thick slices of various vegetables that you need them for different dishes.

Easy to Handle

You always prefer a device which is easy to handle, especially when you have lesser time left to finish your job. This device has a soft grip so that you can handle this unit comfortably while working. Apart from that, you’ll find a plastic handguard which keeps your finger safe from the cut.

Easy to Clean

As this device is dishwasher safe you may see the cleaning job much easier and quicker than others. In this way, your device can give you an uninterrupted service for a longer period.


The manufacturers provide you 1-year replacement warranty which may come helpful if any of its parts seen faulty. Moreover, you’ll get a lifetime limited warranty. Isn’t it exciting?



8. OXO 1155700 V-Blade Mandoline Slicer- Potato Chips Maker

There are a number of brands that manufacture mandoline slicer’s different models following the market demand. It proves its worth at your kitchens. Yes, it is true; those who already have brought this home are seen fully satisfied with the performance of this device.

Now the question is which one of this model you should choose for yourself? What are the features that you should consider before you going to buy one? In my opinion, keeping all the questions aside and go for OXO 1155700 V-Blade Mandoline Slicer. This would probably give you the answers to all the questions that have come to your mind. Let’s check it out.

Versatile Performance

This is a device that exactly goes with your needs for having a lot of different features. The blades, the holder, the height adjuster the textured surface, all these are there to provide you the much needed service what you expect from these kinds of device. So now have this device in your kitchen and you can dare to call your kin and pals at your place for dinner. And for that reason only, this device is called the best handheld mandoline slicer.

Blades for Multiple Uses

This machine is equipped with stainless steel made V-shaped blades that can slice both fruits and vegetables of your choice such as sweet potatoes at your preferred thickness. Not only that this device comes with four thickness settings like, 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm, and 6.0mm that can be easily adjusted by the simple turning of a knob for your different needs. Low thickness blade setting makes it the best potato chips maker.

Moreover, you will find straight, wavy and julienne blades for preparing straight, crinkle cuts and French fries respectively. So now you can go for varieties of foods as you get your desired slices and evenly pieces in no time.

Safety and Storage

These two things are the matter of concern for most of you people with any of your devices. This device comes with a few things that definitely give you those two facilities without much hassle. For example, the food holder is there to hold the food securely and save your finger from any cuts. Apart from that, this plastic-made device has a textured runway that prevents the slices from sticking. The non-slip rubber feet at the bottom, saves the device from overturning while working.
As far as the storage issue, this device comes with a lock and the feet can be folded so that you can store this unit any smallest place of your choice.



9. Benriner Mandoline Jumbo Slicer

In my previous article about the Benriner Mandoline Slicer, I have discussed some other model of the same brand which is mainly made for home kitchen and for smaller sizes of fruits and vegetables. But what if you need to slice or cut large-sized foods? Your present slicer is not fit to handle them. Therefore, you have to consider some of the other models which are mainly designed to cut foods with larger sizes.

Thanks for having Benriner Mandoline Jumbo Slicer- a mandoline slicer that can solve your problem. Now you can easily take cabbages, melons, large sweet potatoes for cutting and slicing of your desired thickness with ease. Apart from that this device has a few other good things offer which makes your interest grow towards this one of the safe mandoline slicers. Have a look.


This mandoline slicer model is made of BPA-free plastic which makes the device sturdy to handle even tough vegetables and also durable enough so that you can use it for more years to come without any hassle.


This device comes with a handcrafted Japanese stainless steel blade which is strong and sharp enough that can manage to cut even harder vegetables with ease. Precisely, this fixed blade has a wide straight edge so that you can depend upon it for making slices of larger foods without any adjustment. In this way, this Benriner mandoline slicer provides you the fruits and veggies with evenly sliced and uniform sized pieces constantly.

Easy to Use

The function of this device is so easy that even the older persons will face no problem using this. All but you need to keep this away from the children. You will find a large open handle in this tool for a comfortable grip and it doesn’t allow slipping away from your hands. This unit is equipped with hooks that could be fixed with bowls so that all the slices at one place. There is a knob with this model which is mainly used to adjust the thickness of the slices of your choice.


Safety is one of the big concerns when you’re using a device with blades like this. This device is equipped with a safety guard which protects your finger from cut while you’re slicing veggies of smaller size. Besides, there is a non-skid rubber base which keeps the device stable while it is working.



10. Kyocera Adjustable Mandoline Slicer

Sweet potatoes are not only delicious but healthy too. Just like normal potatoes sweet potatoes are also cooked in many ways. It can be taken as sliced, diced or chunked. But to prepare all the dishes of sweet potatoes is not a cakewalk. A lot of effort is needed and it is time taken too. Perhaps, a mandoline slicer could be a better tool to prepare fries and other delicious dishes made of sweet potatoes.

And to select the better model of mandoline slicer, I think you should go with Kyocera Adjustable Mandoline Slicer, because, some of its features are unique and excellent to catch your attention. Therefore, you may be considered this one of the top rated mandoline slicers for this heater. Let’s find out what it offers.

Simple and Effective Design

This Japanese mandoline slicer is a simple tool with a lightweight design to maintain the various functions of this device and allows it to do its job efficiently. This unit has some corner notches which fit with different sized bowls and plates. Moreover, the curve helps to balance this device while working and the angled blades make slices quickly and easily. Besides, this device comes with double-edged straight technology to cut short your working time. And the rubber handles to grip this device easily and tightly.

Advanced Ceramic Blades

Unlike other mandoline slicers, this device is equipped with ceramic blades that are rust-free, lightweight, and free from germs and acids. Most importantly, these blades are extremely sharp, durable, and keep their edges 10 times longer than usual stainless steel blades. It means minimum pressure requires for the perfectly slicing vegetables. Apart from that, the blades do not carry the smell or flavor of vegetables that has sliced before.

Adjustment and Protection

This mandoline slicer comes with a protective hand guard to save your fingers from cuts while you’re slicing smaller sized vegetables. You’ll find an adjustable dial with this device that provides 4-different thickness from 0.5 mm to 3.0 mm of cabbages, carrots, cucumbers, and onions etc.

Easy to Clean

As this device is simply designed with a plastic body and ceramic blades it means you may clean this device very easily using lukewarm soapy water.




Finally, all I can say that, after following every thick and thin of these models of the mandoline slicers you must attracted by them and you’ve decided to buy one for your home or the restaurant what you have own to make your kitchen works more relaxed and easier. Go for it.

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