How to Use a Mandoline Slicer to Julienne?

[Best way] How to Use a Mandoline Slicer to Julienne?

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer to Julienne?

If you want to be a cook or chef with the best calibre not only you should have a great sense of recipes but also you need to know the uses of the kitchen tools for preparing different kinds of dishes. This great ability can make your work simpler and time saver as well. Especially, for some kind of dishes where you need to cut, chop, and slice the vegetables, precisely if you have to julienne cut of your vegetables, then having only knives cannot make your job easy. In fact, it would be a nightmare to make them perfectly cut as you require. Problem? Not at all. If your kitchen is equipped with the Best Mandoline slicer it means you’re out of trouble while managing all these jobs within schedule time. Before going deeper into the discussion of how to use a mandoline slicer to julienne you need to have some ideas about a few basic things relating to this matter. Let’s begin.

What Does it Mean by a Mandoline Slicer?

The word “Mandolin” goes for a musical instrument that has some keys with different tunes.  But here a Mandoline slicer is nothing but a simple cutting board with the blade inside it. This simple tool has a cutting blade inside. All you need to push the veggies at an angle and this made your veggies cut in the uniform shape as you need.

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Madoline Slicer for Julienne Recommendations

How Does it Work?

  • If you want to cut the foods into chunks the Mandoline slicer comes handy for you.
  • A Mandoline slicer effectively works for slicing foods into uniform pieces.
  • If you want your potato pieces to get the specific shape for french fries, then this device will provide you them in no time.
  • Apart from all these, your Mandoline slicer is ready to give you the shredded cheese or cabbage very easily and shortly.

Moreover, there are various other jobs for preparing dishes where your Mandoline slicer proves very useful for you.

What Does it Mean by a Julienne Cut?

A julienne cut means your veggies are sliced into thin and even strips. The thickness of this cut varies according to the dishes you want to prepare. In some case, the foods are cut into fine slices, and most of the other cases, the veggies may be cut into more thick slices.

Why Julienne Cut is Needed?

You need to julienne cut the vegetables, and in some cases meat for mostly two reasons. Firstly, this cut makes your evenly sliced food looks better on the plates while serving. Secondly, it assures you that foods on the plates are evenly cut and cooked perfectly. It means the cook or chef can provide every part of a piece uniformly cooked or baked. Altogether, these two reasons are better enough to provide you the delicious vegan roll, French Fry, Wafer Fry, Veggie Carpaccio, Fruit Tarts and many other dishes at your dining table.

How to Use a Mandoline Slicer to Julienne?

If you want to own a Mandoline slicer, you will find that there are two types of device that have different sets of blades. The first one is a Mandoline slicer that has a single blade which produces the sliced pieces with one thickness. And the second one is with the interchangeable blades which can be adjusted to get different thicknesses especially the julienne thickness. Now it’s time to see how a Mandoline slicer can provide you the julienne cut of your veggies.

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Generally, there are two ways to get julienne cut of your foods by using a Mandoline slicer. They are-

Interchangeable Blades

If your slicer is equipped with interchangeable blades your will be going to be an easy affair. All you have to choose the julienne blade with your desired thickness. You can select anything from 1/8” -1/2” thick blade to attach with the slicer and then you can cut the julienne sticks of the veggies or fruits one after another in no time.

Single Blade

You may have to face a little problem using this type of Mandoline slicer as you need a knife apart from a Mandoline to cut the pieces of your foods. Firstly, your Mandoline will be going to provide you very thin pieces of the veggies and fruits with round shapes following the food’s shape. The sliced pieces kept into piles on a plate or a chopping board are handed over to the knife. It will certainly cut the pile down and turn into julienne sticks.

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The Safety Measures That Should be Taken

Though a Mandoline slicer is one of the very useful kitchen appliances but sometimes this can be risky if you’re not being careful enough while using this. To keep the affair safe you have to keep in mind a few things while using this device. These are-

  • You’ll find a pusher or shield attachment that comes with this device. Always try to use is as it protects your hands while it is getting close to the blades.
  • When you’re working on it make sure that the device is kept on a flat surface so that it will not topple while using leaving you bloodied finger.
  • Before starting julienne cut the ends of your veggies and fruits should be cut so that the ends become flat and your job will be done easily.

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So, now after following this article, all I hope you have got a clear idea all about the relation between a Mandoline slicer and julienne cut. This will certainly allow you to explore some new recipes along with the conventional ones without being concerned about the workload. No matter what type of Mandoline slicer you’re going to use but in every case, you’ll be certain to have nice uniform cuts of your fruits and veggies in a very short time. But one thing you should remember that you’re asked to slice the foods not your fingers because you cannot enjoy the dish made by all but yourself with that sorts of injury. Have a nice time!!

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