[Top 8] Best Tortilla Maker Reviews

Best Tortilla Maker

Wrapping pretty much anything in a tortilla always makes it taste better, right? Tortillas are an amazing go-to item for weekday dinners, family gatherings, Mexican food-themed nights, and many other occasions.

If you have ever stopped to think about how many types of fillers and preservatives go into store-bought tortillas, then you may have opted to make your own. Home-made tortillas are also ideal for anyone with gluten intolerance or wheat allergy.

Not only are they healthier, but they also taste better when you know exactly what ingredients have gone into them.

Read on to check out some reviews of the best tortilla presses available on the market at the moment. Each one is a simple piece of kitchen equipment that eliminates all of the hard work that’s usually involved with making tortillas from scratch.

Comparison Table of Top 8 Tortilla Presses

Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press8 InchCheck
IMUSA USA MEXI Aluminum Tortilla Press8 InchCheck
Norpro tortilla maker6 InchCheck
HIC Harold Import Co. Tortilla Press​6 InchCheck
10 inch Roti Maker by StarBlue10 InchCheck
Hardwood Tortilla Press​8 InchCheck
Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press​8 InchCheck
Brentwood Electric Tortilla Maker​10 InchCheck

8 Best Rated Tortilla Press

1. Victoria Cast Iron Tortilla Press

Our first product review is about the Victoria Tortilla Maker, which is possibly the best cast iron tortilla press on the market.

It comes in a very traditional style, and it’s quite simple to use. The product has two solid cast-iron plates with long arms that are securely hinged together with a heavy-duty bolt and pin.

Each of the plates is particularly smooth, and that prevents the dough from pinching and bunching up. Every single tortilla that you make with this press will be the same shape and size.

Best Feature

This press has an 8-inch plate that is ideal for all flatbreads. So not only can you create the perfect tortilla, but you can also make chapattis, roti, patacones, empanadas, and many more types of similar delicacies!

This product looks and feels very substantial as if it can laster forever, and that’s because it’s very durable. Even better, the manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty.

When you receive it, it will have been pre-seasoned with the highest quality flaxseed oil in exceedingly high temperatures.

This tortilla maker is a heavy-duty, impressive piece of kitchen equipment. Why not make it yours?



2. IMUSA USA MEXI Aluminum Tortilla Press

This tortilla maker works manually just as a traditional press would. That being said, it couldn’t be simpler to operate. First, simply place your rounded dough just off-center, preferably between two pieces of wax paper. Then, slowly close the lid and lock the long arm. You’ll find the length of the handle is great for leverage.

You really won’t need to exert much pressure. Next, open it up and flip the dough over and repeat the operation. After this second press, you should have a thin and round tortilla that is ready to cook.

Best Feature

This press is made from cast aluminum, which means it will be durable. It is also lightweight enough for even the frailest person to carry it around a kitchen. Storage is also easy as it doesn’t take up much cabinet space.

Don’t be fooled into believing this press won’t perform well just because it’s so lightweight. It will–more than enough pressure stems from its handle.

With this device, you can also make corn tortillas, tamales, and rotis!

It’s easy to see why this is a front-runner for the best tortilla press–it’s economical, effective, and fit for any kitchen.



3. Norpro tortilla maker

The first thing that you will notice about this tortilla press is just how sleek it looks. It is made from heavy cast aluminum with a mirror-polished chrome finish. It’s almost too nice to store in a cabinet–it really needs to be on show!

This product makes tortillas up to 6” wide and is so effective that each piece of dough only requires one press to come out just how you want it. That’s why this is the top-rated tortilla press for batchesIt is fast and simple to press one after the other and stack them between waxed paper to use later. They are safe to freeze too!

Best Feature

This tortilla maker comes with a recipe booklet offering delicious recipes that teach you how to make the most flavorsome and healthy tortillas!

This machine requires little effort from the user. Its lid is perfectly weighted, and its arm offers superb leverage.

In particular, we love its smooth, shiny plates. What’s not to like about this product?



4. HIC Harold Import Co. Tortilla Press

If you’ve ever tried making tortillas with a rolling pin, you know how frustrating it can be to achieve an even thickness and shape. Fortunately, this press takes the guesswork out of that process since it creates consistently-sized and shaped tortillas every time.

That point is important because tortillas that are thicker in some areas more than others will not cook evenly, leaving you with burnt and undercooked bits.

We love the simplicity of this press–once your dough is made it takes just a minute or two to press each tortilla.

The machine’s handle makes light work of pressing since all of the pressure comes from the leverage, not your physical strength.

Best Feature

This is a great product to use with the kids. It is safe and fun, and they will enjoy making various flatbreads and tortillas that can be stuffed full of healthy fillings.

This tortilla maker is slightly smaller than the ones previously featured and, as such, commands less storage space. At its widest point it’s only 8.5″, so if you store it vertically it won’t take up much cabinet space at all.

Finally, cleaning this product is simple–just use warm water and soap to scrub it clean.



5. 10 inch Roti Maker by StarBlue

If manual presses aren’t your thing and you like the idea of an appliance that can shape and cook your tortilla, then this could be the best electric tortilla maker for you.

Firstly, this machine just looks high-class. Made of high-sheen stainless steel, it can complement any kitchen aesthetic.

Inside, there are upper and lower non-stick plates that cook the top and bottom of the tortilla at the same time. Most manual presses require waxed paper to prevent the tortillas from sticking, but this machine doesn’t. It doesn’t require seasoning or oiling either!

This device is simple to operate–two neon lights indicate its power and whether ready-to-cook temperatures have been reached.

Best Feature

This tortilla and roti maker has a temperature control dial. Once the dough is pressed into a perfect shape, adjusting the temperature will help you to achieve your desired results.

This may take a little trial and error at first, but there is a very clear instruction manual that offers some suggested cooking times and temperatures.

This machine is ideal for heating up store-bought tortillas, but it’s best used at home making ones from scratch. It is ideal for anyone who might have special dietary requirements or allergies.

Although it is indeed great for making tortillas, this product also makes the best rotis. This machine can produce ones that fluff up to perfection and have a lovely crispness.

This is a very versatile and durable machine. Why not try it out for yourself?



6. Hardwood Tortilla Press

Now it is time to review something different. This is the first wooden tortilla press that we have seen, but it’s 100% fully functional.

Each piece has been expertly crafted from a mixture of hardwoods, walnut, and oak. That is why no two models are identical–there is no veneer involved, just natural wood.

These products are individually made in California and are of the highest quality.

Now that we understand how beautiful each press is, we need to know if they can provide the results for which we’re looking. Fortunately, they can.

Operation is simple–just open up the lid, place the dough near the center of the base, and close the lid. Next, you will need to pull the wooden arm over and add a little pressure. The whole operation takes around 20 seconds, then you’ll be left with a perfectly smooth and flat tortilla.

As with all manual tortilla makers, adding a few layers of plastic or parchment will allow for easier removal of the tortillas so that you don’t rip them.

Best Feature

We love how sturdy this tool is. With some of the lightweight presses, there is always a concern that the arm might break. With this product, there’s no need to worry about that. It is not at all flimsy, and we are sure that it can last for many years after you purchase it.

This might well be the best tortilla presses for thin tortillas on the market today! Not only is it an attractive piece of kitchenware that can make your kitchen look more sophisticated, but it’s manufactured with the environment in mind too! Try it out for yourself today!



7. Uno Casa Cast Iron Tortilla Press

If you are looking for a traditional tortilla press such as the kind that was once used in Mexico, then you should consider this one.

Made from cast iron by Uno Casa, it is a sturdy product that looks and feels as though it will last a lifetime. It’s delivered pre-seasoned, though many users prefer to season it themselves.

This product requires minimal assembly, which is a nice perk. With it, each tortilla can be pressed and ready to cook in less than a minute. We love that you only need to apply a little bit of pressure when you operate it since its handle and lid take care of all of the hard work for you.

Best Feature

This is the first press included in our reviews that actually supplies some parchment paper–one hundred pieces to be exact! That’s enough to prepare your next 50 batches of tortillas!

This tool’s pressing plates are both perfectly smooth and flat, which explains its great results! In addition, its handle has a reinforced bolt design that’s positioned to apply just enough pressure to create thin tortillas.

This is a very versatile press that is best suited for making all kinds of flat breads and pastries. Even mini-tarts and empanadas will be ready for stuffing and cooking when you’re done with this device!



8. Brentwood Electric Tortilla Maker

Our final review is for another electric tortilla press. This machine rules out the need for a skillet since it can press dough and then cook it as well. It is also ideal for warming pre-made or store-bought tortillas.

The machine features two indicator lights, the first for power and the other to alert the user when their desired temperature has been reached. The adjustable heat setting is also great for customizing your cooking experience. It may take a little trial and error in the beginning, but remember that higher temperatures typically give you a crisper tortilla.

Best Feature

This machine has 10” cooking plates that allow you to make really large tortillas. The plates are made from non-stick aluminum, so each tortilla can be removed with ease.

The brushed stainless-steel design of the machine looks very modern. In addition, its handle remains cool even while heating is in progress–a safety feature that we love.

Finally, you can store this press vertically, so it takes up minimal storage space. What’s not to like?



Features and Factors to Consider when Buying a Tortilla Maker

Manual or Electrical Operation

Manual tortilla presses are more traditional and more prominent among Mexican cooks. They are easy to operate and allow you to manipulate the dough to so you can achieve the exact size and shape you need. The leverage from the press’s arm should be more than strong enough to enable you to flatten the dough when the time comes.

In general, manual tortilla presses are also much more affordable.

Electric tortilla makers usually go one step further. Not only do they shape and flatten the dough, but they also cook it.

They usually have non-stick plates and don’t rely on a grease-proof paper layer to prevent the dough from sticking.

That being said, they’re typically more expensive and bulkier than manual presses.


Most electric tortilla makers have stainless-steel parts. This keeps them cool on the outside and makes them corrosion-resistant and durable. Even better, they have non-stick plates so you can lift off your tortillas without worrying about them sticking.

Manual tortilla presses are most often made from heavy-duty aluminum or cast iron.

While both types of metals allow you to perform the same task, cast iron is heavier, makes a smoother tortilla, and can last for a lifetime.

Aluminum presses are lightweight, durable, and easy to operate. They are usually silver, a color some people prefer in their kitchens.


Your press’s size should depend on why you want to make tortillas. If you want to make large quesadillas to stuff with various ingredients, you’ll likely have many presses from which to choose. Remember–even if you buy a larger press, you can always use it to make smaller tortillas. You can’t say the same for smaller presses.

Types of Tortilla Press

There are two main types of tortilla presses, but we’re going to examine all of the types you’d typically see on the market today.


Electric machines perform two actions. First, they press the dough into its shape. Then, they cook both sides of the tortilla evenly without requiring that you flip it.


We have covered three different manual presses in this article.  Note that all manual presses require a layer of plastic or paper between the dough and the pressing plate to prevent sticking.

Cast Iron

This is the most traditional and heavy-duty style. They are highly durable and effective.


These are lighter-weight than cast iron but work according to the same principle.


There is only one wooden tortilla press on this list because they just aren’t very common. Still, they are very effective and and incredibly stylish. Unfortunately, since they’re crafted from hardwood, they are usually the most expensive option.

How to Properly Use a Tortilla Press

Manual tortilla presses really are simple to use, and once you have mastered the art of making the perfect dough, they are extremely cost-effective and healthy.

Here’s how they work-

  • Once you have prepared the perfect dough (cornflour works best) let it rest for half an hour. It should be the consistency of playdough!
  • Take a piece of wax paper or plastic (a cut-up Ziploc bag works well) and place it on the bottom plate.
  • Roll a golf-ball-sized piece of dough into a ball and place it off-center on the plate
  • Place the second piece of paper of plastic over the top
  • Lower the upper lid to close the tortilla maker, then press the arm over the plates. You’ll feel a tiny bit of resistance–that’s just the dough flattening.
  • Open it up and flip and rotate the dough in the plastic, then repeat the operation.
  • Do this twice, and you should produce a thin, rounded tortilla.
  • Repeat if you would like it to be thinner.
  • Lift it out of the appliance and place it into a heated skillet for a few seconds on each side.
  • Enjoy your warm, tasty tortilla.

Frequently Asked Questions

Traditional tortillas are made using cornflour, yes.

You will find that using regular flour that is high in gluten won’t give you good results. The gluten is full of elastic which makes the dough harder to flatten. It naturally wants to retract and spring back into shape no matter how many times you try and flatten it.

However, many people prefer the taste of a flour tortilla and finish off the process with a rolling pin to get them nice and thin. Finding the best tortilla press for flour tortillas is a difficult task for those reasons.

If you don’t use it, your dough may stick to the plates.

Using a layer of plastic or wax paper will help you lift off the dough once it’s done.

Don’t worry about consistent thickness–the press will take care of that.

To make sure your tortillas are all the same size, we suggest using an ice cream scooper to ensure you use the same amount of dough for every tortilla.

This is our favorite tortilla flour. It is naturally gluten-free and makes the best tortillas and tamales.

It differs slightly from corn flour since its corn is soaked in lime water.

All of the tortilla makers featured in our reviews offer consistent results.

Since they don’t offer an option for you to customize the thickness of your tortillas, some users choose to add multiple layers of waxed paper above the dough for an even thinner finish.


Tortilla presses are a great way to get all of the family involved in the meal preparation process. The best part about them is their multi-functionality!

If you’re having an Indian buffet, then you can make rotis, chapattis, and naan bread. Or maybe its Mexican night and you need tortillas, tamales, and quesadillas. Or maybe you’re sweet tooth has you in the mood for mini-pies, quiches, and tarts.

Whatever you decide to do with your tortilla maker, we hope that you have many wonderful cooking experiences!


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