[Top 10] Best Handheld Cheese Slicer Reviews for Heavy Duty

best handheld cheese slicer

Cooking food is not limited to boiling, frying, and adding spices. Apart from taste, your cooking should make your meals more aesthetically attractive as well. To achieve that effect, you have to slice your food well. And sometimes, a kitchen knife just can’t make those perfect slices. But, after all, you can’t blame your knife because it’s not the optimal tool for slicing.

If you need to cut particular ingredients like cheese into perfect slices, then you need to use a handheld cheese slicer. It’ll be able to slice blocks of hard and semi-hard cheese easily, and it’ll also protect your fingers.

This is a helpful kitchen item that produces slices of cheese perfect for snacking as well as cooking. Furthermore, you can save some money by owning a cheese slicer because it’ll allow you to buy block cheese instead of the pricy pre-sliced kind. 

Check out the following top-rated cheese slicer reviews to determine which one is right for you.

Comparison Table of Best Handheld Heavy-Duty Cheese Slicers

Westmark Multipurpose Cheese SlicerCheck
Westmark 29272260 Cheese SlicerCheck
Chef'n Slicester Cheese SlicerCheck
Fox Run 3841 Marble Cheese SlicerCheck
Westmark Heavy Duty Cheese SlicerCheck
Prodyne 805B Cheese SlicerCheck
Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer- Best Wire Cheese SlicerCheck
Norpro Heavy Duty Adjustable Cheese SlicerCheck
Barmix Cheese Slicer for Hard CheeseCheck
Westmark Germany Stainless Steel SlicerCheck

10 Best Cheese Slicers for Your Kitchen

1. Westmark Multipurpose Cheese Slicer

A tool with multiple uses is always a worthwhile purchase, especially when it’s of the kitchen variety. The Westmark Multipurpose Stainless Steel Cheese and Food Slicer can be used to slice cheese, fruits, and vegetables. This slicer may be the best on the market.

Ergonomic Design

The elegant and futuristic design of this multipurpose device makes it one of the best slicers for hard cheeses. The machine features a high-quality stainless steel blade and a heavy-duty aluminum handle. Both are durable and provide a longer lifespan for this unit.

Not only that, but it has a clean-looking base made from ABS (plastic) material and a polypropylene scale that can be adjusted to measure pieces of cheese.

How it Works

The aluminum handle can easily chop through hard and soft cheeses without much resistance. Also, its flexible thickness feature allows you to slice foods according to your preferred size.

Multipurpose Uses

As described earlier, this device can not only be used for slicing cheese, but also other foods like sausages or cucumbers. So, if you want to prepare some quick dishes made with cheese and other sliced foods, you won’t have to worry about purchasing the pre-sliced versions.

How to Clean

After its use, cleaning and maintaining slicers can sometimes be arduous. But for this machine, it’s rather easy. Simply find some soap and scrub the food scraps out of your machine until it’s clean. After that, rinse it and dry it to preserve its pristine condition.


If you decide that this product isn’t the right fit for your kitchen after taking it home, the manufacturer will refund your money for up to five years after your purchase.

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2. Westmark 29272260 Cheese Slicer

Sometimes you need tools that are efficient and only call for minimal effort. The Westmark Cheese Slicer is one of the smallest slicers on the market, and it makes your slicing jobs quick and easy. For this reason, it’s considered one of the top-rated cheese slicers out there.


This attractive-looking and elegant handheld cheese slicer is made of stainless steel, which makes it sturdy enough to handle any hard or semi-hard cheese. Besides that, it makes the device long-lasting and prevents rust.


This tool comes with a sharp blade that’ll do everything you ask of it. It doesn’t put any strain on your wrist, and it can glide effortlessly through different foods without flexing or bending.

Perfect Slices

This machine is capable of creating the best slices of cheese for sandwiches, antipasti, and other foodstuffs. Your meals will not only be tasty to eat, but also eye-catching.

Comfortable Grip

This slicer’s handle has comfortable rubber grips so that it doesn’t slip during use. In addition, it also has a hanging hole that allows you to store it safely within reach.

Multiple Uses

Thankfully, this is not a single-use machine. Apart from cutting and slicing cheese, you can use it for serving cake or pie, peeling vegetables, and more.


This unit comes with a five-year warranty, so the manufacturer will replace it if you discover any defects during that period.

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3. Chef'n Slicester Cheese Slicer

Most people prepare snacks and/or meals at home on a daily basis. Therefore, it’s imperative that you have at least one cheese slicer in your kitchen. Unfortunately, it’s not always possible for you to keep the device away from your kids.

For that reason, you need a slicer that’s designed to protect your children. That’s why, if you have kids, the Chef’n Slicester Cheese Slicer (Apricot) is the product for you. This device is one of the best cheese cutters available on the market.

Beautifully Designed

This slicer is beautifully designed from apricot-colored plastic. Also, it’s specially designed to protect your fingers while working.

Stainless Steel Blade

This device is equipped with an unpolished and hardened stainless steel blade that allows the machine to create perfect slices of cheese. Forget about uneven slices–it’s time to slice your semi-soft blocks into flawless slices for burgers, sandwiches, paninis, and more.

How it Works

This product functions in a unique manner. You just place the blade on the top of the block of the cheese with the rolling guide bar facing out, and press down to slice it. In this way, without applying too much effort, you’ll produce slices that are consistent in size.

Adjustable Thickness

Not only are the slices you receive all one size, but there’s a dial near the device’s blade with which you can adjust each slice’s thickness. It offers three different thickness settings.

Cleaning the Machine

Cleaning is one of the biggest concerns for any device on this list. Most of the time, washing is just simply too time-intensive and exhausting to consider. But with this device, you can simply use soap and water. Just make sure you dry it with a towel when you’re done.



4. Fox Run 3841 Marble Cheese Slicer

A good cheese slicer is always ready to provide a beautiful slice of cheese with even proportions. Therefore, it’s essential for every household to have a high-quality slicer. The Fox Run Marble Cheese Slicer is one of the best devices available for cutting both hard and soft cheeses.

Not only is this useful for household purposes, but if you work in a restaurant it can come in handy for you too.


This Fox Run cheese slicer is 100% marble-constructed. This makes the unit supremely sturdy and durable. Apart from that, the unique makeup enhances its beauty.

It’s very high-quality, and you can use it as a serving board too.

Stainless Steel Wire Cuts

This product’s wire cuts are made from stainless steel. That feature allows it to cut soft, semi-soft, and hard cheeses and prevents rusting. It cuts slices so finely that you’ll never find a trace of food left inside of it.

Easy to Use

The device’s handle is easy to operate and the marble remains cool regardless of the room’s temperature. The product is also light enough to transport without issue. Finally, it’s very easy to clean with warm and soapy water.

Non-Slip Rubber Feet

You may think it’d be funny if your slicer keeps sliding around while you’re operating it, but what if you had an accident? With that concern in mind, this slicer included non-slip rubber feet to stabilize it on every surface it touches.

Replacement of Wires

It’s possible that this device’s wires may tear someday due to continuous use. In that case, it’d be useless until the wires are replaced. Fortunately, this product comes with two replacement wires.

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5. Westmark Heavy Duty Cheese Slicer

A handheld cheese slicer is always better when it’s both simple and efficient. And if it’s a German product, then you definitely won’t need to worry about its quality. This Westmark Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Wire Cheese Slicer fits that bill, and it just may be the product for you.

This is considered one of the best cheese slicers in the world. It’s most useful feature is one that allows you to adjust the angle at which you slice cheese so you can create different shapes and sizes. 


Let’s check out some more of its features.


The durability of this product is amazing thanks to its stainless steel wire and high-quality roller. Also, the handle is made from aluminum, so it’s strong enough to handle almost any workload.

Easy and Precise Cutting

The sharp stainless steel cutting wire can cut even semi-hard cheeses with ease. In that way, this device saves time and energy which you need for other activities. With this product in hand, your cheeses will be sliced whether you’re just cooking for your family or running a restaurant.

Adjustable Thickness

This device not only slices your cheeses but also makes adjusts the thickness of the slices with its tilt function. That means you can customize slices for burgers, sandwiches, and more.


Cleaning is also a big concern for any kitchen appliance because it’s often a time-suck. But in this case, you only need some soapy water and your cleaning job can be finished in minutes.


The manufacturer of this device offers a five-year warranty, which means you can use it without any worries. If you notice any defects during that period, the company promises to provide necessary repairs or even a total replacement. Not only that, they’re even ready to offer a cash refund.

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6. Prodyne 805B Cheese Slicer

A cheese slicer is a tool that always proves its worth in your kitchen. That’s why everyone loves to have one. But there are a lot of brands and models available on the market, and you have to choose the one that best suits your needs.

Odds are, you prefer a simple and efficient device. That’s why you should consider the Prodyne 805B Wood Cheese Slicer. Let’s check out some of its features.

Elegant Design

Made of thick beechwood, this device has an elegant, sophisticated design that would match almost any kitchen’s decor. The natural finish on the board also allows you to use it as a serving platter during parties.

In addition, the thick beechwood gives the slicer the stability it needs. And above all, the 9.5”x 6” top provides enough space to cut large chunks of cheese at once.

Perfect Cutting Job

This device is equipped with a robust stainless steel wire that cuts both soft and hard cheeses into virtually proportionate slices. Even the hardest varieties of cheese don’t stand a chance against its wire. As a result, you’ll get perfect slices time you use it.

Easy to Handle

This product has a chrome slicing arm and a handle grip to provide excellent control while you’re operating it. Even if your hands are wet, the handle never gets slippery.


This device is fixed with anti-slip rubber feet that keep it stable at all times. They also protect your counters.

Long-Run Warranty

If you purchase this product, it”ll come with a lifelong warranty for the wire. Moreover, the manufacturer is obligated to replace the wire in the future if needed.

Easy to Clean

This machine is very easy to clean–you just simply wash it with a soft detergent and then pat gently with a dishcloth.

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7. Bellemain Adjustable Thickness Cheese Slicer- Best Wire Cheese Slicer

The cheese slicer is such a tool that can be quite efficient both at home or in a restaurant. Regardless of where you use it, it’ll cut cheese reliably for you. 

Unfortunately, it can be difficult to select one that has every feature you’re seeking. However, the Bellemain Cheese Slicer might just be an exception to that rule. 

Let’s examine its features.

Elegant Design

This model’s elegant design is undeniable. This cheese slicer would fit right into any kitchen without question. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing, but its solid zinc alloy body offers uncanny durability.

Strong Construction

This tool is entirely made of stainless steel, which makes it sturdy and durable. Also, the handle is easy to grip, so you can work comfortably without straining yourself.

Sharp Cutting

The heavy-duty stainless steel wire in this unit offers smooth cutting. This blade can do the job for years without a sharpen. Besides, the product even comes with an extra wire you can use if needed.

Essential Adjustments

With this product, you don’t have to slice your cheeses the same way every time. The adjustable wire and roller empower you to create slices as thin as ¼”. Or, if you’d rather cut thicker slices, you can cut ones as thick as 3.5”.

How it Works

This slicer slices both hard and soft cheeses quite efficiently, though you may have to identify the perfect angle when slicing large blocks.



8. Norpro Heavy Duty Adjustable Cheese Slicer

Those who still depend on a knife for slicing cheese may not always be able to fashion the pieces how they want. To always cut slices that are consistent in shape and size, you should purchase a cheese slicer for your kitchen.

And if you want a slicer that doubles as a roller with a strong build and an adjustable thickness function, consider the Norpro Heavy Duty Cheese Slicer.

Purposeful and Durable Design

This device has a stocky design with a short handle and a comparatively long wire. That design helps it to function effortlessly and improves its lifespan. Since it’s smaller, you can keep it in a drawer. Furthermore, the zinc alloy-made construction makes this device heavy and durable.

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Strong Stainless Steel Wire

This cheese cutter is fitted with a strong and sharp stainless steel cutting wire that can cut hard cheeses into thin, even slices. Moreover, it comes with two extra wires just in case you need to replace the original.

Adjustable Thickness

You can turn a knob on the side of the unit to adjust the thickness of your cheese slices depending on whether you’re using them for burgers, sandwiches, or some other dish.

Easy to Handle

The round handle of this device can help you grip it easily while operating it, making your job quick and effortless. There’s also a handle hole that allows you to store it safely. Finally, it’s very simple to clean it–you only need soap, water, and a dry kitchen cloth.



9. Barmix Cheese Slicer for Hard Cheese

Who doesn’t like to have a slice of cheese on their sandwich or burger? Those foods always taste and look better when the cheese is evenly cut.

But don’t fear–we have a cheese slicer that can do just that. The Barmix Cheese Slicer is one of the best heavy-duty models on the market. Let’s take a look at some of its features.

Heavy-Duty Machine

This device is made of heavy-duty stainless steel, which makes it highly durable. For those who run restaurants, this product can help you manage your workload. Apart from that, it can cut fruits, vegetables, hard cheeses, and butter with ease.

Sharp Cutting Blade

This device is fitted with a stainless steel cutting blade that can produce perfect cheese slices regardless of your block’s hardness. Operating it doesn’t demand much effort at all, and all of the slicing can be executed quite smoothly.

Easy Grip and No-Slip Handle

Though the product’s made from heavy-duty stainless steel, it sports a black rubber handle. This makes the unit easy to grip and also prevents it from slipping out of your hands while you’re slicing a block of cheese. Not only that, but it has a hanging hole at the top of the handle which makes for convenient storage.

Multi-Purpose Uses

Not only is this device considered one of the best cheese slicers available, but it can also function as a pie or vegetable peeler. With the Barmix slicer in your kitchen, you’ll have an array of functions at your fingertips.

Easy to Clean

Since this Barmix cutter is a non-stick product that’s also dishwasher-safe, it’s easy to clean. You only need soap, water, and a dry cloth.

Lifetime Warranty

This item’s manufacturers have complete faith in its quality and durability. Therefore, they’ve offered a lifetime warranty that you receive upon purchasing it.



10. Westmark Germany Stainless Steel Slicer

This product is multipurpose, which is often music to consumers’ ears. If your cheese slicer can slice mushrooms, eggs, strawberries, kiwis, and more, then it will be an invaluable asset for your kitchen.

The Westmark Germany Stainless Steel Multipurpose Slicer with Seven Blades is a tool that can instantly upgrade your kitchen. Let’s check out some of its features.

Strong Construction

This device’s base and handle are made of heavy-duty cast aluminum. That means it’s highly durable regardless of the foods you’re slicing.

Apart from that, the ergonomically-designed handle also offers an sure-handed grip to help you operate the machine without any stress.

Sharp Cutting Blades

This device is equipped with seven high-quality stainless steel blades sharp enough to cut almost every kind of food item you could imagine. It’s perfect for slicing food for dinner parties.

Easy to Clean

Cleaning can occasionally be a hassle for such sizable kitchen appliances. But in this case, all you need is soap and water to clean the slicer in just a few minutes.


These manufacturers have great confidence in their product. In fact, they’re willing to offer you a five-year warranty with a refund guarantee in case you’re not satisfied with their slicer.




Now that you’ve had the opportunity to read about some of the best cheese slicers on the market, hopefully you feel as though you have enough information to make the right choice.

All of these devices are high-quality and durable, so it would be hard to go wrong regardless of the one you purchase. Just remember, when considering which one to buy, make sure you select the device that best suits your cooking needs.

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