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It is often said that we eat with our eyes, and that truism definitely has some validity to it. After all, if there are two plates of food in front of us, wouldn’t we all choose the most well-presented one?

Though plating food in an aesthetically pleasing way may sound like an art that’s impossible to perfect, you can actually practice it in your own kitchen!

Investing in the best home meat slicer can ensure that every plate of food you serve looks amazing. Each piece of meat, each vegetable, and each slice of bread will be cut in a uniform manner to ensure that your plates look tastier than ever.

Comparison Table of Best Home Meat Slicer

Chef'sChoice Electric Meat SlicerChef'sChoicePrice
Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food SlicerCuisinartPrice
BESWOOD Electric Meat SlicerBESWOODPrice
Nesco FS-250 Meat SlicerNescoPrice
Weston Manual Jerky SlicerWestonPrice
Continental Electric Meat SlicerContinental ElectricPrice
Elite Platinum Meat SlicerMaxi-MaticPrice
Della Electric Meat SlicerDELLAPrice
Kitchener Electric Meat SlicerKitchenerPrice
KWS 12" Premium Meat SlicerKitchenWare StationPrice

Top 10 Meat Slicers for Your Kitchen

1. Chef'sChoice Electric Meat Slicer

If you’re looking for a food slicer to use at home that’s substantial enough to deal with your everyday slicing needs yet light enough to store in a cabinet, take a look at this one.


This product’s 120-watt engine has high-torque capabilities that provide awesome slicing power. Also, its seven-inch blade has no problem cutting paper-thin thick slices.

There’s also a “shut-off” button that restricts access to the blade when the machine isn’t in use. While it is in use, the engine runs quietly and special technology ensures it remains cool.

Finally, four raised rubber feet help the machine grip the counter while in use.


This slicer looks very attractive with its high-sheen stainless steel and cast-aluminum finish.
Not only will it remain durable for years to come, but it also looks great as a piece of kitchen furniture.
If you care more about its practical uses, then you’ll be glad to know it weighs less than 12 pounds and can easily be stored.


Many parts of this food slicer can be easily removed for cleaning. The food carriage, food pusher, food deflector, and thickness guide plate can all be transported into a bowl of warm, soapy water. The blade can then be wiped over or removed and washed.



2. Cuisinart Kitchen Pro Food Slicer

If you like the idea of having lots of sliced deli meat at home that stays fresh for long periods of time, this could be the best home meat slicer for you.

Everyone knows that sliced meats only last a day or two in the refrigerator before they expire. But if you can slice the exact amount you need each time, then those rolls of cured meats will last much longer.


This product’s 130-watt engine powers it so that it can slice through meats, hard cheeses, and fruits with stunning rapidity.

Its 7.5” serrated blades make light work of vegetables and salads with minimal effort from you.

Cutting a roast into lovely half-an-inch-thick slices is easy, and so is cutting the ham into slices just 1/32″ thin.


All of this machine’s stainless-steel components are of premium quality. and the aluminum housing is die-cast and exceeds all food-safety regulations.

The blade is also stainless-steel, which means it’s highly effective and can last for years.


The blade, carriage, and guide can all be easily removed for simple cleanup. Finally, there is one screw that requires a 90-degree turn to free the blade, which you’d then return after cleaning it.



3. BESWOOD Electric Meat Slicer

If you are looking for an all-purpose meat slicer that can satisfy your various needs without making too big a hole in your pocket, then your search is over.

The BESWOOD 10 Premium Food Slicer is possibly the best product on this list. Let’s check out some of its most attractive features.


This machine is an ideal slicer for restaurants, commercial kitchens, and cafes. However, that isn’t to say it can’t be used at home either. It can handle boneless meats, cheeses, veggies, hams, and fruits.

With this device, you can slice all such items into any thickness. The 240-watt motor can handle the work in no time, and it also protects you from power shocks. All you need to do is turn on the machine and allow it to rapidly turn big chunks of meat into perfectly-sliced pieces.


The blades of this Beswood slicer are made of chromium-plated carbon steel that was forged at exceptionally hightemperatures. That’s the secret behind their strength and durability. The blade stays sharp for long periods of time without any need for sharpening.

This slicer has two stone sharpeners that work to constantly sharpen the edge of the blade. In addition, the premium V-belt keeps the machine free from vibration and noise while it is working.

The machine is equipped with rubber feet which protect it from skidding. Finally, its aluminum body provides some much-needed durability.


This product’s chromium-plated carbon steel keeps its blade safe from corrosion, and the double-illuminated power  switch protects you from shocks. Finally, its strong blade cover can prevent any nasty accidents.



4. Nesco FS-250 Meat Slicer

If you’re looking for a meat slicer for your kitchen, then this Nesco product could be the ideal product for you. It isn’t too large or bulky, which makes it perfect for home use.


The machine’s 180-watt, gear-driven motor is powerful and more than capable of handling all kinds of foods. Also, its largest-sized blade with serrated edges can easily cut through tough meats or crusty bread.

Finally, the knob that determines your ingredients’ thickness is very accurate, and this device’s serrated blades cut through tough meat and delicate crusty bread with ease.


This meat slicer measures 15”x 10.5” x11” and weighs just 13.2 pounds, which makes it light enough to move around if needed but heavy enough to remain stable during use. The body and its interior components are constructed from durable stainless steel to provide long and reliable service.

The product’s blade is 8.7 inches in diameter and is larger than those offered by similar machines. Its serrated edges can slice through any kind of meat, fruit, or vegetable, and the suction cups attached to its base stabilize it during use.


This device’s carriage is permanently mounted to the bar but you can still tilt it over a sink to clean it. Better yet, its blade is easy to remove for cleaning and only takes a few seconds to reassemble. This unit also comes with a hand guard.

The power switch of this unit is in a side recess, which reduces the chances of accidental activation. Finally, this device’s one-year warranty gives you a chance to experiment with it without fully committing to it right away.

Overall, this is a very reliable machine available at a very affordable price.



5. Weston Manual Jerky Slicer

If you are looking for a slicer that can produce deli cuts perfect for tasty sandwiches, then you’ve come to the right place. The Weston Manual Jerky Slicer is a manual device, but it can still slice through the toughest cuts of meat. There’s no doubt this is one of the best meat slicers for making jerky.


This device is manual but still strong enough to tackle every kind of food, even the toughest pieces of meat. After all, it’s still faster and much more efficient than using a knife. Its blade settings offer a wide range of slicing thickness from 1 ¼” to 5” thick.


This device is made of heavy-duty cast iron, which makes it quite durable. Moreover, this device it’s equipped with 32 stainless-steel blades.

The stainless steel combs work to prevent jamming caused by meat that gets caught around the blades. The blades also have a food-safe coating to provide peace of mind.


The product’s cast-aluminum exterior and two-part assembly ensure it can be taken apart to be cleaned and maintained.



6. Continental Electric Meat Slicer

Are you the owner of a deli or a small restaurant, or do you run a commercial kitchen? If yes, then undoubtedly you have a huge amount of foodstuffs that you need to cut or slice throughout each day. If the job is far too demanding and repetitive for a knife, consider investing in a meat slicer.

Take a look at the Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer–this could be the answer to all of your dreams.


This product’s 150-watt motor is powerful enough to slice almost any ingredient. Couple that with larger-than-average, strong blades and you have a cutting edge piece of kitchen equipment.

Most importantly, it can prepare multiple slices in a fraction of the time it might take a human to slice with a knife. You’ll waste exponentially less time with this economical solution.


This machine is made from cast aluminum that provides strength and durability so that it can run efficiently for years. Its stainless-steel blades are sharp enough for slicing different types of foods smoothly and cleanly and tough enough to last long periods between sharpening.

The other vital parts are made of high-quality plastic to provide much-needed resilience.


This machine can be stripped down for cleaning at the end of each day. Reassembly is very simple too.

Finally, there are safety guards on the blade and an additional one for the thumb to ensure the user is safe at all times.



7. Elite Platinum Meat Slicer

The Elite Gourmet EMT- 503B Electric Food Slicer is the ideal appliance for your home kitchen if you like to have lots of dinner parties and entertain people. After all, nothing looks more impressive than when each meal you serve looks just as cultured and refined as the last.


This meat slicer performs well regardless of what you throw into it, even frozen meat that’s only beginning to thaw! The 180-watt motor ensures that enough power is generated to make light work of most items.

Also, the blade is powerful enough to withstand the textures of a wide variety of ingredients.

The serration on the blade helps create clean slices when slicing more delicate foods like soft fruits and bread.

You can manufacture consistent slices simply by turning the adjuster dial and until it’s set to your desired thickness.


The outer casing, including the base of this device, is made from aluminum to provide strength and durability.

Cleverly, this slicer also has some gear systems that enable it to automatically adjust its slicing speed according to the size of the food being cut.

This machine also comes with a fine-edged stainless-steel serrated blade that’s rust-free and easy to clean.

Finally, its adjuster pad helps you customize your desired thickness level.


Since the outer casing and base are made from aluminum material, they’re quite easy to clean. In addition, the blade, food tray, and blade guard are all removable so you can clean every part of the machine.

This product is easy to carry, easy to store, and easy to use. Altogether, it’s probably the best affordable meat slicer on this list.



8. Della Electric Meat Slicer

If you’re looking for a deli meat slicer that cuts meats and vegetables in no time, this product warrants serious consideration. Suited for both the home kitchen and commercial kitchen, the Della Commercial Electric Meat Slicer is a highly efficient machine.


This Della meat slicer has a heavy-duty, powerful motor of 240 watts. Also, its 8.7-inch-wide serrated-edge blade can handle even large chunks of tough meat and other vegetables.


This device is made of high-quality stainless steel that provides the the strength and durability you need in your kitchen. Whether it be meat, bread, cheese, or vegetables, it can dice them all into equal slices.


East to operate and efficient, this product is also easy to maintain due to its robust construction. Most notably, the blade will stay sharp for long periods of time without a constant need to resharpen.

The machine’s hinge design makes cleanup a breeze. Simply flip it up and wipe it with warm soapy water. The protective blade cover will remain in place to ensure your safety.

Finally, the suction cup stabilizes your slicer during operation. For all of these reasons, this is definitely one of the best meat slicers on the market.



9. Kitchener Electric Meat Slicer

Every professional kitchen needs a reliable slicing machine to satisfy their meat-slicing needs.

When serving multiple plates of the same food, a chef always strives to make each plate look identical. This effect is much easier to achieve if your meats, vegetables, and cheeses have been sliced by the same machine.

This product from Kitchener is possibly the best meat slicer any professional could hope to use in their kitchen.


This device is well-designed, with storage and transportation kept in mind by its manufacturer. It is a relatively compact shape and takes up little room.

The blade is sharp and strong enough to take care of all types of meats–it even powers through salamis and tough cuts of beef.

This unit comes with an adjustable thickness control knob that can slice up products that are up to 5/8” thick. It also has a big platform that can easily accommodate larger items so you don’t have to worry about dropping them.


This device is made of stainless steel, which means it’s rust-resistant. It’s powered by a conveyor belt which is driven by a 150-watt motor and is energy-saving since it utilizes minimal power. Four suction-cup feet keep the machine steady during operation.

This product’s body and most of its parts are constructed from premium-coated steel and cast-aluminum die, ensuring that it’s robust and durable. This slicer also comes with a stainless-steel carriage with finger protection.


This device comes with a removable blade which you can clean regularly without any hassle. Doing so also prevents the cross-contamination of different foods.



10. KWS 12" Premium Meat Slicer

This is a powerful piece of equipment ideally suited for a store or restaurant. Its large blades make light work of even the toughest meats, which can then be displayed for sale.

This is such a powerful machine that slicing through frozen food is no problem for it. For all of these reasons, this is probably the best frozen meat slicer for commercial use.


This 420-watt KWS meat slicer offers several features that make it one of the best products for both domestic and commercial use. Its quality construction ensures that it will last longer while continuing to slice meats efficiently.

This product has larger blades and more power than most of its competitors, and it’s capable of fabricating uniform slices of wafer-thin hams as well as thicker slices of bread or cheeses.


This machine’s overall dimensions are 24.8”x20.9”x18.5”, and it weighs 60 pounds. It’s constructed from a corrosion-free aluminum alloy that makes it highly durable. It’s heavier than many similar devices, but it makes up for its lack of portability with its power.

Furthermore, its powerful 420-watt motor makes it suited for use in restaurants, delis, butchers’ shops, and commercial kitchens. It’s this powerful motor combined with its stainless-steel blades that enable it to cut through frozen pieces of meat.


Skid-proof rubber pads attached to the bottom of this product keep it in place during operation. Cleverly, the dual built-in whetstones keep its blade sharp as its motor runs.

Believe it or not, the entire unit can be disassembled by just removing three screws. This makes it incredibly easy to clean and reassemble.

This truly is the best frozen meat slicer available at the moment.



We hope that this list has helped you determine which appliance is best for your kitchen. Don’t forget to refer back to this article before you purchase any of these items!

What is a Meat or Food Slicer?

A meat slicer is a kitchen appliance that’s sometimes manually-powered but more often electrically-powered.

As the name suggests, it is used to slice meat and other foodstuffs into particularly neat and often very thin slices. This is done with the use of an electronic rotary blade.

If you choose to buy a manual slicer, you will have to physically move the meat back and forth across a stationary blade to produce your slices.

Whichever style you choose, you can be rest assured that safety is paramount for all manufacturers in this space. With every appliance on this list, there is a hand-guard that will provide distance between your fingers and the blade.

Your meat slicer can be used in place of a kitchen knife to guarantee that your slices are uniform in both size and thickness.

With one of the products on this list at your disposal, meats, roasts, and vegetables can all look like they were prepared by a professional chef. Better yet, you’ll save a ton of time since you won’t have to slice them manually.

There was once a time when quality meat slicers were seen only in professional kitchens, butcher shops, and stores. Now several varieties of slicers are available, and they can all make your work faster, easier, and neater.

What is a Meat Slicer For?

Ultra-Thin Pieces

Meat slicers have an adjustable dial that allows the user customize the thickness of their slices. They can be wafer-thin or thick and juicy–the choice is yours.

Even Pieces

With one of these machines, each piece of meat you slice will be uniform in thickness and size, which makes for beautifully-plated meals.

Saves Time

The powerful motor of an electric meat slicer generates high torque and even higher speeds to help you reduce your cooking time. Those who run a food outlet or restaurant understand how important it is to maintain a quick service time, but minimizing prep can be equally helpful for home cooks.

Reduce Workload

It isn’t easy for everyone to cut pieces of meat, vegetables, and fruits for long periods of time. That exercise can cause fatigue and even arm pain. Let one of these machines handle that for you so you can focus on more important tasks.

Some Important Features – A Buyer’s Guide

Before heading out to buy a meat slicer for your home, there are a few things that you should know. Let’s go through them.


Engine power is one of the main features of any meat slicer you must consider. If you have to cook a lot of meat, you’ll need a high-power motor that generates a blade speed sufficient enough to increase your productivity. For this reason, you should target products with motors that offer at least 120 watts in power.


The edge of the blade also plays an important role in a meat slicer’s effectiveness. There are two types of blades that come with slicers: serrated blades and smooth-edge blades. Serrated blades are best for slicing breads and tough meats. Smooth-edge blades are best for slicing lean meats and vegetables. In addition, the size of the blade also matters. You should seek out slicers with 7”, 9”, and 14” blades.

Food Tray

The food tray is another item that you have to consider when purchasing a meat slicer. Most trays range from 7.5” to 12” in diameter, but if you often slice meats larger than 12” then you’ll have to find a slicer with a tray that can accommodate such sizes.

Thickness Plate

The thickness plate determines the width of your meat slices. Most machines’ plates can cut meats anywhere from paper-thin to about 1” in thickness. Each machine should be equipped with a dial that allows you to customize the thickness of your slices.


There are some meats slicers that not only slice meat but can also slice vegetables and hard cheeses. These types of slicers are typically more expensive and are primarily manufactured for commercial use.


Durability is a major factor since you don’t want to invest in a product that won’t last long.

Though the stainless-steel models are usually more expensive, they are corrosion-resistant and strong enough to last for years. Over time, investing in one of them will undoubtedly save you money.

Also, look for machines with tougher blades that won’t constantly need to be replaced at your expense.

Safety Features

The meat slicer can be an extremely dangerous piece of kitchen equipment, so it must be handled correctly.

Ensure that your device’s blade guard is strong and secure before you power it up. Also, try to purchase one with a safety switch so that it can’t accidentally be powered on.

Finally, consider investing in a pair of cut-resistant gloves too for additional protection.

Types of Meat Slicer

Another factor that you must consider when shopping for a meat slicer is what style you prefer. There are two types of slicers on the market: electric and manual.

Electric Slicer

The electric slicer is the most popular kind of slicer, and it also offers the most advanced technological features. These slicers are not only meant for commercial purposes, but also for home kitchens. Their electric motors create high speeds that empower you to cut pounds of meats into pieces in no time.

Manual Slicer

The manual slicer is also very popular for many reasons. There is no motor to spin the blade at a high speed, so you have to exert your own physical effort to produce ultra-thin slices of meat and vegetables. The user controls the action of the machine since they have to physically pass the food item back and forth across its sharp blade.

This type of slicer is typically cheaper and usually a great fit for small families.

How to Use a Meat Slicer

  • Safety should always be your top priority when operating a meat slicer. Wearing cut-resistant gloves before approaching a fast-moving blade prevents potential accidents from occurring.
  • First, place your meat on the machine’s food carriage and lock it into position by using the clamp arm.
  • Switch on the slicer and adjust the dial to customize your slices’ thickness.
  • Move the carriage into place, then slide it back and forth and watch the slices drop onto the tray.
  • Remember: always power off the machine before removing any unsliced meat.
  • Lastly, turn the dial back to zero and wipe the slicer down so it’s ready for next time.

How to Clean Your Meat Slicer

Whether you’re in a home kitchen or a restaurant, a meat slicer always proves very useful for quickly slicing meat and other foods. Leaving it dirty after use will not only cause bacteria to form, but it may also result in jamming. 

To keep your device clean, follow the guidelines below.

  • Disconnect the slicer from its power source and set the dial to zero.
  • Remove all of the cutting accessories from the slicer.
  • Carefully unscrew the blade cover.
  • Fill the sink with warm water and add a few drops of detergent.
  • Wash all every part that came into contact with food. Make sure you wash both sides of the blade.
  • Use warm water to rinse the machine.
  • Apply a coat of cooking oil to the blade–keeping it lubricated will ensure proper operation.
  • Finally, reassemble the dried parts.

Frequently Asked Questions

As long as it is boneless, yes. Bones would not only blunt the machine’s blade, but they may also cause the machine to malfunction.
Removing excess fat from the meat is also a good idea since these machines struggle to slice it cleanly.

No. To get the best results and remain safe, the meat slicer needs to be placed on an even surface.

Yes–you can buy a food paddle. Some machines even come with them. This is a great way to position your meat while maintaining a safe distance from the machine’s blades.

You should never leave a meat slicer unattended while it’s on. They can be dangerous pieces of equipment, so they require constant supervision.

Disassembly isn’t as arduous as it sounds–it usually just involves unscrewing one or two screws to release the blade guard. This task is well worth your time since food remnants can result in bacterial growth and blade jams.
To keep you and your machine safe, a two-minute wipe-down is recommended.


Hopefully this article has helped you determine which meat slicer is best for your purposes. We know that everyone is busy these days, and we want to help you choose an appliance that will save you the most time possible.
For example, parents who make their children sandwiches with deli meats or adults who enjoy providing sliced cheese for their guests would stand to save an inestimable amount of time and effort by purchasing one of these products.
Don’t forget to refer back to this article so that you can make an informed purchase!


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